Saturday Gay Hotties October 9

Magnus Carlsson - Guy No. 17

Reed Kelly - guy no. 16

singer Freddie Mercury - guy no. 15

patrick wolf - guy no. 14

Olympian Mark Tewksbury - Guy No. 13

Nemesis - guys no. 12

Singer Lance Bass - Guy no. 11

Jim Verranos - Guy No. 10

Singer Ari Gold - Guy no. 8

Actor Charlie David - Guy no. 9

Actor Nick Adams - Guy No. 7

Singer Clay Aiken - Guy no. 6

Matthew Mitcham, Olympian - Guy no. 5

Singer George Michael - guy no. 4

Singer Cheyenne Jackson - Guy no. 3

John Barrowman - guy no. 2

Adam Lambert - Guy No. 1

nick adams - Guy No. 1A

Rufus Wainwright - Guy No. 1B


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball

Dianne T.

A big thank you for recognizing Clay as the hot guy he is. I can tell you from up close experience his shoulders feel mighty fine in a hug. 🙂 Very nice list all around. Nice to see all these guys able to live their lives authentically, and yes, hopefully being inspiring to anybody out there struggling with coming out. I can think of a few other singers in particular I would put on here, but will wait patiently for your next list!


Hi Dianne
I love Clay’s songs – the only thing that bothered me was that even though it was so obvious to everyone that he was gay, it took years for him to come out. Anyway I’m pleased that he now feels comfortable in his own skin to be who he really is.

I think one of his biggest fans here is Nichem who sent me tons of pics of Clay – she must have a hard drive full of him. LOL


Very cool, Wave. In fact, you inspired me and I’m listening to Freddie sing “Get Down, Make Love” right now. 🙂


I’m so glad that this post inspired you to listen to some of Queen’s songs. 🙂 I was privileged to see them in person before Freddie died and it was one of my memorable concerts (of course you were much too young to have ever seen them in concert, but it was a rare treat because he was such a showman). Of course I have most of their concert DVDs. LOL.

Hi TJ Thank you for this wonderful idea. My best posts are from readers and reviewers and so far, in two days, you have given me the idea for this post and the one on frotting. How appropriate. 🙂 One of my favourite singers will always be Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the British rock band Queen who died at 45 of AIDS almost 20 years ago. What an entertainer. As for Rufus we can both claim him since he was born in NY but grew up in Montreal, PQ. It’s too bad that so many gay men are forced… Read more »
You flatter me Wave. I’m very happy that I was able to inspire you – OH – I’m your muse! Woohoo. I’ve always wanted to be someone’s muse, but in my fantasy you’re a man. Oh, well I’ll take what I can get. LOL That frotting post was frottingly awesome, and very popular. Good call Wave. Ah yes, Freddie Mercury, so tragic, such a great performer. Now he’s my generation. How different his life might have been if things were more open back then. Sports will always be one of the last frontiers for gays. I am amazed that there… Read more »
TJ Gay men have broken into the last sports bastion – hockey. There is now a new hockey league called G force where all the players are gay. Of course there’s a team here in Toronto, the gay capital of Canada. Here’s a link to some information if you are interested. I know that Buda has probably already signed up since he’s such a rink rat: I think it’s a great thing that some sports figures are coming out while they are still playing, despite their teammates and some sports reporters thinking this is not a good idea. Who… Read more »
Great job Wave! Very appropriate to run this today with Coming Out Day on Monday. I had forgotten about a few of these guys. It’s pretty amazing to me to see how things have changed just during my lifetime alone. Okay, I know I’ve been around a long time, but still, to be able to say that all of these people can live their lives honestly in 2010 is very gratifying to a gay man who grew up when things were not so. Thanks so much for indulging me. I’m glad to see that you included Rufus – he’s a… Read more »
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