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Many of you have written me since the list of Readers’ Favourite Gay Books was posted, asking for a recommended reading list every month, based on reviews on the site. So here’s what I’ll do – I’m posting a list of books that were given 5 stars  in September and August. Every subsequent month I will post the list of 5 star reviews to remind you of those books that the reviewers thought highly of. Perhaps you will check out some of these books when next you’re considering your M/M purchases.

captain's surrenderRecommended Reading  – October 2009

Love & Loyalty by Tere Michael (Wave) Loose Id
Collected Novellas Volume I by Josh Lanyon (Aunt Lynn) MLR Press
Collected Novellas Volume II by Josh Lanyon (Aunt Lynn) MLR Press
Maloney’s Law by Anne Brooke (Jenre) PD Publishing
The 38 Million Dollar Smile by Richard Stevenson (Aunt Lynn) MLR Press
Captain’s Surrender by Alex Beecroft (Wave) Samhain Publishing
Glad Hands by Naomi Brooks & Angelia Sparrow (Val) Ellora’s Cave
Lessons in Power by Charlie Cochrane (Aunt Lynn) Samhain Publishing

Recommended Reading – September, 2009

Out of the Blue by Josh Lanyon (Wave)camphell450 Liquid Silver Books
PsyCop Property by Jordan Castillo Price (Wave) JCP Books
Faith & Fidelity by Tere Michaels (Wave) Loose Id
PsyCop Partners by Jordan Castillo Price (Wave) JCP Books
Deadly Slumber by Victor J. Banis (Aunt Lynn) MLR Press
Lessons in Discovery by Charlie Cochrane (Aunt Lynn) Samhain Publishing
Camp Hell by Jordan Castillo Price (Jenre) JCP Books
Heaven Sent – Hell by Jet Mykles (Wave) Loose Id
Transgressions by Erastes (Jenre) Running Press
Heaven Sent – Purgatory by Jet Mykles (Wave) Loose Id

I have also included a few “special mentions” which are books that were rated at 4.75 stars on the site and here they are –

Because of the BraveThe Rest of our Lives by Dan Stone (Leslie) Lethe Press
A Roof for the Rain by Katrina Strauss (Val) Red Rose Publishing
The Lincoln County Wars by Sarah Black (Val) Loose Id
Ghost Star Night by Nicole Kimberling (Jenre) Samhain Publishing
Because of the Brave (anthology) by Laura Baumbach, Josh Lanyon, Z.A. Maxfield (Wave) Aspen Mountain Press
Wranglers Discovery by Vivien Dean (Aunt Lynn) Amber Allure


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Hello my family member! I want to say that this post is awesome, nice written and include approximately all important infos. I would like to peer more posts like this.


A lot of readers like this book and you’re very welcome.

Katrina Strauss

Color me behind as usual. (Though really, is “behind” such a bad shade to be?) Thanks for the mention on A Roof for the Rain!

Hi Sharvie Sometimes I found that the tags are unreliable so I’m glad you find this list useful. Of course there are many books that I loved and so did the other reviewers that are rated below 4.75. For example there’s a book called Private Dicks that was reviewed on the site which I rated as 4.5 that was terrific; and Kassa, who is probably the toughest reviewer here, never rates any book above 4.5. So you might want to check out some of those books as well. In addition, because I used an arbitrary cut off date, many excellent… Read more »

This is so awesome! I’ve been clumsily using the tags to do just this thing, trying to find the 5 star recs. This is wonderful, thank you so much!

Angelia Sparrow

Eeep. I’m flattered and a little embarassed to have made the list.


oh hee this is a wonderful idea! Love it!


Thanks for doing this, Wave. I’ve been looking to buy some new books, since the Aussie dollar is doing so well at the moment. I’ve been inspired to buy a couple after seeing this post.


You should spend that money when you can – you never know when the US dollar will recover!.*g*


So lovely to see Maloney’s Law on this list – thank you so much for making my week!


Anne B


Nice idea! Could I suggest putting a link to the tag category for these posts on the Navigation menu? I get the feeling I’ll be referring back to them plenty.

Alex Beecroft

Eee! Thank you so much for recommending Captain’s Surrender! *Smooshes you* 😀


You know how much I love Captain’s Surrender Alex.*g* It’s too bad that False Colors was reviewed so long ago that is not eligible, but at least it’s on the Readers’ Favourite Gay Books list.

Alex Beecroft

That’s extremely cool too! Thank you 🙂 Hopefully I should have a couple of completely new things soon, rather than just being a two trick pony 😉


I don’t know how you do it but your books always manage to be on all of our lists. Now you have to write faster because I think that, except for maybe 1 or 2, we have reviewed on this site every book you wrote.:)


Yay! This is a wonderful way for me to start my writing day. Thanks, ladies!!!

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