Fun Writing Competition – The Rules

Things are moving quickly. We now have our judges who are:

Wren, Kris, TJ, Tam, Simsala, Ingrid, Lily, Pam, Jenre and Beth C. John will be an alternate in the paranormal/historical/science fiction category.

1. Anyone can enter as long as you’re not a published author by July 1, 2010 when the contest officially starts
2. Stories must be a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 3,000 words and must be M/M. If you are either under or over you’re disqualified – no exemptions because you can’t count. Submissions can be in any word processing program that counts the number of words e.g. Microsoft Word, and must be double spaced with a large enough font size because some of the judges can’t see very well.
3. Your story must be funny or it will be disqualified. Your story must contain one sex scene and have some dialogue other than grunts and groans.
4. One story per person please. Don’t try to cheat by using different emails
5. No bribing the judges by offering to sleep with them. Each judge has only one vote so that won’t do you any good – you would have to sleep with the whole lot to guarantee being in the finals
6. If you’re a judge you can’t submit a story in the same category you’re judging – that’s called cheating. 🙂
7. Entries must be received by midnight July 15 to qualify
8. The judges have 3 weeks to read and rate the stories on a scale of 1 to 10. They are not allowed to rate any story as zero because that’s unkind.
9. You must show clearly on your submission whether the story is contemporary or paranormal/historical/science fiction so that I’ll know which judges will have the honour of reading your works of art or whatever you want to call them. 🙂
10. There will be a winner in each category and the 2 semi finalists will go head to head on the site and YOU, dear readers, get to pick the winning entry
11. The prize – I haven’t figured that out yet but there will be a prize. Maybe I’ll get a sponsor or 2 to pony up
12. The winning entry will be published on the website for everyone to read so your fame (or infamy) will go far and wide. 🙂

Christian is setting up a special email under Navigation where you can send your entries (more on this later)

I don’t believe that Katiebabs was volunteering to be a judge, she’s too busy writing about a hot gay vampire and his unaware virginal boy toy. That woman has even more imagination than Tam. 🙂

If I have forgotten anything I’m sure you’ll tell me.


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