Facial Hair – Yay or Nay and Who Has It?

So how do you like your men? We all like em buff and tough (with a warm squooshy inside) and we’ve talked about body hair (on which we are split between slightly fuzzy and smooth as a baby’s bottom) but what about between the shoulders and the forehead?

I started thinking about the this, lord only knows why, but I thought I’d go through some of the basic facial hair styles and which m/m heroes I’ve read about who sport said style.



Clean Shaven – Well, most m/m heroes, probably m/f, m/m/f, and any variation with an m in it are clean shaven these days. Lets admit it, the smooth look is popular and most models/actors adopt it.



Scruff – This is one step up from clean shaven, or perhaps the correct term is 2 days after clean shaven. I’ve heard this is a fair bit of work to maintain on a permanent basis, but most men manage to pull it off easily from time to time, it’s called being lazy and not shaving. Personally the scruffy look is my preference but mostly when combined with clean shaven, the weekend scruffy look. I can’t think of any heroes off hand that sport the scruffy look as part of their persona, but most get there every now and then.

Mustache – This used to be very common. Who can forget Magnum PI and the magical “stache”? The mustache was more popular in the 70’s and 80’s and seems to have fallen from popularity in recent years. The only book I can think of that had any m/m characters who sport a mustache was Memories Erased by ME Reid. However the main character sported the Fu Manchu (as did a secondary heroic-type character). That look does sooooo not work for me but whatever floats your boat.

Soul Patch – That little bitty patch of hair right below the lower lip. Personally I just want to grab the guy and shave it off and I can’t think of any heroes who have one. Which is probably good.

Goatee – There are variations on the goatee, too numerous to mention, those with a connected mustache, no mustache (not a personal favourite of mine at all), thin ones like Orlando’s or full ones. There is even something called the “goatee strip” as sported by Adam Lambert which is really a soul patch run amok.  As for heroes,  I can think of Jacob Marks from Jordan Castillo Price’s Psycop series, Caesar from James Buchanan’s The Good Thief and Phil Sorrells in Ally Blue’s The Happy Onion.

Full Beard – There seem to be a few more characters with full beards. It really doesn’t do it for me as a rule but on the right guy it can look good. Naturally I’m talking well trimmed and cared for, not the Grizzly Adams mountain man look or god forbid, the ZZ Top special. *shudder* As for m/m heroes, KZ Snow’s Jackson Spey of ObsessedInDescent and To Be Where You Are has a beard, as does Nate Hawkins of JL Langley’s My Fair Captain and ML Rhodes’ Jesse McIntyre of Passion and Satisfaction. Or maybe it just seems like more men with beards because they are all in series. 🙂

Historical Facial Hair – I am not a big reader of historicals and I can’t think of any off hand that I have read that included facial hair. And really? That may be a good thing. Look at that picture people. I defy even the best author out there to make mutton chops sound sexy. But perhaps some of the authors and fans of historicals can let us know of some characters with some extra fuzzy sideburns.

So share with us your favourite mustachioed or bearded heroes and how do you like your own men?


I like the look of either clean shaven or scruff. My only problem with scruff is that I don’t like the texture/feel of it when it rubs against my cheek or lip. The huge mustache is a no-no (for me), especially if you hardly have an upper lip.O.o A goatee is a winner on the right guy. The only man I’ve seen pull off the soul patch is Apolo Anton Ohno. He can patch my soul any day. lol 🙂


I like clean shaven and love the scruffy look. Full beards or goatees, very well maintained are nice as well. No soul patches or ZZ top looks for me.


I love clean shaven or scruff. I also want you to email me a big picture of the guy with the scruff because I want to steal him for next week’s Friday Guys. 🙂

You know, because I read so many M/M books I can never remember details of who has what (except for Nate in MFC).
Great job Tam – obviously you have an eye for detail.

Of course I could probably tell you who is cut or uncut. LOL


Haha… interesting topic. I like both. Silky smooth or hairy, body shape is more important to me than hair amount. 😛

What I don’t like is “pornstache”… I like a good full beard or shadow beard, but just a village-people like moustache is a turn-off for me.

Alexi Silversmith
It depends on the guy. My perfect dream man is the character Richard from Friends (that’s Magnum PI a few years on – Tom Selleck, I mean) and he has a ‘stache. Not many men can pull it off, but he can. I also find Rowan Atkinson’s well-groomed black goatee a huge turn-on in the Elizabethan Black Adder (and let’s be honest, he’s hardly sexy without it). But scruff and clean-shaven both do it for me as well, on the right man. The only look that I can’t say presses my buttons is the full beard. Possibly because my father… Read more »
Marie Sexton

I prefer scruff, although one of my boys (Matt) generally has it.

Sean Kennedy

I luff the scruff.


Hi Tam,
clean shaven,scruffy and a short full-beard.-Well-groomed !-Yes!
Goatee-Yes/No-Depends on the man.
Mustache-Huge NO!
Looks like a brush.
ZZTop?-Greetings from Neandertal.


I like a bit of scruffiness, but you left out my personal fave (when worn by the right man). Emailing a pic! Or maybe it is covered and I just want to share the hottie pic.

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