Around the World in Ten Books

I just returned from an amazing vacation. My weekend in Long Island was the high point, along with whale watching on Cape Cod. A weekend in Long Island you ask? What’s so great about Long Island? What was great, is that fifteen of my nearest and dearest internet friends converged on Long Island for fun times. The last few years my vacations have included getting to meet some of my on-line friends, and as I travel the country I thought, “What if I could visit with my fictional friends? Wouldn’t that be fun?” So today, I am taking you on my round the world trip to visit some of my fave characters from m/m books.

I’m going to start my journey in Vancouver. I’m going to visit Tony Foster and Lee Nichols (whom I hope are happily together at this point) and Tony’s ex and best friend, vampire Henry Fitzgibbons. Who? Okay, these guys may not stem from a traditional m/m romance, but Tony and Henry were one of the first m/m couples I met in Tanya Huff’s Smoke series. It starts with Smoke and Shadows and if you love humour, demons, wizards, vampires, and engaging characters I think you’ll love it. There’s not much in the way of hot smexin’, but these guys made me laugh out loud on an airplane. That says something.

Seeing that Tony and Lee are living happily ever after, I’m going to head down the coast to Riverside, California to visit Brandon Carr and Nick O’Malley. I hope they are doing okay since the last book. I’m sure Nick has been ready to bop Brandon over the head with a frying pan a few times by now, but love and judicious use of rope will keep them together. They are one of my favourite couples, despite the desire to bop Brandon a few times myself, and I hope you’ll check out their stories in James Buchanan’s Taking the Odds series if you haven’t yet.

After giving the guys a hug, it’s time to head over the ocean. Let’s get tropical baby. Bring on the fruity drinks with umbrellas. I’m going to Guam. I don’t even really know where that is, but I’m off to see how Soren Buchanan and Mason Ward are doing. I wonder if they’re still living on Mason’s boat? Hopefully they haven’t had any typhoons since I last saw them and that Soren’s father is minding his own business. NL Gassert’s The Protector was my first taste of Guam and it was an enticing, if seemingly dangerous place.

Since I won the lottery (Isn’t fantasy great?), I’m going to definitely take a dip Down Under. First stop – New Zealand. I might have to wander a bit here because I’m not sure in which city they live, but I want to visit with Mark and Keith. They had a bit of a rough go in their last book but seemed to have things back on track so I’m eager to see that they are growing stronger and closer together. Laine Williams wrote a trio of Chasers called Lessons in Mastery that really caught my attention and I was pulling for the boys even during the tough times.

Time to fly next door to Australia and visit with Simon Murray and Declan Tyler in Melbourne. I’m hoping they’ll introduce me to Fran and Roger while I’m there and maybe they’ll take me to a football game and explain it to me. It can’t be that hard. It’s some kind of whackadoodle cross between soccer and rugby isn’t it?  Sean Kennedy’s Tigers and Devils is an amazing book and for those who like nice thick ones, (books damn it, books) it’s a great read. Oh and don’t worry about the Australian football thing, you don’t need to know anything about it to love this book.

Zipping across the Indian Ocean and leaving wintry Australia behind, I’m off to North Africa. I’m going to Tunisia to visit Aiden Greene and Liam McCullough. They’ve gone into the bodyguarding business together and I curious as to how that’s going. I know they’ve had some new adventures since I first met them in Three Wrong Turns in the Desert but perhaps I’ll have the time to read about them on the trip over in Dancing With the Tide. If you like over the top action adventure and Star Wars references, I think you’ll enjoy these guys.

Okay, enough heat and sand that is not beach, waving good-bye it’s time to visit a new city for me, Rome. Ahhh, civilization, pasta, wine, sexy men. What more could you ask? I’m going to stop by the apartment of Patrick Curtis and Lealdo Fannuci. Well, maybe they aren’t living together yet, it’s only been a short time since they met at the Bus Stop. Hopefully Patrick’s job is going well and I’m bringing them a gift. Lube. Jeez people, chafing, not good. Pepper Espinoza’s cute couple is sure to show me the city and take me out for some amazing Italian food (that does not involve intestines – please).

