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AA7First of all I would like to thank all the bloggers who support this site and continue to do so every day. It is gratifying to know that so many of you find the content useful and entertaining and we hope you will continue to log on. The numbers detailed at the end of this post show that there were almost 5 million hits on this site since July 19 which is not even 4 months.

As promised, here’s an update on what Christian and I have done re your comments last week on areas where you saw the need for change/improvement on the site. We have resolved 90% of your requests and I’m enclosing  a report on what we have achieved to date.

 1. Relocate” Welcome” – Welcome  has been moved to the top of the site under Visitors on the left hand sidebar

2. As requested, we have increased the number of posts on the front page from 10 to 15 – a 50% increase. (Let’s hope this doesn’t slow down loading times)

3. We have moved the Tag Cloud which was on the front page, to eliminate some of the “clutter”

4. Combine Authors’ Sites and Authors’ Blogs on the site – Done

5. Remove Storm who everyone hated and replace her with Hugh Jackman – Done *g*

6. Do a FAQ on the site – This is underway (Tam is doing this)

7. Comments Feature – This is one area that will take a little more time to resolve but Christian has made a few changes and he’s looking into a permanent solution. If you know of a site that has a great “Comment” feature please provide the information on this post.

8. One continuing issue that we seem to have is the “cut” on posts for feeds such as RSS and Livejournal that many bloggers use to read posts for different websites and blogs. Originally I set up the feed so that the entire post would be visible. Last week it was suggested that I only show 3 lines of each feed since some bloggers found the pictures on the site not work safe, especially on Fridays. Well I made the change and this resulted in requests to go back to the original setting where the complete post is visible.

This is a very difficult decision for me because no matter what I do I won’t please everyone. However, since bloggers who access the site through their feed readers have the ability to check the posts at times during the day when it’s more convenient and not visible to everyone in their workplace, I have decided to revert to the original setting. This is less inconvenient than having to constantly go out of the feed reader to read the entire post and comment.

9. For the other outstanding stuff I would like to ask you to bear with us as the site is experiencing incredible growth since it was set up. Our usage statistics are unbelievable for such a small site and to give you an idea, here’s the usage chart from Fat.Cow the company that hosts the site. Since we moved here in the middle of July the number of hits each month has increased tremendously:

July 19 to the end of the month 202,973 hits
August 523,000 hits
September 1,290,460 hits
October 1,987,307 hits
November (to date) 586,000 hits

(click on the picture to see a larger version)
Almost 5M hits in less than 4 months! 😀 Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing you on the site.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


Holy smokes! That looks awsome! But you deserve it, you guys put a lot of work in this blog!

M.L. Rhodes

Totally awesome numbers, Wave!! Woo hoo!!! And I’m not at all surprised. This is THE best site for m/m fiction.

I’m happy about the full post on the feed (thanks for going back!). Oftentimes, on busy days for me, the feed is the only chance I get to keep up with what’s going on here on the site, so I very much appreciate having the entire post available.

When I do visit the site itself, I’m glad for more posts on the main page!

ML Thank you. ** I was a bit unsure about putting the full feed back but I’m getting lots of positive emails, so the feed will stay as is. As I said in the post, it’s less inconvenient to time shift than to have to go out of the feed every time a blogger wants to read the full post and comment. ** These numbers are awesome and I appreciate each and everyone who drops by the site. It makes what I, the guest reviewers and the guest bloggers do, so very worthwhile. ** Re the additional posts on the… Read more »
Hi Sharvie Thanks for the vote of confidence. I do appreciate it. I admit it takes a lot of work to maintain the sigte and ensure there is quality content, especially as I have to do it between RL, however everyone who contributes does a fantastic job and now we have movie reviews by no less than M.L. Rhodes. WOW. How lucky can we get? Let’s not forget that Christian is responsible for the design and look of the site and for maintaining it. I’m so lucky to have him!! ** I’m not going to win the “cut” issue but… Read more »

Wow, you got tons done is such a short amount of time. This has got to be the best run blog I’ve ever been on. 😀
I also like the full length feed but it wasn’t a major issue for me. I get why people requested the other way, even though that’s not my preference. However I get the feed I’ll be happy.
Love the new terms page as well. Finally, I liked Storm but a wet Hugh is positively drool worthy. 😛 Keep going with the Awesomeness! The site rocks!!

