Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream

sipTitle: Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream
Author: Sean Michael
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: 10 pages (3250 words)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5


Richard is dog-sitting for a friend when he meets Adam, a very out professor with a penchant for weird hats. It’s cold enough to give Adam a reason to invite Richard back to his place for some hot chocolate, and that might just be all they need to enjoy a little whipped cream. Or each other. Will Richard and Adam warm each other up?


Richard was in the park playing fetch on a cold winter day with Beastly, his friend’s mastiff that he’s dog sitting, when Adam shows up with his basset hound and it’s not only the dogs who are getting friendly. Adam is definitely “out” and Richard wondered if he would be inclined to having some play time with him. Adam is flamboyant and has a thing for showy hats which look great on him and Richard is quite taken with the tall skinny redhead. After confirming that Adam is just as attracted to him Richard arranges to meet with him later.

When he arrived at the apartment Adam had a little something to warm him up – hot chocolate with whipped cream. It was clear that Adam’s flamboyance was not limited to his hats; included in his decor was the piece de resistance, multi colored dildos lining one of his bookshelves. One thing leads to another and their games soon involved, among other things, licking whipped cream and engaging in other sensory delights. It was obvious they couldn’t get enough of each other.

This was a delightful couple who made no bones about what they wanted, each other’s body with or without the whipped cream. Sean Michael’s characters and dialogue are always great and I have yet to read a story he’s written that I couldn’t relate to. Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream was fresh, the sex was sensuous and hot, the characters were unusual and the dialogue was funny. I think readers will really enjoy this very short story if you like something fun, slightly off center with a happy for now ending.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


Dang, my computer hiccupped and I double-posted, sorry. You can delete one if possible, or ignore me. LOL


I remember reading that review, not sure its my cup of tea. I’m not looking for vanilla sex but not sure I want to keep urbandictionary on standby to figure out the kinky factor either. LOL I’m not into military themes either, just really doesn’t appeal. I’m sure I can find lots of other themes that do though. 🙂 Look forward to the interview.

TamSean has some really wonderful books depending on your taste – I love most of his books especially Fine as Frog Hair and Back Forty. I just bought Bitten, the sequel to Bite which I hope to review soon. I’ve never read Love in An Elevator but I’m sure it’s in one of my TBR piles *g* I also haven’t read his Jarhead series (he’ll probably be horrified if he sees this) and I don’t know if I’ll be able to read the entire series before his interview next month. I posted a review of Secrets, Skin and Leather a… Read more »

I bought Love in an Elevator recently by Sean Michael totally out of the blue. I really enjoyed it. One of my favorites that I check out periodically. (I reread lots.) So just based on that book I would think most of his work would be appealing to me. Love in an Elevator though does not have a lot of humor and its mild D/s but I liked the interplay between the two main characters.

Mary M.

Lol. I just didn’t want to offend the person by saying he if it actually was a she. I remember being called “sir” on the phone by someone who somehow thought my name was Martin… it can be a little offensive. ANyway. 🙂 I checked Sean’s site and it says “he” so I’ll go for that :-D.


That is a question to which no one, other than Sean and his partner, knows the answer. From the writing I would say that the writer is male but I’ve been wrong before.

For me, as long as the writing is authentic and I enjoy it, I no longer question the sex of the author. Both male and female M/M authors get upset when this question is asked so I don’t *g*

Mary M.

OK, I’ll try to read it before that so I have at least something relevant to talk about in my comments in his interview 🙂

(It really is a “he”, not a “she” writing under a man’s name, right?)


Broken Road is one of Sean’s most moving stories. As a matter of fact I have it on the list to review soon since he’s being interviewed on the blog next month.

Mary M.

I just checked my USB drive and realized I actually do have a Sean Michael story in there – Broken Road. Bought…hmmm… February. Well, at least it’s 2008. Let’s see if I can read it before the year is over *g*.

Mary M.

1,29$ ? Now that’s more reasonable :). Thanks for setting me straight! 😉


Hi Mary
This is actually $1.29 (half your estimate) and is one of his older stories, written in 2004. I loved it because it was really quite funny. I’ve had it for a while and only read it last evening – TBR pile strikes again!! *g*

Mary M.

I have yet to read something by Sean Michael. This sounds like fun, but God… 10 pages?? Outside of fanfiction, I don’t think I ever found real enjoyment in something that short. I need longer to connect with the characters. Plus, they’re probably selling this like 2,50$ which is cheap but way too much for 10 pages, no offense to the author who painstakingly every one of this words.

Nice review :).

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