Alpha Heroes – Cops, Private Dicks, Detectives, EMT’s, Military Men and Firemen

Have you ever wondered why we’re so attracted to hot alpha heroes in M/M romances? I love these guys. Part of the reason could be the authority people in these positions have over the rest of us. Do cops wear their uniforms to bed and cuff their partners when they are involved in sex play? šŸ™‚ How aboutĀ officers in the military? I think there’s nothing like a man in dress whites.Ā In J.L. Langley’s Sci Regency futuristic seriesĀ – My Fair Captain and The Englor Affair there’s a scene in My Fair Captain when Nate walked into the ball on Regelence, a vision in his dress whites, looking so handsome Aiden’s heart almost stopped beating. How hot was that?

Obviously that’s one extreme example and at the other end of the spectrum there are the enlisted men in the armed forces such as I’ll Be Your Drill, Ā Soldier by Crystal Rose and VETERANS for the Love of the Corps by Bobby Michaels. In VeteransĀ MikeĀ thought he had met the love of his life, and for 5 years he and ScottĀ lived under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” until one fateful day when Scott was killed and Mike had to continue living even though he wanted to die. Devastated, he recovered from his injuries in the attack that killed Scott, was promoted and transferred to another unit where almost a year later he met First Lieutenant Paul Richards, the man whoĀ forced him to live again. This was such a wonderful moving and emotional romance that I re-read it all the time.

Other military romances of note that I like are Out of the Blue by Josh Lanyon (I love Bat), Maritime Men and Anchors Aweigh by Janey Chapel, Her Majesty’s Men by Marquesate, Because of the Brave and Esprit de Corps anthologies. I haven’t listed many ofĀ my favesĀ because I’m saving some space for yours.Ā Ā šŸ™‚

Josh Lanyon’s wonderful Adrien English series with amateur private investigator Adrien English and Police Detective Jake Riordan Ā set hearts aflutter and frayed fans’ tempers becauseĀ take-no-prisonersĀ Jake pissed off many romance readers by running true to type and cheating on Adrien. šŸ™Ā His forceful personality wasĀ a lotĀ of the reason for the success of the series, but many readers are still in denial (you know who you are.) šŸ™‚ I do love Jake, warts and all.

Moving on to EMT’s and Firemen, my top book with both of these characters is of course 9-1-1 by Chris Owen. Who can forget hunky, blonde and gorgeous EMT Eric who kickass Fireman Drew and smoking Doctor Scott thought was just lickable, to die for,Ā set your pants on fireĀ and off the scale hot. These three men managed to set EmergencyĀ ablaze in more ways than one. This book is firmly on my keeper shelf and is the M/M/M gold standard that still has not been topped, IMO.

My other favourite fireman story is by Drew Zachary –Ā On Fire where 19 year old Sam wasĀ checking out all theĀ wet firemen washing cars for charity on Canada Day and smacked into 6 and a half feet tall Fireman, Robert.Ā Talk about your hot patooties. I think this book probably has the most sex of any M/M romance that I have ever read, and that includes books by Sean Michael. šŸ™‚ Sam gave new meaning to the words “recovery time”!!! Poor Robert wasĀ over a decade older than Sam andĀ spent much of the time in bedĀ givingĀ or gettingĀ mouth to mouth from Sam. This is one of those books that Tam refers to as having buckets of cum but I really loved the characters. šŸ™‚

Next are theĀ private dicks,Ā the profession and the book by Katie Allen. Coming up on stage right are ex-cop Isaac Rhodes and his partner Nate Washington, two to-die-forĀ private detectives. This is the usual Gay for You theme with one gay partner (Rhodes) lustingĀ after his straight counterpart (Wash), while theĀ straightĀ partner plays games with his heart. Private Dicks was such a fun read and so popular that there was a follow up shortly after, Hide Out,Ā starring Officer Pete Giordano and the man he guarded with his body, Trevor Haas.Ā Rhodie and Nate made a guest appearance, to the delight of fans.

One of theĀ many books that IĀ love by fan favourite M.L. RhodesĀ is Out of My Mind, with Police Detectives Rafferty Jones and Nick Tucker. Rafferty is presumably straight but fantasizes about Nick and him together in bed doing the nasty, and he’s coming to the conclusion that he’s not as straight as he thought.Ā His partner Nick is gay but in the closet because of past issues in his previous precinct,Ā and he has had the hots for Rafferty for years but never let on. How they get together at last makes for a delightful fun story that is one of my comfort reads. I really should review this book soon.

Now I’ve given you a few of my fave cops, private dicks, military men, firemen and EMT’s but there are many more hot alpha heroes in uniform, or in other positions of authority that I know you can’t get enough of. Don’t be mean – share. šŸ™‚

Who are your favourites who either conduct cavity searches, play with grenades, fly planes during the war, hold a stethoscope upside down, put out fires or cause them, solve dastardly crimes, allĀ while fending off other gay men who want to get into their pants?


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Well, My Fair Captain is one of my all time faves, but I also love Langley’s with or without series, and Jake from With Caution (also a P.I.!) is mmmmmmmmm.

Of course, Urban and Roux’s Grady and Garrett from Cut & Run are delicious, especially since it’s rare to get two alphas as protags.

A book that had some of the absolute hottest alpha action I’ve read in awhile, though, is Stealing West, by Jamie Craig. Thomas Grady– he can throw me up against a tree any day!