K. Z. Snow

Abundant thanks, Wave, for all you (and Christian) have done for those of us who love the genre. Your dedication has been remarkable. In fact, I get exhausted just thinking about it. 😉
And…yay, Tam! What a great addition to the “family”! (Hugh ain’t so bad, neither.)

K.Z I remember the days when you used to remark about the numbers on the old blog and you were very encouraging, telling me a couple of hundred hits a day were very good numbers. 😀 ** I can’t thank the contributors enough – from Erastes who is here every week to entertain you, to Lynn who was my first guest reviewer (after I dragged her out from lurkdom), and now M.L. Rhodes is giving of her time (which I know is in very short supply) to provide you guys with reviews of gay movies. I think Mary M was… Read more »

Wave, those are pretty impressive numbers. Congrats!

I love the change from Storm to Hugh’s picture. 🙂


Hi Lily
I have people like you to thank for those numbers. You were with me almost from the inception of the old blog, and you stuck with me even when I didn’t know what I was doing (I still don’t). 😀


Everyone is beating me up about Storm, 🙂 however, even I admit that Hugh looks great.

Sloan Parker

The changes look great, Wave. And I have to admit, I like the full posts for feeds too.

Congrats on all the traffic! That’s impressive. You’ve been putting out a lot of great content so it makes sense to me. Nice job!



Hi Sloan
Thanks for coming by. I really do appreciate each and everyone who comes by — and I’m not just saying that. This site has brought me more friends than anything else I have ever done.


I didn’t mind Storm, but Hugh is definitely better so thanks for that change. Thanks for increasing the number of posts on the page, too. I think that is a big improvement. Stuff disappeared so fast with the lower number.

It’s good to hear the site is growing by leaps and bounds. It should–good stuff here!



It seems that everyone hated mhy Storm so she’s back with me and I’ve given you my fave pic. of Hugh in that wet tee shirt fighting the waves 😀


I’m pleased with the numbers but I would have been satisfied with a lot less. Anyway I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth.:) Christian deserves all the credit for the site — he works very hard to keep it going!


In terms of the content, everyone contributes, including you Leslie, to provide varied and interesting posts.


Holy Smokes. Yer famous. 😀 And worldwide no less.
I will hopefully have a first draft of the FAQs done later this week. I’ve not been able to focus on them much since I have company but Thursday my life goes back to “normal” including work. Boo. 🙂 It’s very cool to see all those flags. Making the world a smaller place one book at a time.


As I said before, there’s no rush. I thought of a few other abbreviations last night but they’re gone now.


Even I can’t believe the countries from where the bloggers originate. Every night I get email from NeoWorx about new countries that are unpronounceable.:)


When your mother leaves is time enough. Thanks again for all your help.


My dughter loves the pictures of the boys bums…. shes 7 LOL!
This is a great site and I have bought 90% of my total number of books for the last 3 months from your recomendations.


Hi Tish
I’m so glad that you find the reviews useful. They are the primary purpose of the site although some days it’s difficult to tell. 😀


Glad your daughter likes the boys’ bums. Isn’t she too young for this?:)


She doesn’t read the content but she thinks the boys kissing are pretty 🙂 – her words not mine LOL!


Oh wow, I’m so thrilled about the change back to the full posts for feeds! I didn’t expect it, but you’ve made me at least a very happy Waver! Thank you!
All the other changes are good ones, too, helping make the site even more user friendly. Especially Hugh Jackman. *g* Who is now on Broadway with Daniel Craig – talk about an overload of hot… :sigh:

Justacat I just wrote you a reply but my comment never appeared. Here’s what I said. ** No matter what I did some bloggers would not be happy however, with the full feed they could choose the times they want to access the site in case there were posts that weren’t work safe. So that should solve the problem – it would be simply a matter of time shifting. This is a no win situation – no matter what I do some people won’t be happy, but I considered that the inconvenience of having to constantly go out of the… Read more »
Val Kovalin

Wow! I mean, wow, Wave! I’m kind of a stats nerd, and that is some astounding traffic growth stats. That is wonderful both for this site and for the mm genre in general that interest is growing exponentially like this!


I’m astounded because this site is very small and I hope to keep it that way (to the extent that I can), however every day when I log on to my email I get notifications from NeoWorx about the number of new countries where bloggers are now accessing the site. So yes, great growth and I’m kinda pleased. 😀

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