Aquamarine: Catch of the Day

Title: Aquamarine: Catch of the Day
Author: Brigit Zahara
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Quickie
Rating: **** (out of 5)

Claudia is escaping the winter doldrums by seeking rest and relaxation in the Mediterranean. Part of the reason for her vacation is a recent break-up with her current freeloading boyfriend who was never available for her but whose flaws she had been too blind to see. The break-up has led Claudia to re-think her life in light of her approaching fortieth birthday. She feels that she needs to make a complete transformation, possibly relocating and even a career change from her current profession as a criminal attorney.

One day while on the beach, a naked man comes out of the ocean and walks toward her. The only adornment he is wearing is a strange aquamarine necklace. She is immediately struck by his muscular body and other physical attributes and finds herself being assailed by images and fantasies of the two of them having sex.

Talas is a mystical sea-bound creature who has never had a relationship with anyone, male or female, and Claudia cannot believe that he has not had sex before. She teaches him everything she knows and he proves to be a fast learner. Soon the pupil becomes the tutor as Talas acquires new skills in the art of lovemaking. The love scenes between them are sensuous and arousing as both Talas and Claudia fall under each other’s spell.

The next morning Claudia sees Talas in the ocean and as she swims in his direction he shouts for her to return to shore. She obeys but wonders whether he is hiding something; when she sees him again later that day she doesn’t quite believe his explanation. Then Talas loses his necklace and he is devastated. He explains to Claudia what he is and tells her that without the necklace they will never be able to have sex again. How will they ever overcome such an insurmountable obstacle?

Aquamarine: Catch of the Day is quite an unusual story with likeable characters and Ms Zahara does a very good job of the plot. The emotion between Talas and Claudia when they realize that they may never be together again is touching, and the desperation they feel is evident as they try to find the necklace that is their lifeline. This story is part of the Aquamarine series, and even though there is a common theme of the sea, each book is a standalone.

This book was previously reviewed for Literary Nymphs Reviews


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