Title: MANLY
Authors: scripts/edits: Dale Lazarov
pencils/inks: Amy J. Colburn
colors/inks: Dominic Cordoba
Genre: Adult Comics (Gay)
Length: 80 pages (hardcover)
Available: NOW
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


These are piggy gay comics, although you also get a healthy dose of tender to go along with all the sex. Three stories intertwine, observing men in the best years of their lives doing what they love to do best! Dale Lazarov’s sensual-sexual storyboard combined with Amy Colburn’s brilliantly drawn masculine figures result in a celebration of carnal desires! These stories get by without any use of words, thus furthering the sexual fantasies of the readers.


This brilliant work by Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn, with colors by Dominic Cordoba left me speechless. The book has been generating a lot of Internet buzz recently and when I saw the pictures last evening I understood why. The artistry involved in depicting the scenes in the three stories require not only imagination but creativity in the execution of the drawings. The combined talent of Lazarov and Colburn, with colours by Cordoba has produced an incredible portfolio. The best part about the collection is that the reader is able to give his or her imagination full throttle because the book has no words, only pictures.

This is Lazarov’s second art book published by Bruno Gmunder, and teaming up with Amy Colburn gives the work a classic, extremely masculine look. The originality in these homoerotic drawings is exceptional and demonstrates Colburn’s and Lazarov’s vision and emotion. Most of the drawings are over the top while some of them are tender; I want to stress that these are adult erotic comics which portray a full array of gay sex where the participants adopt a “no holds barred” approach. This book explores every aspect of sex and leaves nothing to the imagination, except dialog. The majority of the drawings cannot be shown on this blog because of their graphic nature and the picures in this review were carefully selected to give readers a sense of the skill and creativity of the team of Lazarov and Colburn.

Dale and Amy were recently interviewed by Boytoons magazine and here’s part of what Patrick Fillion, owner of the magazine had to say about MANLY –

“Together, Lazarov and Colburn make one heck of a dream team. “Manly” is beautiful, thoughtful and completely engaging. And it has no words! A silent comic that is this captivating is a rare thing indeed, but “Manly” leaves it to the reader to imagine the dialog. The stories, all 3 of them, are quite clear and incredibly charming in their own unique ways, but as the reader, you get the pleasure of making up the words in your own head, which is quite effective and permits you to invest in the stories in a very intimate fashion.”

The full interview can be found here for those of you who would like to read it but I must warn you that the accompanying pictures are extremely explicit.

MANLY is available now in Canada and the US as well as online at; it has been available in Europe since September.

I highly recommend this book to collectors and other lovers of the genre


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  • As a former photographer (amateur) I can appreciatge the male form with or without clothes. I actually bought Barely Working and paid for shipping. Room Service and Brothers and Friends were shipped together so S & H were free.
    I really think you'll like MANLY – the pictures on my blog were the only G rated ones I could find but if you want to see the R rated stuff some of them are on the Boytoons site. I believe the link is on the review. Happy buying!

  • I noticed Room Service for the first time yesterday – the only person who gave the DR book a bad grade was some guy who said Dylan Rosser was such a “beginner” and so not on par with other “real” greatphotographer like Adam Raphael (whom I’d never heard aout) So while I disagreed entirely about Rosser I was curious eough to check. And you’re right, I don’t think it’s my type. Although I guess it WOULD be a coffee table book I could actually leave lying around. No way I’d do that with my Jeff Palmer books or Manly if I buy it, even when I’m out of my parent’s house :-DD

    And I’m sure the reason you bought he three books is to get the free shipping, not because you were greedy 😀

  • I’m glad you and Dale were able to communicate by email.

    You’re right about the Dylan Rosser book. I had seen most of the pics before. A photographer I love is Adam Raphael but I’m not sure you will like his books because his guys have their clothes on 🙂 This month I bought 3of his books from and they’re really inexpensive and really good quality. The ones I have are his most recent photobook – “Barely Working” and two of his older works – Room Service and Friends and Brothers. The best part is I didn’t have to pay postage.

    I think Manly would be a good buy but it’s definitely not a “coffee table” book for you since you live at home 🙂

  • Dale was kind enough to e-mail me the info directly and I answered him right away 🙂 As I said, I realized I should probably view this book the way I would a photobook rather than reading material. Not sure I would use it as a coffee table book though; it would be tucked safely in my night table drawer :-DD I am home now and I checked te Boytoons site and boy, you were right about the expliciteness! Deliciously explicit *devilish grin*. OK, it definitely deserves a spot on my post-vow wish list :DD

    And you made my heart skip a beat when you said Dylan Rosser had made a book! I didn’t even know. He’s a great photographer. But I checked the contents and it looks like it’s mostly solos pics or couples pics that I know by heart since they’ve been circulating around the net forever. Disappointing, but then I wouldn’t have paid 50$ for it anyway, probably not even half of that.


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