Saturday Gay Hotties October 16


wilson cruz



will young


rufus wainwright


matthew mitchan, olympian

patrick wolf

nick adams, actor

neil patrick harris, actor

adam lambert

john barrowman & husband scott gill & dog

dylan rice, chicago

cassidy haley, singer

rod thomas aka bright lightbrightlight

clay aiken

john barrowman


Rupert Everett

Ricky Martin


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


Oeh John barrowman and his Prodent perfect smile 😉

Adam Lambert still creeps me out, but hot damn matthew mitchan is hot!


You just want pictures of them all for your bedroom wall. OK you can’t love everyone but Adam Lambert is one of my faves.


More Matty Mitcham! More Adam Lambert!

Love Cassidy Haley too, and John Barrowman’s hubby, Scott, is gorgeous.

Thanks for these!


Thanks for dropping by. As you can see, I love Adam Lambert. John Barrowman is one of my faves too and his husband and dogs are pretty cool. 🙂


John Barrowman- gotta love a guy with a household full of dogs! His husband is nice looking, too. 🙂


Glad you liked the Barrowman pic with his husband and dogs. That one was my favourite. 🙂

Lynn G


Some really great looking men this weekend as well! Thanks for this. Have to admit to being John Barrowman fan. Dang, that’s one nice looking man! Also what a great character to put on a kids show!

Tam mentioned Chad Allen, would you like me to see if I can find shots of Robert Gant? He played Ben in Queer as Folk among many others.


Hi Lynn
Please send me any photos of Chad you can find. High res. works best and if you can find a large photo I can always reduce it but I can’t do much with the really small ones. Thank you for the offer. 🙂

Dianne T.

Nice!! Wave -Thanks for including Dylan and Rod, I really enjoy their music. 🙂 Love seeing Patrick again too – wild headgear and all!! I’ll actually be seeing that Clay guy in person tonight. Have a great weekend all!


Hi Dianne
Hope you have a really wonderful time at the concert tonight ogling and listening to Clay. I KNOW you’ll have a great weekend. 🙂

Dianne T.

Yep – having a great time at the beach in NC! Actually, last night was the annual Gala benefit dinner for the foundation Clay started 7 years ago ( – I’ve gone nearly every year. The event was wonderful – Clay did sing some songs at the end and sounded (and looked) great.

Regarding Barrowman, he definitely has many fine attributes, and I sure do love a fellow dog lover!


Wow…I love not having to work Saturday! I never saw these Saturday Hotties before!
And Clay??? He’s actually a little (I said a little) hot in that snapshot. He he he he
And Zac….never heard that he was gay but if there are pictures of him kissing men I WILL FIND THEM!!! Oh yes….anything to not be doing what I’m supposed to do, like edits…


I’m happy to improve your Saturday. LOL We only started these posts last Saturday because of TJ who wanted to do something for Coming Out Day. 🙂

As for Zac, there are pictures of him kissing guys but since he’s not out I guess I can’t publish them. 🙁


Wave: Well it should be a regular feature.
FYI, I just found the one picture of what looked like Zac giving a friend a goofing-around smooch on the cheek.
I wanted tongue. 🙁


To add to Tam’s list

Jake Shears- Scissor Sisters

Darren Hayes- singer

Tim Gunn

Nate Burkus- interior designer. Has his own show now

Vern Yip- HGTV star

Alan Cumming

And many of the QAF guys


Thanks for the list. As with the pics of Clay you sent me, do you have or do you think you could find pics of the other guys? High res. and large? Thanks Nichem – whenever you have a chance since the next post is not until Saturday. 🙂

Some other out gay celebrities are: Jonathan Groff (also on Glee, the employer of the most gay actors out there it seems LOL) Chris Colfer (see what I said about Glee?) Sean Hayes from Will and Grace. Chad Allan (he played Donald Strachey in the movies) John Amechi – first ever out NBA player in 2006 Wilson Cruz – a black actor TR Knight from Gray’s Anatomy Reichen Lehmkuhl – actor and more famously known for being Lance Bass’ ex. Darryl Stephens – hottie black actor which I think you’ve had pics of in your Friday guys BD Wong of… Read more »

I would really appreciate your help on the photos or I will be spending all my time trying to find them. I have one of Wilson Cruz in today’s post that TJ sent me but he’s really hot, so more, more, more.

Thank you for the offer.

Ally Blue

OMG I love Neil Patrick Harris. He’s so funny and goofy. Now if only Nathan “The hammer is my penis” Fillion were gay, we could put him in this thread and life would be perfect *g*

Tam, I don’t know WTF Patrick’s got on his head, but he does love to dress up in shiny things so there’s no telling LOL



The hammer is my penis?

Obviously I need to get out more. LOL

Ally Blue

Ha, you need to watch Dr. Horrible!! Otherwise known as The Best Thing EVAH. Neil Patrick Harris as a would-be supervillain Dr. Horrible? Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer, Our Hero? (sort of)
Yes, you must see this. Iz gud.

Geek. That is me. :B


Someone retweeted Neil Patrick Harrris that said their babies were born last week. Tuesday maybe? I forget. A boy and a girl. Gideon Scott and Harper Grace. Congrats to them.

Zac Efron is definitely playing at being straight if he’s gay since he’s been living with that HSM chick for awhile now. Doesn’t mean anything but on the surface he’s going for straight.

What the hell does Patrick Wolf have on his head? Christmas tree decorations?



I deleted Zac immediately Nichem pointed out that she wasn’t sure abut his sexuality and added a pic of Wilson Cruz that TJ sent me (he must have a trunk full or a hard drive full of these photos – whenever I ask, lo and behold 10 more pics are in my inbox) LOL

I had no idea that Neil was expecting. I guess the surrogate is working hard on his hehalf. 🙂

Jay Bell

I’ll take a Nick Adams with extra hot sauce, to go please.


He’s on his way. I love to post pics of these guys so if you have any hot celebrities please send me their photos in high res. Larger pics are better.


Ahhh – Rufus, Rufus, Rufus! I never get tired of him – cute and such a sexy voice – like sandpaper on silk.

Congrats to cutie Matty Mitcham – just earned a couple more metals to add to his collection.

And who’d a thunk that Doogie Howser would turn out to be a hottie?

Cassidy Haley – you all need to check out the video for “Daylight Breaks” – it’s really beautiful, kinda sexy and there are boys kissing!

What can I say about Ricky Martin… Mmm, mmm.


Wow TJ Have you ever thought of writing? LOL Your commentary is as good as the photos.

I need more pictures of different guys now. 🙂


Me write? Hah! Thank you, but as I proved in yesterday’s Big M post, my dialog would be kind of brief. How would I fill a whole book? 😉

Ooh, more gay men pictures? Be careful what you ask for.


OK maybe you should stick to porn. 🙂

Thanks for the pic of Wilson Cruz to replace Zac until I know FOR SURE he ‘s gay. LOL


You’re welcome. Please take good care of Wilson. To quote my mentor Ally “he’s my super seekret boyfriend”. He’s got all the qualities I love – funny and smart and sexy (and I don’t mean just his looks although that helps).


Great pics again, Wave! But I’m not sure about Zac Efron– if he’s gay, I’m pretty sure he’s not out.


I’ve seen him on so many sites that say he’s gay, and I have pics of him kissing guys, so I thought he was out. Luckily the post doesn’t have “gay” in the title. LOL Obviously I need to do some more research on Zac or maybe someone else could help. 🙂 In the meantime I’ve replaced his picture.

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