Title: Roommates
Author: Helen Gabriel
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary, GLBT (M/M) Interracial
Length: Short Story
Rating: **** (out of 5)

Jasper’s and Morgan’s relationship did not have a very auspicious beginning when Jasper wakes up and sees Morgan holding a gun on him. This situation should have gone downhill very fast but, like many misunderstandings between people meant for each other, they quickly recognize what they want – each other.

Morgan, a cop, had returned home from a particularly stressful day at work running down criminals when he walks into his apartment and realizes that there is someone else in residence. He finds Jasper sleeping in the spare room and has no idea who he is. Morgan had recently placed an ad to rent his spare bedroom but had never met his new roommate in person and had no idea of his arrival date, so he is a bit surprised by Jasper’s presence, but they move from anger to attraction in short order.

Morgan and Jasper soon acknowledge that the qualities they are searching for in a partner which are ‘must haves’ for a long term relationship are within their grasp, if only they have the courage to take that first step. The tension between them explodes into fireworks in bed and they know then they have found their other half.

Roommates is a very sweet short story of two very different men who have been looking for love for a long time and they waste no time grabbing each other when they know that feeling is returned. Helen Gabriel has done a very good writing job of creating these two complex three dimensional diverse characters who have similar qualities where it counts.

This book was previously reviewed for Literary Nymphs Reviews


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