Author: Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks
Publisher: Amber Allure
Genre: Contemporary M/M,  BDSM light
Length: 78 PAGES
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by StaceyR

Summary Review
A shy, virginal librarian explores his kinky side as he’s seduced by history buff/mechanic and his erotic chainmail fabrications. They give a whole new meaning to “goods on display” at the renaissance after-hours market.

Chad leads a quiet life centered on his work as a university librarian…until the day he sees the cute guy in the history class he’s auditing. Later, Jace comes on strong when he visits the library, first asking Chad for information, then for a date.

But Chad has no idea what he’s getting into with the ponytailed, bracelet-wearing mechanic. All of his printed-out porn and slightly kinky fantasies never prepared him for chainmail and historical re-enactment.

Chad is about to get a living history lesson he’ll never forget…

A surprisingly light read from these authors. Chad and Jace are regular guys. Chad, a university librarian, notices Jace and his cool chainmail bracelets while sitting in on a history class. As he memorizes the guy’s dark handsome features and rough, scarred hands, Jace assumes the lead role in Chad’s favorite fantasy, a rough and demanding dominant ready to take what he wants from his obedient and willing submissive. Shy and awkward around his peers, Chad’s sexual experience doesn’t go beyond his daydreams and his hand…that is until Jace stops at his reference desk to acquire some books and a date with the librarian.

After their date Jace takes Chad back to his place to show him some of his chainmail jewelry. Chad’s amazed by the artistry of Jace’s jewelry and period armor, and aroused by some of his more erotic accessories. Chad finally gets his first kiss, and when Jace finds out just how innocent his librarian is, Chad is in for a slow and steady seduction.

Though we never get Jace’s point of view, the story told in Chad’s third-person account, it’s clear Jace has some BDSM experience, something he’s dabbled in. Chad can’t hide his fascination and when Jace asks if he’d like to model some of his erotic collection for his private catalog, Chad is more than willing. While Chad’s ultimate fantasies are hard-core submission, he draws a line between fantasy and reality, revealing the smallest bits of his submissive desires, allowing trust to build between them with each encounter. His trust is returned when Jace invites him to spend the weekend with him at the last renaissance fair for the season where he peddles his chainmail creations.

The sights, sounds and sense of community among the renaissance role-play crowd are some great scenes. Jace sharing one of his passions with his new lover adds another level of intimacy between them. They set up shop to sell Jace’s standard period items and Jace encourages Chad to explore the area. The pinnacle event is a private midnight sale, where merchants display items of the fetish variety. Jace comes up with the perfect scenario for Chad to live out some of his submissive fantasies in a public forum while maintaining his cloak of shyness.

I liked that there wasn’t any insta-love in this story, but a believable steady build of a new relationship. The slow burn of passion between Chad and Jace and their tentative merge into kink kept me turning pages. Really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes view of the renaissance role-play community. A fun and interesting read!

Angelia Sparrow

Stacey, now I’m all verklempt. Not only did you enjoy it an say nice things, I’m an auto-buy. Blushing here, me.

Not everything we write is paranormal, just a lot of it (it’s what I like). The next release is steampunk, and then a swashbuckler. I’m staring at 4 open word-processor windows with dieselpunk/sf, space opera, contemporary and another Nick’verse book in them.

BG Thomas

I have to read this and don’t know why the hell I haven’t bought it already. I LOVED “The Curse of the Pharaoh’s Manicurists,” and highly recommend it to any and all. Think I will get this today!

Val Kovalin

Great review, Stacey. I enjoyed it as well. 🙂


This duo always deliver IMO and it was why I bought the book. It was on the short side but it fitted this story.


I’ve enjoyed other stories by this duo and this sounds really good. Another for my never-ending wish list. Great review! 🙂

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