The Last Supper

Title: The Last Supper
Author: Scarlet Blackwell
Cover Artist: N/A
Publisher: Samhain
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Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novella/66 PDF pages/no word count
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

This review contains what could be considered spoilers

 Summary Review: A fitting end to a wonderful series


Speak now, or forever lose your love…
Table for Two, Book 3

Luc Tessier finally has all the ingredients of a perfect future assembled. His beautiful English fiancé, Daniel, on his arm, five hundred wedding guests on the way, and the honeymoon suite reserved.

Now if only he can get Daniel to stop obsessing over last-minute details. So what if the date is set for Friday the thirteenth? After all they’ve been through to get to this point, what else is left to go wrong? Plenty, starting with Daniel’s sudden determination to “save” himself for marriage.

How does a healthy, hot-blooded Frenchman fend off a bachelor party stripper with one arm while trying to beckon his lover closer with the other—and not go insane?

Daniel wishes he had it as easy as Luc, who’s already finished preparing the extravagant menu. Between contending with a jealous best man, a spiteful mother-in-law, a bad haircut and Luc’s frustrated libido, Daniel’s ready to have a nervous breakdown of failed-pressure-cooker proportions.

Forget making it to the church on time. If they make it through the thirteenth without someone ending up face-first in the wedding cake, it’ll be a miracle…

Warning: Contains more food-related hotness, men in leather thongs and much more Luc and Daniel.


This is the third and final book in this series. In Book 1  Just Desserts  French Chef Luc Tessier and renowned English food critic Daniel Sheridan met and fell in love, against all odds. In Book 2 Second Helpings they decided to live together but Daniel is still not out. Then disaster strikes  – Daniel’s mother, the house guest from hell, decides to pay him a visit and stays for a week. At the end of the book Daniel is publicly outed and embarrassed. Luc proposes and is accepted by the love of his life, and everything is set for the wedding of the decade.

It’s now six months later, Daniel is no longer working as a food critic so he has a lot of time to spend planning the wedding, and the rights to photograph it have been sold to Hello magazine for a fortune. They still fought constantly, mostly about Luc’s sexual demands, but the make-up sex was wonderful. At last, the wedding plans that were going on for two  months were nearing an end, the final week had arrived and Daniel was going crazy with every little detail that had to be attended to, his ever present notebook in hand lest a single item should escape his OCD eyes. All Luc cared about was having sex with Daniel and making sure that the food for their 500 guests would be the best he had ever prepared. Daniel was having a meltdown trying to manage the preparations – the vast marquee, the stage for the numerous bands, the fairy lights, and on and on. With his responsibilitites for planning every. single. detail. of the wedding Daniel had very little time for Luc or sex, which didn’t make for cordial relations between them. Then he dropped a bomb on Luc – no sex until the wedding because he wanted their wedding night to be memorable, and he demanded that his fiancé move out of the apartment to remove temptation.

I think that this is the craziest of the three books, starting with Luc’s best man Augustin who hates Daniel. Luc had arranged for him to stay at the apartment and  the fun and games started when he arrived drunk and mistook the clothes closet for a urinal. This of course didn’t endear him to Daniel and the melee that followed ended with Augustin being turfed and shoved naked in the elevator – the consequences of which you will have to read for yourself. Not one to give up, the next day when he recovered Augustin showed up at the apartment to apologise to Daniel, presents in hand, but he also had another agenda which got him kicked out even faster.

There was one incident that I enjoyed immensely and that was Luc’s visit to his Beauty Therapist, Miss Fukuoka for essential maintenance, which apparently he did every two weeks much to Miss Fukuoka’s enjoyment. This was an unforgettable experience that alone was worth the price of the book. 🙂 Here’s part of the dialogue and prose :

“Nearly done,” Miss Fukuoka said in her Japanese-accented French. “What a hairy arse you’ve got this time, Luc. I’m surprised your boyfriend manages to find your hole at all.”
Luc glared over his shoulder. Miss Fukuoka smiled sweetly. She usually said things along these lines. She had no concept of polite conversation or causing offence and would issue random sexually-orientated comments at frequent intervals while she had her hands on Luc’s private parts.
“There.” Miss Fukuoka rubbed a soothing, wet cloth over Luc’s sore areas before rubbing in some cream. This was clearly her favourite part because she lingered on Luc’s anus, stroking with one gloved finger. Luc flinched, tensing.
“Shh, relax.” Miss Fukuoka pressed ever so slightly.
“Miss Fukuoka, are you trying to put your finger in my arse?” Luc couldn’t quite believe he was getting sexually assaulted by his beauty therapist.
“No, Luc, it’s just that you’re so well-used that your arse is trying to swallow my finger,” Miss Fukuoka shot back smartly.