I think I have time for another quick  stop in Europe. I’m going to Ireland. Kael Hammerson and Hugh Price can show me the sites and assure me that the pesky dragon problem has been taken care of. Nothing puts a damper on vacation like being eaten alive by a dragon.  Maybe they’ll introduce me to George and Mordred and Baily and David. TA Chase’s Dragon’s series is quite the adventure with elves and dragons and mermaids and hot soldiers and all manner of creature.

Next a quick trip down to Florida, whew – it’s hot here in the summer. I thought I’d see how PI Dino Martini and his best friend and main squeeze Seth Donnelly are doing. Hopefully they haven’t had any more wild cases in Tampa. Who’d have thought that with all those old people in Florida it would be so dangerous. Elle Parker’s Like Coffee and Donutswill make you laugh and want to be friends with Dino and Seth too, maybe we can all go to the beach together.

My last stop before I head home and back to reality is New York. I was just in New York City last week and always hate to leave. I’m going to stop by and visit Evan Cerelli and Matt Haight and the kids. I know they’ve had a few rough moments, not ever being gay before and all, but I’ve heard things have settled down nicely for them now and they’re living the dream. Tere Michael’s Faith and Fidelity and the follow-up books will have you falling in love with characters too.

Well, back home to Canada now. Sigh. I always hate coming home after spending fun times with friends. Tell me about your imaginary vacation, who you’d like to meet in real life if you could. Maybe I’ll drop in and visit some of your friends as well. It’s always fun to make new friends, real or fictional.


This is an excellent post! I have read some of the books and hell yeah, I want to visit them too. Thanks for posting this. Very interesting to read.


LOL that was a lot of fun to read and a good selection of books too! 🙂


Great post, Tam! It was fun going along on your world tour. I’ve read most of these and like you would love to go and visit with the guys. 🙂


Great post, Tam, although you do know that you will be going to hell for this: “It’s some kind of whackadoodle cross between soccer and rugby isn’t it?” Just warning you.


*lol* Tam, damn, (a cheesy rhyme, isn’t it? ;)), you’re not supposed to be realistic on this…!


Great post, Tam, thanks! It was fun to travel aroung the world like this. 🙂

And I can back up TJ with the time travelling idea. You could visit historical characters as well as futuristic ones. I for sure would love to go back to Babylon in 330 bc.


LOL this was very funny to read. Although I completely missed Asia. You’re a true Westerner, aren’t you? 😉

Kathy B

Loved your post. It was so much fun!


A fun virtual trip Tam, lol. I second recommendations for Riverside, Guam, and New York! Neil Placky also does Hawaii (Mahu), and IIRC Polar Reaction is set in Antarctica.

Val Kovalin

What an outstanding post, Tam! You’re so right that we don’t get enough specific international locations in our m/m fiction. This was a treat to see all of these. 🙂

The only South American location I can remember reading about is Cartagena, Colombia in Trapped by DJ Manly.


Tam that was a wonderful post and trip almost around the world. I had forgotten some of these books – now I’ll re-read them. 🙂 As Chris said there are probably only a couple that I might have to get.

Now I’m tired of flying. 🙂


That was great fun, Tam! And I only had to add one or two things to my TBB list. 😉


Great post Tam – very funny. The lube and intestine bit cracked me up :). I’ve read most of these but it’s always good to be reminded of some great m/m books :).


Oh, that was lovely! I might revisit some of these guys and I have some new imaginary destinations to add to my itinerary.

“I’m sure Nick has been ready to bop Brandon over the head with a frying pan a few times by now, but love and judicious use of rope will keep them together.”

LOL! Truer words were never spoken.

Great post, Tam!


That was really fun Tam. Thank you. It’s pretty cool how books give us a glimpse into exotic locations all over the globe. Maybe next vacation you can time travel and check in with some historical characters.

amy lane

LOL– that was awesome, Tam! You’ll have to let me know how the guys are doing when you visit:-) (Starts throwing some titles on the TBR pile for when I’m feeling like getting the hell out of NorCal:-)

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