A Delicious Taboo

JC_ADeliciousTaboo_coverlgTitle: A Delicious Taboo
Author: Jennifer Cole
Publisher: http://www.loose-id.com
Genre: GLBT (M/M/F/M/M) Polyamory
Length: Novella
***** (out of 5)

Committed to one another and their union, Van Dansk and Calen Maxwell decide to spice things up by bringing a third into their bed. They intend to invite Melanie Drake, the lovely straight barmaid from the local gay/bi nightclub to join them in a ménage à trois. Philip Weston and Jake Welland another bi couple who are also in a committed relationship have the same intentions. They have been eyeing Mel looking for the right opportunity to tempt her into their bed. When the friends find out about each other’s plans they agree on a joint assault which they hope Mel will be unable to resist.

Mel is 32 years old and has only had two very unsatisfying sexual experiences in her entire life. She has been secretly lusting over the seductive, teasing group of friends for six months but thought that this was just a pipe dream, a fantasy. She knows her infatuation with the two homosexual couples is completely one-sided and is content to dream about the four hunks, until Philip approaches her with their proposition. At first she thinks they are making fun of her because she never thought of herself as being attractive to the opposite sex especially 4 hot looking gay men; what would they find attractive in a “plain Jane” as she persists in seeing herself? She turns him down and thinks no more of it until Van and Calen invite her over for a BBQ and things really heat up when Philip and Jake drop by.

Their first night together exceeds Mel’s dreams by 400% – the experience was so earth-shattering for all of them and the sex was so phenomenal that after a weekend of hot loving the four men want Melanie to go home with one lucky couple. She can’t choose one couple over the other, because in her fantasies Melanie has all four men in her bed, together – the realization of her ultimate fantasy. What will Mel do? Will she decide this is not the kind of relationship she wants? Will she make one couple happy leaving a void in the lives of the other men? Can she get over her physical and mental hurt and scars?

I found A Delicious Taboo to be just that – delicious. Jennifer Cole’s characterizations were excellent, from Mel’s vulnerability to the guys who were so well drawn that I wanted to take them home with me. The dialogue was sparkling, fresh and sexy and I didn’t want the book to end. If your ultimate fantasy is to be with two, or heaven forbid four men, or even if you just want to live Mel’s dreams, then this is the book for you. What I loved best about this story was the sharing and love between the couples who remained monogamous within their individual relationships that expanded during the sex to include Mel in a very tender and caring way. I have to mention the sex again – it was some of the most incredible, imaginative, phenomenal, (I think I said that before), unbelievable, erotic, loving …. OK you get the picture. I loved the book. What more can I say but give it 5 stars for those beautiful guys and one wonderful woman. I think I need a very cold glass of water now!


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


OK When/if you do I could append it to my review with your name on it:)

Mary M.

But I’ll tell you when I read it and a short comment on what I thought of it :).

Mary M.

If I try to write down a structured review again, I’m going to put myself behind in just about all the things I need to do, so I don’t think I’d be able to this tim :(. Unless I’m particularly inspired – you never know. But it’s not because I loved a book that it’s easier to write about it. Writing a review about The ASSIGNEMENT would be a real hardship, no matter that I know it by heart. Sometimes I like stuff and don’t want to dissect it, out of fear it destroys the magic. 🙂


Is this going to be like our Adrien English Mysteries dueling reviews? LOL Looking forward to yours.

Mary M.

Hopefully *crossing fingers* I’ll have read Slave Boy too by then so I can tell you if I agree with your review 😀


Hi Mary

I think you will love it. I couldn’t resist the concept of 1 woman and 4 men – who could? LOL I don’t think I gave away any key plot points – no more than the author did in her blurb
I emailed Jennifer Cole(who lives in Ontario) to ask a couple of questions and she was very nice.

I just bought the sequel and I can’t wait to read it! I’m reading Slave Boy today and hope to post the review by tomorrow morning so check back then.

Mary M.
I skipped part of this review because I bought this book only last week and I didn’t want to know too much about the story! But from what I read it’s as good as I was hopin for, and I’m already fighting to urge to buy the sequel, even though I still haven’t read this one (typical of me) 😀 I think this story appeals to the seducer in any woman: what woman hasn’t dreamed she could be so irresistible as to attract any man she wants…even a man that would be gay? Lol. That book just climbed up several… Read more »
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