Readers’ Favourite Gay Books – Update

Last March we updated the most popular post on the site: Readers’ Favourite Gay Books. Well it’s time to do so again at the end of September, which will be 6 months since the last update. Here’s a link to the post

The criteria is the same:

The books must be those you absolutely love
The books must be gay fiction or M/M.

Please classify the books according to the system on the post since this will make it easy on whoever will be doing the update. Here’s the classification


S=Speculative Fiction/Paranormal/Fantasy
Social History=SH

Wren Boudreau did the honours of putting together the original list and doing the update but I don’t know her current availability since she may be writing a new book, in which case I will have to ask someone to volunteer for the job since there’s only so much I can do. 🙂

Please  insert your new favourite gay books in the comments (check whether they are already on the list before you do so) and you have until September 1 to get in your recommendations for the updated Readers’ Favourite Gay Books. If you check out the cover that accompanies this post you’ll see one of my recommendations. 🙂

Thanks Guys.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball

Dusk Peterson
Another Renault novel that isn’t already on the list: The Last of the Wine by Mary Renault (H) I sure hope that online fiction is permitted on the list, because two of my favorite series aren’t in e-book format yet (though I remain hopeful that they will be eventually): The Slave Breakers series by Maculategiraffe (S) Hurrah for Hollywood series by Parhelion (H) This one has homosexuality only in the subplots, but there’s tons of male romantic friendship in the main plots, so I keep recommending it to gay fiction readers: Under Jurisdiction series by Susan R. Matthews (S) And… Read more »

Hi Dusk
To answer your comment – we don’t include online fiction since this list is for published books but I’m sure that just having them here in the comments will make others want to take a look at some of your recs.

I have a question – Does The Last of the Wine (or any of your other recommendations) have on-page het sex? Please advise, as this list is for gay or M/M books. Thanks

Dusk Peterson
“Does The Last of the Wine (or any of your other recommendations) have on-page het sex?” “The Last of the Wine” doesn’t even have gay sex. It’s a 1956 novel. 🙂 Both the male protagonists are bisexual (the story is set in Ancient Athens, so bisexuality is the norm), but the main plotline is about their homoerotic relationship. One of the sections in “My Life as a Pornographer” is about various aspects of the BDSM world and includes journalistic descriptions of heterosexual and lesbian BDSM. The majority of the book is about gay male life. Preston was a gay man… Read more »

The reason I asked is because I read Renault’s Fire from Heaven, Funeral Games and The Persian Boy and I think one (or more) of them had het sex, but it’s been a while since I read this series.

Dusk Peterson

Hardly surprising; her contemporary novels were often bisexual. But no, there’s only one fade-to-black het sex scene that I remember in “Last of the Wine.”

You’ve got me curious now, though – does one het sex scene disqualify an otherwise gay novel from the gay category, in the eyes of most m/m readers? I’m curious because most of my gay characters are actually bisexual. I don’t write onscreen het sex, but I’m wondering where the genre category line lies for most m/m readers.


The wine-dark sea (C) A.J. Llewellyn
Life After Joe (C) Harper Fox
Stirring Up Trouble (C) Z.A. Maxfield
Making Promises (C) Amy Lane
Truth in the Dark (C) Amy Lane
and the fantastic The Manituw (C) by Lisbeth Jenkins


I really enjoyed “Aloes” (C/M) by Chris Quinton (there will be a sequel)
“Life After Joe” (C) by Harper Fox
“Fair Game” & “A Vintage Affair” (C/M) from Josh Lanyon
“The Darkling Thrush” (S) by Josh Lanyon
“Sleepwalker” by Jordan C Price

Dianne T.

I’m definitely putting in an enthusiastic nod for “Counterpoint-Dylan’s Story” by Ruth Sims and I am reading Lee Rowan’s latest, “Home Is The Sailor” right now. I also enjoyed “Fair Game” by Josh Lanyon. Sure need to check out “Driftwood” and Harper Fox in general by the look of it, as well as many others of course.


You guys are really quick.

Wren has graciously agreed to do the honours again and I can see that she’ll have her work cut out for her.

Keep those recs coming – already there are a few books that I haven’t read so I will probably do what I did last time – go on a spending spree. 🙂

Aisha Phillips

Here are a few of my favorites:

Truth in the Dark – Amy Lane (s), Finding Zach – Rowen Speedwell (c), The Angel of Thirteenth Street -Eden Winters (c), Everything Under The Sun – Rachel West (c), My Summer of Wes – Missy Welsh (c)

I just purchased Life After Joe and Driftwood so hopefully I can add to all the raves soon. 🙂

L.C. Chase

Doh! TJ beat me to A Vintage Affair and Life After Joe while I was typing. So… let’s share! 🙂

L.C. Chase

My fave pics are A Vintage Affair by Josh Lanyon (C/M), Everything Under the Sun by Rachel West (C), Dreaming of You by Ethan Day (C), Dark Horse by Kate Sherwood (C), and last but most definitely not least, Life After Joe by Harper Fox (C).

And can I share Driftwood and Fair Game with you guys, too. 😉


Hi Wave,
I`m tame this time 🙂
I`ve read many good and very good books in the last six months but absolutely loved just one.

The One That Broke Free/T.C.Blue/-C

Hmmm…o.k. – I share Driftwood with you too.
I`m sure I`ll absolutely love it when I read it the second time 🙂
I`m currently reading The Manituw by Lisbeth Jenkins so maybe I`ll come back later with a third rec.


Hi Wave,
Here’s a few books from my personal favorites list:

Finding Faith – Andrew Barriger (c)
At Piper’s Point – Ethan Day (c)
Sno Ho – Ethan Day (Part of the Melting the Slopes Anthology) (c)
A Vintage Affair – Josh Lanyon (c/m)
Take My Picture – Giselle Ellis (c)
Life After Joe – Harper Fox (c)

Just writing these titles makes me want to read them again. You beat me to Driftwood, and I would second Fair Game – a vintage Lanyon mystery.


Well, I’ll be the first to propose Driftwood (c/m)by Harper Fox and Fair Game (m) by Josh Lanyon – I’ve read both these wonderful books in the past 10 days and they are right up there at the top of my list.

I’d also like to propose two older books – Dead Rock Stars by Wes Funk (c) (when is he going to write another book? And the other – Red Tainted Silence by Carolyn Gray (c) – I can’t believe is not already on the list.



Hi Rachel
I guess I beat you to Driftwood since I mentioned in the post that it was going to be my rec. However we can share it. 🙂 I haven’t read Fair Game as yet but I intend to very soon since Josh is one of my very favourite authors and I love his mysteries. I’m sure there will be a lot of recommendations for these two books.

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