Adam and Even

Title: Adam and Even
Author: Starr Oliver
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: short story (17 pages, 5K)
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5


Adam and Even are two halves of the same whole, twins who share everything together. When Adam’s work takes him away from Even for too long, things start to go wrong. Even knows it’s because he doesn’t just crave Adam, he needs him. Can these twins find a way to balance work and love?


Even is a magician and Adam manages a coffee house. Even seems to have a lot of time on his hands because the magic business isn’t bringing in many gigs and his major issue is the number of hours that Adam has to work in the coffee house due to staff turnovers, which of course means time spent apart, and that makes Even pout. The twins spend all of their spare time together in bed making love and that doesn’t leave much room for intelligent discourse.

I really wanted to like Adam and Even because I find twincest kinky, however, in my opinion, the characters were one dimensional and they didn’t appear to have any spark. My main criticism was that the entire story was centered around sex and even that was not very interesting or adventurous. I also had difficulty making any sort of connection with the protags because they seemed to live in their own world which I could not enter as a reader. The dialogue was repetitive and unimaginative and consisted of trite phrases like “Love you,” “you’ve got me for always” throughout the entire story and the prose wasn’t much better. The high point of the story was when Even smashed drinking glasses in the apartment while Adam was asleep to get his attention because he wanted to be his entire focus, and he didn’t appear to care that Adam needed to make up for his lost sleep after working so much overtime.

I know that this format doesn’t provide a lot of room for character development but I felt that there were missed opportunities that could have made the protags vibrant and three dimensional and it’s a shame that the author didn’t make use of them. A real plot could have helped as well and might have given them something to do other than spend all of their leisure time in bed. On the plus side it was clear that the twins were totally devoted to each other but the characters were so sweet you might suffer from a sugar overload. This is the first book I have read by Starr Oliver and based on this experience I’m not sure that we’ll meet again.

This book is about twincest and might be offensive to some readers


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Sorry Jen, I did warn you 🙂
Sean Michael has some wonderful novels that are heartfelt and moving; I hope to post reviews for a couple of them soon.

Mary M.

Loool. I thought your previous comment sounded strange, Jen, you seemed too happy. But it’s really too bad you spent money on this book 🙁

I haven’t read from Sean Michael yet, and I have a few of his stories on my wish list. Is there something specific you don’t like of his writing or more a general feeling?


Okay, this is where I kick my own ass for picking out keywords instead of reading the entire review.

I bought this Friday and thought…”WTF? This sucks!! What is Wave thinking?”

Then I came back and saw that you’d only given it 2.5 stars. Oops! lol

Okay, no more skim reading on Friday nights. 🙂

I love m/m/m pairings, but I don’t care for Sean Michael’s writing.


Now we know your secrets. *g* Emmy recommended two twincest books by Sean Michael that I bought yesterday but I’m not sure you would like them b/c they are M/M/M, and the plot of one of them, Painting the Desert is kinda sad although I’m hoping for a HEA. Sorry


*blush* Twincest is my weakness.

Ohhhh, the SHAME!

Don’t tell anyone, k? 😉



You’re so easy *g* But these two books by Sean M. look great. I don’t need sleep do I?

You know, I really wanted to like this book but it just didn’t work out for me, which is a pity because I’m always looking for writers with whose work I’m not familiar. Oh well!

Mary M.

Oh man *sighs and wishes she’d kept more than 6 pages in her planner for M/M wish list as she scribbles down new Sean Michaels titles in a corner*

I am not even going to try to read them before Dec 19. If I behave, I shouldn’t even have bought them by then (but what are the odds???)


Thanks Emmy. I will put Painting the Desert on my “To Buy” list as well. I’m interviewing Sean on December 19 so I guess I had better get the books sooner rather than later.


I didn’t know about the one by Sean Michael – damn! another one for the “to buy” pile. 🙂

How about I give you a two for pun intended? Sean Michael wrote a sequel for Center called Painting the Desert, which deals with one of the twins getting cancer. Given my vocation, that one moved me alot more.

MaryI know that you read books about twincest and I’m glad that you avoided this one. I, of course, was not that lucky. EmmyI read these little stories because they provide a welcome break for me when I’m in between 2 or 3 novels or can’t decide which book to read next. Some of them are surprisingly good; recently the writers have been getting better at giving the readers a real story with good characters. I have read Gemini, just haven’t gotten around to writing the review but I didn’t know about the one by Sean Michael – damn! another… Read more »

I pass on these little stories because they really are just too short for me to really get into, regardless of content. Twincest isn’t my favorite genre, and I’ve only ever seen it in m/m books (wonder why that is? maybe m/f would turn it into an Anne Rice book, lol).

I did like Chris Owens’ Gemini, and Sean Michael’s The Center of Earth and Sky, but those were both m/m/m.

Mary M.

I saw that one when I looked at the wedding sips and discarded it after reading the excerpt. It didn’t feel like it could carry a deep sorry. Plus, half the interest of twincest stories for me is to see how the characters find out about their brother wanting them and how they react – which, in this case, had been done already. But thanks for conforming all this with the reviews! I would always have wondered otherwise ;).


The story had no plot as far as I could tell and a whole lot of sex to fill in the blanks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of sex in my M/M books when it’s part of a defined plot, but I didn’t find much that interested me in this story.

The two characters were sweet but that’s the most positive thing I can say about the story. I’m pretty open minded about twincest so that didn’t turn me off, but the lack of a story did.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB

Not sure about the twincest, but it does sound like a sweet story.

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