Calendar Boys October: Trick of Silver

JC trick of silver 2Title: Calendar Boys October: Trick of Silver
Author: Jamie Craig
Genre: Paranormal suspense, GLBT (M/M)
Length: Novella
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Halloween is a night of tricks and treats, but an assassin doesn’t expect either until he meets his mark and realizes nothing will be the same again…

Argenti agent Darren Sumner was born to hunt and terminate rogue werewolves, and his assignment to target Aden Richter should have been like any other. Guilty of seven murders, the werewolf needed to be put down. Unfortunately, Darren’s assigned to infiltrate a Halloween party in a leather miniskirt, high heels, and a wig! To make things more difficult, once he comes in contact with Aden, the last thing he wants to do is kill him.

Distracted by lust neither can control, they stumble over a conspiracy that involves the darkest magic, betrayal, and murder. A conspiracy that binds Darren and Aden inextricably tighter as the danger moves closer…


When Argenti Agent Darren Sumner showed up for his assignment at a party looking exactly like what he was — bait — dressed in a tight blouse, leather mini skirt and heels, he was determined to successfully complete his assignment to bring book dealer Aden Richter to justice by killing him. After all, the rogue werewolf had already murdered 7 people, hadn’t he? However the first time Darren sees Aden as he struts into the party wearing only black leather pants, 4 gold and black necklaces and a guitar — killing him is the furthest thing on his mind. Aden was dressed to impress and impress he did. When they meet at last, Darren’s reaction was totally unexpected; here was this man he had sworn to kill but the only thing he could think of was getting into the sack with him. And Aden has a few tricks of his own as the first thing he does is very quickly disarm Darren and then he proceeds to disarm him in another fashion by making love to him, which of course leads to the big reveal, prematurely for Darren, that he is a man but this revelation makes him even more attractive to Aden.

Our two protagonists have to work their way through a number of trust issues but neither can resist the lure of the other. However, they realize that their attraction is getting in the way of their individual goals which are totally opposite. For Darren, eliminating Aden is still his prime directive; for Aden, staying alive and finding out who is capturing and killing werewolves and framing him for the murders is his main focus, and they both have to figure out a way to work together so that they can stay alive. In between achieving these objectives the two men have the hottest sex while keeping an ear and an eye out for the real killers as well as on who has the weapons that could end the other’s life.

This book is exciting and goes from strength to strength. If you’re looking for a thrill ride and hot werewolf action you don’t need to look any further. The action doesn’t let up and you’re never sure what’s going to happen next! There’s lots of blood and violence in Trick of Silver so be warned! Werewolves fight to the death and don’t stop until their enemy is nothing but ….. I’ll leave it to your imagination. The action sequences were extremely well done but not over the top, however they were sufficiently violent that you knew this was a paranormal story because humans can only take so much pounding before they expire. From my perspective, if I’m reading a book about paranormals I want the weres and vamps to be full blooded and the fights to be real and this book delivers. I also want scorching sex that burns up the pages and I got it in spades until I thought there would be some kind of conflagration before the book wrapped up.

The characters are well developed and definitely three dimensional and I expect no less from this author. Jamie Craig knows how to keep the reader’s interest by introducing new information at just the appropriate time, and when I thought I had the story all figured out another development would smack me right between the eyes. Trick of Silver has a number of unexpected twists and turns and there is betrayal on a massive scale; the trust between Darren and Aden is tenuous at best and Darren isn’t sure who or what to believe while the evidence mounts as he reels and is almost overwhelmed by the scale and extent of the conspiracy.

If you like danger, suspense, black magic and the paranormal, this book is the fix you need. There is also a romance that is emotional and just plain hot. Like most of you, I have a bias for certain types of stories but I’m always truthful about why a book moves me and this one hit all my hot buttons. Trick of Silver by Jamie Craig was entertaining, with well developed, rich characterizations, including the villains, and it met my litmus test. Buy this book.

This book contains scenes of violence and may not be suitable for everyone


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Mary M.

Lol. It’s surprising to think there was something Vivien and Pepper hadn’t tried yet – I felt they must have covered everything :-DD Hot sex and good writing…hmm…ok, might add it to the list anyway 🙂


Vivien is right – these two guys together are hot and if you love vamps weres will do the trick as well.


Vivien Dean

Hi Mary! We ended up going with werewolves for October mostly because we hadn’t tried that yet, lol. We’ve written vampires in a number of stories, so we thought we’d mix it up a little bit. But Aden and Darren are hot, probably one of the hottest couples we’ve written in the CB stories…

Mary M.

Werewolves? *sigh* This sounds good – I don’t think Jamie Craig has written a bad story yet – but I’m not very fond of werewolves. Among paranormals werewolves are probably my elss favorite theme. I don’t know why. Oh, wait – I did love Sherri Kenyon’s Were-Hunters. It’s the only one I can rememebr though. But this one’s got the hot guy in a dress. Might be worth a try for that alone :-DDD


Hello Pepper

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you and Vivien are going to release in place of this series.

Pepper Espinoza

I know. I really love the series because it’s given us so much room to play and have fun. Plus, I love having a new release every month! Unfortunately, in order to accomplish everything we want to next year, we had to cut out a single year-long series. But based on our schedule for 2009, we’ll still have a new release every month. 🙂


Hi Pepper
When I read Silver I thought of all the fun you and Vivien must have had writing this book. It was quite evident in the characterizations and all the action sequences. Great job.

I will really miss this series – I know that 4 of the couples will return, but I’ll miss having a new book to read every month.

Pepper Espinoza

Hi Wave,

Thanks for the great review! When we started this story, we just thought it would be fun to put a hot guy in a dress. The characters we found–and their story–really blew us away. Especially with their heat. Of everything we’ve done, I think this is probably one of the hottest stories. I can’t wait to get back in their world…


Hi Cathy
Thank you. I loved this book and the August release Scorched best of all, but they are all really terrific books and each one is different.

You are in for a treat if you decide to get the entire year’s worth. I have most of them and I re-read them when I can’t find anything else that’s half as good.


My favorite kind of sexy paranormal storyline. I haven’t read any of the Calendar Boys books yet, but this one looks like a great way one to start with. Congrats on the amazing review.


Hi Lily

If you like paranormal stories with the accompanying elements that we expect in these books, together with a hot romance, then I’m sure you will enjoy Trick of Silver.

Having read a number of books by Jamie Craig and enjoyed them all, this partnership is now an auto buy for me.


Another great review.

Off I go to rearrange my TBR list, once again. LOL, thanks Wave 🙂

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