Sno Ho (Summit City #1)

Title: Sno Ho (Summit City #1)
Author: Ethan Day
Publisher: Self Published
Edition: Second Edition
Buy Link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M, romantic comedy
Length: 35K words (106 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

 Summary Review:  A rollicking romantic comedy as only Ethan Day can write it, with hot men, cold snow and après-ski that would melt any cold heart.


Sno Ho combusts ski-slopes with the heat of Boone, Wade, ski lessons, and Irish coffee.  


If you have never read a book by Ethan Day you’re in for a treat. Sno Ho is set in Summit City, Colorado where Boone Daniels, our hero, has been dumped unceremoniously albeit in the lap of luxury, by his ex; apparently the entire town knew that he was being dumped before he did.

The first week of his vacation he spent the time writing one of his many unfinished novels while waiting for Philip, his boyfriend of one year, to show up as promised so they could spend the rest of their vacation together. When Philip gave him the news on the phone that his term as his current lover was over Boone was incensed, mainly because Philip implied that he was a lousy lay, but he soon recovered when he met Wade Walker, a former Olympian who set his heart aflutter. That night, after a few drinks at the local watering hole, Boone was quite happy to hit the road with Wade for a bit of the old in and out.   

Boone could not remember much of their first night together or even arriving at Wade’s place, because he never could retain anything when he drank –  he did know however that he had the most incredible sex in recent memory. Wade was in bed with him when he awoke the next morning and he sneaked out of the apartment so as not to wake the slumbering giant. Later that day when he had recovered somewhat from his night of debauchery, he prepared for his one-on-one ski instruction paid for by Philip as part of his exit package.  He showed up on the ski slopes only to find that his personal instructor was none other than Wade. From there everything went downhill rapidly for Boone who fell down every few seconds, but things definitely improved when he decided to cut his losses and party. 

 Ethan Day is definitely unique, with a writing style all his own. His characters are always three dimensional, never similar to anyone else’s in my estimation, and he imbues them with warmth and drama. His protagonists are almost always over the top and his prose is fresh and vibrant,which is what made this story such a standout. His secondary characters were well drawn as well and the dialogue was laugh out loud funny. There is so much to enjoy in this book as Boone made as much use as possible of what he considered to be Wade’s gold medal worthy equipment.

These two characters took me on a wonderful ride in this fun filled romp which I thoroughly enjoyed, as Boone and Wade experienced every sexual position known to man.

Sno Ho’s long awaited sequel, Life in Fusion, is expected to be released in late November, and Ethan claims that it will blow us all out of the water and is his best book ever. 🙂

Most definitely recommended and I can’t wait for part 2.

Sno Ho was originally released as part of the anthology Melting the Slopes.



  • Ethan

    Goodness me…I am one busy boy! My DIK too it would seem, LOL. I was apparently reading to Buda while washing off Tj.

    I know it’s too late to include this in LiF but maybe in your next book? We could all be co-authors. LOL

    • “I know it’s too late to include this in LiF but maybe in your next book? We could all be co-authors. LOL”

      Wave – be careful what you ask for. I can just see Ethan writing a book about a group of m/m book reviewing bloggers, who have a retreat and craziness ensues… There’s mud wrestling and fighting over the hot guys.

  • TJ

    You’ve pretty much described my fantasy date. If there were any nuts involved, you are so cut off!

    There are nuts involved …… and someone cut them off? Where was I? Is this a guy thing? 😉

  • TJ, trust me. He’s not cut off at all. 😉

    Ethan, I thought the peeled grapes were our little secret.

    Wave, I know you’re tough. But did you miss Boone & Wade’s angry couch sex? That alone is worth the 5+! 🙂

    Totally jealous of the consulting gig, btw. I hate having to drag my (un)happy …erm… self away from the house to work. Humans are much better dealt with not in person! lol


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