I like historical military men, which you give a nod to, Wave, with Josh’s Out of the Blue. That was a good book which I enjoyed very much. I also love all the captains and lieutenants in Alex Beecroft’s books (Captain’s Surrender, False Colors, Blessed Isle) and Will and Davy in Lee Rowan’s Royal Navy series (Ransom and so on). All those blue coats with gold buttons and bicorn hats…one of the first books I reviewed here was Age of Sail with a couple of hot lieutenants: Lover’s Knots, by Katherine Cross–also very good.


Hi Leslie I tried to spread the loving around since I couldn’t mention all of the books I loved, and another part of the reason was to get readers to come up with their favourites. As you know, Alex is one of my favourite authors, historical or otherwise, and Captain’s Surrender was actually the romance that started my love for the historical romance genre. I had no idea that Age of Sail would be so exciting. šŸ™‚ Lee’s books are also firmly on my ‘keeper’ shelf. I’m hoping that the books mentioned by all the readers will give some of… Read more »

I think it is Torquere

Psycop. That’s all that needs to be said right there. Love Jordan Castillo Price. Some of my favorite firemen are Chance and Tucker from Tory Temple’s Oceanside series (Heat, Flashover, and two shorter stories Slow Burn in the Men In Uniform anthology and Flesh and Blood in the To Protect and Serve anthology) all from Torquere and the Chief in Lee Benoit’s Dragonwalker & Endicott Rex. An EMT fav is K.A. Mitchell’s Collision Course. Some of my favorites with lawmen are BA Tortuga’s Old Town New; Mike Shade’s Witness; Chris Owen & Jodi Payne’s Deviations series (Noah!); Lynn Lorenz’s Edward… Read more »

Thanks for the info Ingrid.

OMG, how could you forget James Buchanan’s Nicky and Brandon?!?!?!? Their new book is coming out very soon. Squeee. Although Brandon is the tough alpha he can be pretty subby in the bedroom. šŸ™‚ I’m not a huge fan of military because of the DADT thing, but I did love Janey’s guys. I agree with you 100% on 911. LOVE it. And while Sam and Robert have buckets of cum I adore them. It didn’t seem as much a sex as a Sean Michael but maybe just because I liked the characters so much I didn’t care and there were… Read more »
Tam Please note that All or Nothing is in the Coming Soon carousel and also James will be writing a post later this month so you will get as much Nicky and Brandon as you want. If I didn’t leave out some of the books what would you write about? šŸ™‚ So you didn’t think that On Fire had a lot a lot a lot a lot of sex? I must be getting old (Don’t answer that)! I actually felt sorry for poor Robert at times because I’m sure his dick was suffering from fatigue. šŸ™‚ I love alpha guys… Read more »

So you didnā€™t think that On Fire had a lot a lot a lot a lot of sex?

Oh no, it did honey, it did. But it also had plot and conflict, beyond friction burn on Robert’s dick. LOL I reread it often. What can I say? I’ve pervier than I look.


I’m gonna be a total brat and correct you on one thing: for Katie Allen’s *Private Dicks* it’s Rhodes who lusts after his supposedly straight partner Wash!

But yeah, several books you mention are ones that I have reread several times– love alpha men– at least in fiction!


Thanks Alaina. You’re quite correct. I wrote this post late last night so I’m surprised that’s all I got wrong. šŸ™‚

You didn’t add any new ones to the list. šŸ™


Let’s not forget the PsyCop novels by Jordan Castillo Price! Jacob is one a wonderful example of cop yumminess!


There’s the PsyCop novels by Jordan Castillo Price! Jacob! Mmmmmm….. Now there’s a bit of cop yumminess!


Oh, yes, Jacob…but Vic is pretty hot, too, in his own clueless way. LOL. I have been on a JCP marathon this month and I am having a hard time getting my brain focused on any other characters.



As I mentioned to Alaina, I did this post late last night so please forgive me for any omissions. Everyone knows that Victor from PsyCop is one of my all time faves – this series is one of the reasons I started reading paranormal romances. However, the point of the post is for you to come up with your own faves which you did. šŸ™‚

Now both of your comments showed up after I released them from spam hell so I will delete one of them. šŸ™‚


Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t read Off World and will put it on my list to buy. Who is the publisher?


One of my all time favĀ“s is Off World 1 & 2 by Stephanie Vaughan. ItĀ“s a mixture of sci-fi and militairy.


Love the whole list of uniform men. Great post, Wave. I like Rhodes’ Falling and Out of my Mind.

Hi John This is a theme I love in M/M romances and I read as many of these books (almost as many as the ones with a sports theme). šŸ™‚ as I can. As you probably know, I love M.L. Rhodes and I had a tough job selecting one of her books to profile. I have all of her M/M stories and my next project is to review the older books that I haven’t to date. I was saving the review of Out of My Mind for In Too Deep, the sequel, but I don’t know when she’ll get to… Read more »

Great post wave.
You`ve already listed most of my favs.
Two weeks ago I`ve read Lover and Commander by Jez Morrow.A little late but normally I don`t like SF.
Now I have a serious crush on a certain space commander (and his lover)….I never thought I would.


Hi Simsala
I did read and review Lover and Commander which I loved. I didn’t include aliens in the list but I guess I should have. šŸ™‚

Great choice for another book.

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