Title: Crave
Author: Vivian Dean
Genre: Paranormal GLBT (M/M/F)
Length: Novella (37K words)
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5


After a grueling night in the ER, all Dr. Pete Coen wants is to decompress at his local watering hole. He’s not interested in casual hook-ups with sexy strangers, though Duncan Burgess is as seductive as they come. But their chance encounter seems not so random when Pete discovers he’s not a stranger to Duncan after all.

One explosive night changes his entire future. Pete saves Duncan’s life, Duncan saves Pete’s, and still, the danger for both of them has only just begun. Pete doesn’t want to believe stories about demons who feed on pleasure, and he certainly doesn’t want to get thrown into the middle of incubus politics nor become the prey of a succubus. But Duncan has had centuries to perfect his powers of persuasion. They have no choice but to join forces.

Because even for the best doctor in town, sex can be killer…


Dr. Peter Coen is the best doctor in the ER with a reputation for no fatalities on his shift. This is an
excellent reason for patients’ families and friends to request his services when a loved one is brought into the hospital. But one person in particular seems to need his services more than most, and one evening Peter had to turn down a request to help a patient. The patient died. That same evening Peter stops at his regular bar for a beer and Duncan Burgess shows up but Peter does not remember him, refuses his advances and goes home.

Later, when Peter goes to bed, a strange woman appears in his bedroom and tries to seduce him but Duncan also shows up and gets rid of her. The next day Peter wasn’t sure whether this episode was real or a dream but shortly after Duncan is admitted to the ER with life threatening injuries and Peter has his work cut out to save him. It turns out that the woman in his bedroom, Lisette, was a succubus who preys on human males and she had attacked Duncan who is an incubus. Both species feed on men and the heightened pleasure during these encounters in most cases lead to the death of their prey. Peter found out that Lisette and Peter knew each other very well, which could complicate the mutual attraction that he and Duncan have for each other since she wanted him dead.

Peter apparently had a strange power to resist the lure of a succubus and consequently whenever he and Duncan had sex it was voluntary on his part, but the sex had an unusual side effect. The major fly in the ointment was Lisette who wanted to kill Peter after feeding on his sexual energy. Eventually he and Duncan made a bargain with the devil, Lisette, which could mean their death.

This story started out very well but there were several elements which didn’t work for me, however this was probably due to my own lack of understanding rather than the author’s inability to explain them in the book.

Crave is a complex story with a background of suspense. If you like unusual paranormal stories you will find Crave enjoyable .


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Mary M.

**laughing out loud*** :-DDDDDD


Always happy to help Mary. From my blog to your wallet 🙂

Mary M.

I’ll be looking forward to it! With a little look, by the time I start buying again youd have reviewed a solid half of the books curretnly on my wish list :-DD


I believe I have Interlude in my TBR pile so the review should be coming up soon!

Mary M.

*sighs* Sounds too complicated for me at the moment. The story I really to read from this author is Interlude.

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