Have Hope

Title: Have Hope
Author: Emily Moreton
Publisher: Torquere Books
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novel (27 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: A very well done short wherein a doctor rescues a spy on a failed mission.

This Sip is part of Torquere Books’ Charity Sip Blitz and all proceeds from the sale of this Sip goes to the charity Doctors Without Borders.

The Blurb: When what was supposed to be a simple exchange of information goes to hell in the form of armed soldiers and two bullet wounds, double-agent John Grey makes a fairly desperate run for his rendezvous point. And doesn’t make it.

Fortunately, luck’s on his side, and he wakes up in the house – the bed – of a local clinic doctor, Mohammed Saleem. Attractive and smart, with a sharp sense of humor and a tattoo, Mohammed is exactly the kind of guy John falls for. Mohammed has very strict rules about what should and shouldn’t happen during a recovery period, but John’s sure he can change that.

The Review:

In the jungle (no not the mighty jungle) double agent John is trying figure out what happened to his contact from the resistance that he was supposed to meet. But then suddenly he is dodging bullets, goes into survival mode and is on the run. Now John can only hope that he is leading the snipers away from his contact and keeps running until he meets the river and is forced to stop and reevaluate his position. It’s only then that he realizes he’s been shot twice and chances of completing his mission are slim. John is now forced to head toward his handler at the secondary rally location 10 miles away, while fighting to remain upright and conscious.. Finally as he reaches the end of his endurance, John is confronted with an approaching man – but is he John’s savior or killer?

I really liked the set up for this story, the double agent being pursued through the jungle trying to complete his mission – all the makings of a great spy thriller. John’s not knowing if he was captured or rescued made for an interesting story as initially, he fades in and out of consciousness. Then as he regains awareness, John’s suspicion of the doctor is revealed in some great dialog that, despite his being obviously leery, has an flirtatious undercurrent as they gradually start to get acquainted. This was really well done and I was amazed at all that was accomplished in such a limited number of pages.

I grew to genuinely like John and his rescuer Mohammed, who although limited in their development due to the story’s length, still felt real and interesting. I will warn you that the ending isn’t a traditional HEA, but is somewhat hopeful, which I found to be both realistic, and believable. I highly recommend Have Hope, which was a very enjoyable story, due to the interesting characters and realistic ending.


  • I just read this one today. I did really enjoy it, the suspenseful beginning and the building of their friendship. Sometimes just for a twist I like a non-HEA, not a sad ending but maybe things don’t end as you would have liked to imagine, but in this case it made sense. I think a sugary sweet HEA would have been “huh?” inducing.

    • Tam,
      I’m with you. I don’t mind a non-HEA, and in this case it made way more sense to who the characters were. And it really was a kind of open ending, that the hopeless romantics (me included) could imagine them having their HEA eventually.

  • TJ
    How exciting. Trust you to nab this one. Double agents, a firefight, bullets whizzing around and a suspicious rescuer? WOW. That would have me on the edge of my seat and I will definitely be reading this one. I lived this story through your eyes. I love hopeful endings because then I don’t have to suspend disbelief. 🙂

    • Hey Wave,
      I really lucked out when I got this one to review. Thank you. I don’t usually expect too much when a book is so short, but this was a surprise. I think you’ll really enjoy it. It was a pleasant change to have a non-HEA, with some possibilities left open. It just felt like the right way to conclude their story.

    • Val,
      The beginning was suspenseful, but brief since the story focuses on what happens after John and Mohammed meet.

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