How It Should Be

How it should beAuthor: Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban
Genre: Contemporary, Interracial, GLBT (M/M/M)
Length: short story (24 pages)
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


Best buddies Cary, Aaron and Nolan were three peas in a pod – except when it came to sex. When Nolan goes off on his own to a disastrous first time with another man, his two friends join together to help heal his wounded pride, replace his painful memories, and hopefully capture his heart.


Cary and his lover Aaron had been best friends with Nolan for sometime, and had long dreamed of having him as a third in their relationship. Imagine their dismay when their straight friend went off on his own with another man he picked up in a bar and his first gay encounter ends up disastrously. Cary was afraid that Nolan would swear off men for life if they didn’t try to fix things by showing him how great sex with two other guys could be, and he and Aaron decide to help repair their friend’s wounded pride and hopefully replace his painful memories with new ones that will set the stage for love.

When they found Nolan he was pleasantly drunk and nursing another drink. Both Aaron and Cary held him and tried to reassure him that they would do everything in their power to make him forget the other experience, and since they had always wanted him they told him that he was their No. 1 priority. After sobering Nolan up they showed him how it should be between lovers, by kissing and touching him and they made love to him in ways that he had never experienced with another man (or two), and he began to feel treasured and loved by his best friends as he realized at last that they needed him as an integral part of their lives.

When Aile and Urban write what I describe as “gay for you” stories they do such an excellent job that suspending disbelief is not that difficult. These two authors are gifted writers and their characters always work in the context of their stories. How It Should Be was just as terrific as the other stories I have enjoyed from this talented writing team and when Cary and Aaron seduce Nolan there is humour, passion and love. The wonder in Nolan’s eyes and voice and his emotions were evident as he painfully tells his friends how different sharing his body with them was from his previous episode, and they have no difficulty navigating their relationship from best friends to lovers.

Even though this is such a short story the authors did a wonderful job on the characterizations and pacing and I don’t think How It Should Be would have been any more enjoyable if it had been longer. This story at about 25 pages is full of love and caring as the three men take their friendship to another level. Buy this book – it will be your best expenditure for the price of a cup of java.


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I thought all writers had”people” who do the work for them. *g* If you would send me an email at I have a question for you. Thanks Madeleine and have a good day.

Madeleine Urban

Tell me about it! There’s Christmas to put away, career to get back to, house cleaning, child care … all those things that have to be done before writing. *sigh*


You mean you’re not writing? The holidays are over *g*

Madeleine Urban

Thanks, hon 🙂 I guess Rhianne and I should get back to writing, huh?


Yes Gemini was smokin’. I’ll have to ask Chris to autograph a few of my faves. Thanks for letting me keep my $1.49 *g*


Um, yeah, I read Gemini this week. *blush* Smokin’. Sigh. I’m sure I’ll love the book so your $1.49 is safe. 🙂

Twins have an affinity for each other. Have you read Torn and Gemini *evil grin* Threesomes are hot if it’s 3 guys – if there’s a girl in the mix someone is not “getting off” *g* – although I did review a book with 4 guys and one woman and she was having a hot time. I won’t tell you the name of the author or the book b/c I don’t want you to spend any more money but she’s from Ontario 🙂 Her next book caused me to pose the question “Can there ever be too much sex in… Read more »

Oh, you are evil, tempting me with the money back guarantee. LOL I should be just sending you my visa bill because between your reviews and interviews with authors I’ve bought way more books than I would have normally. And pushed my comfort zone much to my curiosity and delight I think. 🙂 i.e. Twins don’t squick me out quite so much anymore. Ack, what next?


It’s $1.49 – the price of a cup of coffee. Trust me; you will love this story or I’ll buy you another one to replace it.

At least it’s not Fred or John 🙂

NL Gassert

I like anything that has a “Nolan” in it. Love that name.


Well, I really liked Snowed In which is by them so I’d probably like this one. Next time I break down and buy books (bets anyone if its before the end of the day – ACK), I’ll check it out. Its short so should be cheap right? LOL

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