Two Games: A Matched Pair of Sports Stories

Title: Two Games: A Matched Pair of Sports Stories
Authors: BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot
Publisher: Torquere
Genre: Contemporary M/M, sports
Length: Sip (14 PDF pages, 4700 words)
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Summary Review: Four men enjoy their favourite sports while exploring other games people play.


Two Games features two tales about hot, sporting guys, from tennis and football studs to a former pro baseball player.

In Volleys and Touchdowns, by BA Tortuga, tennis-lover Mitch and football man Jackson have a friendly argument about who gets to control the TV remote. The argument might just end in a little game of their own. Will the boys settle things like men?

In Hitting Streak, by Julia Talbot, Jose is a former baseball player who’s out of the game due to a freak accident. Dave thinks Jose might just be the hottest thing going, and has no idea baseball is a sensitive subject and not the best ploy to get a date. Can Dave make it up to the blind Jose the best way he knows how?

Both stories previously published in the Play Ball anthology.


Volleys and Touchdowns 4 stars out of 5

Jackson and his friend Mitch were the only guys left in his apartment after the Monday night football game party. Mitch started channel surfing until he found an Australian tennis match and they had their usual good natured argument over the merits of tennis vs. football. Mitch lined up his pool cue while he kept making points about the skill and speed needed to make accurate decisions about the game of tennis, as Jackson admired his rear and hoped like hell that Mitch didn’t notice. All Jackson wanted was for Mitch to stop shooting so that he wouldn’t look at his ass and get aroused.

The back and forth went on as they fought over the remote, smashing into each other, and Mitch accused Jackson of always using brute force to get what he wanted. To prove him wrong Jackson showed him how he could finesse his way into pretty well anything, including Mitch’s mouth, as he slipped his tongue where he had imagined many times it would be. Would Mitch let him go any further?  It seemed that Mitch was just as eager for extra finessing, and it appeared that he had been waiting for a while for Jackson to make his move.

This short story was quite steamy. These old friends realized how much time they had wasted in the past and they weren’t about to let any more grass grow under their feet. Jackson got to know Mitch much better than he ever thought possible and the action was so fast and furious that at times it seemed as if they were on the gridiron, as they both completed passes and went in for the kill.

These two characters were funny and each one was obsessed about his favourite game, as they traded insults during their horse play on the way to scoring. If you’re a sports fan you will be amused at the guys’ antics and love play. Touchdown and match point to both players. I wonder who served. 🙂

Hitting Streak by Julia Talbot 3.5 stars out of 5

Dave put his foot in his mouth the first time he talked to Jose and invited him to go to a game. When Jose turned him down Dave didn’t understand what the problem was because all the guys in the office had said Jose was a huge baseball fan, then he felt terrible when Jose told him that he couldn’t see since he took a line drive to the face while in the minors, just when his playing career was taking off. Now he was a has-been even tough he wasn’t even thirty. Dave mentioned that he was also a has-been, a former star football player who blew out his knee in college. They had a lot in common so they decided  to listen to the game in Jose’s apartment.

Dave was doing a play-by-play for Jose for the game which was between the Braves and the Cardinals and he included the way the current batter kept adjusting his crotch. Then Jose asked him to describe himself, including “the good stuff,” so Dave gave him a practical, hands-on demonstration which of course led to Jose testing the muscle tone on his chest and touching the good stuff. They had a mutual admiration party as they checked out what home run hitters kept in the cups they adjusted all the time in the game.

Jose’s blindness was no handicap when it came to playing the game of love and he realized that touch and taste were sometimes better than sight. Play ball!

Something tells me that Julia Talbot doesn’t know a whole lot about baseball because in the book she said that “It was the fifth inning, the Braves were ahead two to four.” Obviously the numbers should be reversed.


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