Recommended Reads for December 2010

I’m 6 weeks late but I think it’s important to list the recommended reads – so better late than never.  🙂 Here are the December recommendations

My Top 10 Books for 2010
Guest Reviewers Top Picks for 2010
Illustrated Men anthology, MLR Press – 5+ stars – (Cole)
Love Ahead, Expect Delays by Astrid Amara, Loose Id 5+ stars – (Jenre)
Fish & Chips by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux, Dreamspinner Press – 5+ stars (Wave)
Unwrapped by B.A. Tortuga, Torquere Books  – 5 stars (John)
All She Wrote by Josh Lanyon, Samhain Publishing – 5 stars (Aunt Lynn)
An Earlier Heaven by D.W. Marchwell, Dreamspinner Press – 5 stars (Cole)
Carol of the Bellskis by Astrid Amara, Loose Id – 5 stars (Val)
Death by Misfortune by A.M. Riley, MLR Press – 5 stars
Transit by Raev Gray and Aleksandr Voinov, Dreamspinner Press – 5 stars (Feliz)

His For The Holidays anth. by Josh Lanyon, ZA Maxfield, LB Gregg, Harper Fox, Carina Press – 5 stars (Wave)
I Heard Him Exclaim by ZA Maxfield, Carina Press – 5 stars (Aunt Lynn)
Mistletoe at Midnight by LB Gregg, Carina Press – 5 stars (Jenre)
Nine Lights Over Edinburgh by Harper Fox, Carina Press – 5 stars (Wave)
Icecapade by Josh Lanyon, Carina Press – 5 stars (Tj)
Pioneers by Lynn Lorenz, Amber Allure – 4.75 stars (Feliz)z
Guarding The Vampire’s Ghost by Amy Lane, Dreamspinner Press – 4.75 stars (Feliz)
Not Knowing Jack by K.A. Mitchell, Samhain – 4.75 stars (Wave)
Where The Heart Is by Jenny Urban and Elizabeth Silver, Loose Id – 4.75 stars (Wave)
One Eyed Jacks by India Harper, Amber Allure – 4.75 stars (Val)
Xu by A.J. Llewellyn, Amber Allure – 4.75 stars (tj)
Grand Jete by Diana Copland, Silver Publishing – 4.5 stars (Feliz)
Caught by A.B. Gayle, Dreamspinner Press – 4.5 stars (Buda)
Idaho Battlegrounds by Sarah Black, Dreamspinner Press – 4.5 stars (Feliz)
Mongrel by K.Z. Snow, Dreamspinner Press – 4.5 stars (Jenre)
The Match Before Christmas by Eden Winters, Torquere Books – 4.5 stars (Cole)
The Santa Mug by Patric Michael, Dreamspinner Press – 4.5 stars (Wave)
Making His List by Devon Rhodes, Dreamspinner Press – 4.5 stars (Lily)
The Perils of Praline by Marshall Thornton, MLR Press – 4.5 stars (Jenre)
The Christmas Throwaway by R.J. Scott – Silver Publishing – 4.5 stars (Wave)
Shifting Sands anth. by Ally Blue, J.L. Langley, B. Bryce, Jet Mykles, W. Okati, K. Gardner- MLR Press – 4.5 stars (StaceyR)
Tough Guy by Bryl R. Tyne, Amber Allure – 4.5 stars ( Val)
Storm on the Mountain by P.D. Singer, Torquere Books – 4.5 stars (Jenre)
Shenandoah by Ally Blue, Samhain – 4.5 stars (Feliz)


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minne edwards

thank you for the list – i am glad to say that i have read a number of them already – really enjoyed them- and wasn’t sure of some of the others – the detailed reveiws are really useful – my tbr list is now very full!


Hi Minnie
Just take the books one at a time. 🙂 The key is to find a couple of reviewers whose tastes are similar to yours and try the books they recommend first, then move on to the other recs. Hope that helps.


Thanks Wave. I see four I’ve read and loved, four waiting in my TBR and a few I somehow missed – gotta fix that soon, lol.


Hi Teresa
I love to help readers spend their money, as I’m sure you know already. 🙂


Thanks for the list Wave!

Totally agree with Fish & Chips, Not Knowing Jack and Making His List cause they are the only ones I read on the list, lol.


Fish and Chips – what an incredible book. The others are pretty cool too. In addition to the books you mentioned I can personally recommend The Christmas Throwaway which is a really heartwarming story.


I’ve read 11 of these. *Sigh* So many books, so little time.


No worries Laura. The books will always be there – they can’t go anywhere. 🙂


Better late then never 🙂


Ingrid it’s a lot of work to do this post because I have to link all of the reviews. It takes me about 3 hours to find and tag all of the books, so don’t complain. 🙂 I still must do January (and I’m late for that one as well). By the time I finish January I’ll be late for February. lol.


But of course! So many books, so little time. My Nook floweth over. I am so glad of the reviews here. Before it was kinda like driving in the dark. (Not pretty, trust me).


I’ve only read eight of these. I need to get busy!


Hi Marilyn
It’s always better to read the actual reviews to determine which books suit your taste before you buy. Each reviewer likes different themes so please check before you buy. 🙂

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