The dialogue between Luc and Daniel was at times just as funny as in Second Helpings which I think is the best of the three books. Here’s a taste

“I don’t give a shit about your weird English customs. I don’t give a shit about flowers and serviettes and Friday the thirteenth. What I give a shit about is not getting laid for the next week.”
Daniel turned around, glaring. “Always about that with you, isn’t it? Sometimes I think I’m just a hole for you to stick your insatiable French dick in.”
“Two,” Luc corrected him.
“You have two holes I can stick my dick in. One sharper than the other.”
“Fuck off.”
“Your language doesn’t improve with time. When you’re my husband, I’ll be washing your mouth out.”
“With your spunk, presumably,” Daniel growled.
“How did you guess?”
“Why don’t you go and sauté your balls in garlic, Luc? I have more pressing things to take care of.”

The arguments continued throughout the book, sometimes good naturedly, but at others with a bite as Daniel was having a nervous breakdown. It was obvious that Luc adored him and he was tender and loving, but dealing with Daniel was definitely challenging.
The Last Supper had many “moments,” and topping everything was the wedding which is an experience you will never forget. They say that weddings bring families together but The Last Supper proved that one should keep members of the family as far away from each other as possible, unless decorum is not a concern. Since this is the third book there was really very little character growth except for Luc who, while he was just as imperious, demanding and inconsiderate, showed a caring and protective side towards Daniel who would try the patience of a saint. As for our man Daniel, I was pleased to see him demonstrate some spunk and grow a pair of balls when dealing with Luc’s sleazy, double dealing best friend Augustin who got what was coming to him. In the end Luc got his man and Daniel was well and truly satisfied.

The writing was just as good as in the previous books and the story was enjoyable but I had a couple of niggles, starting with the wedding which I thought was WAY over the top, almost in the stratosphere. A bit of restraint might have been in order. I also felt that the pacing towards the end was frenetic and it might have been just as effective with a bit of a break between the “action” sequences. 🙂 Last, the blurb gave away too much of the story, in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a fun series this one is a can’t miss. The Last Supper is not a standalone book and is best enjoyed as part of the series.

Definitely recommended.



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  • I love this Series – it’s verrrry funny 🙂
    This book (and second book) made me laugh so hard. I laughed at some parts of it so hard my husband thought I was crazy 😀 Thanks Wave !

    • Hi Bogusia
      I might have mentioned before that this is one of the funniest, if not THE funniest series, that I have read to date. The author has a great sense of humour and she created some wonderful characters. I’m really sorry to see it end. 🙁

  • I have read the whole series. Last Supper is indeed a befitting ending to this series. I cant help laughing at the antics happen upto the wedding day.

    • Hi Monica

      Thanks for dropping by.

      This is definitely one of the funniest series I have read and I’m still laughing about some of the antics of the characters. I have to admire Scarlet Blackwell for some of the scenarios she dreamed up.

  • I have not read this series, thinking it would be more “silly” than funny, but after reading Waves’s review, I think I need to get all three books.

    I totally love the cover!!! How cute is that little car with the balloons and tophats? 🙂

    • Hope
      You will be hooked from the first book, I promise. This is a wonderful series and if you read the other reviews which I have linked, you’ll unbderstand why we can’t get enough of Luc and Daniel.

  • I loved books one and two, so I am very much looking forward to the insanity that seems to be book three. Thanks for the review, Wave.

  • Loved the story and the review, you touch on what made this such a fun read Wave, I still adore Luc (and Daniel) and loved all the mishaps both before & during the wedding. This is one of the few stories I’ve read lately that had me laughing out loud.

    I hope Scarlet reconsiders and gives us another story and another chance to spend more time with Luc and Daniel.

    • Hi rdafan7

      Two episodes stand out for me (in addition to the wedding) – Ms Fukuoka, and Augustin peeing on Daniel’s clothes and shoes. That was inspired!

      If there is another story it might be Daniel and Luc as parents, but somehow I just can’t see it. 🙂

  • This series of books was so much fun! I grumbled a little over Daniel not working anymore, didn’t really like the idea of him as a kept man.

    The wedding sure was all kind of OTT. And his family sending him funeral flowers for his wedding day? *shakes head*

    Did we ever find out what was in Daniels dads bag?

    • Hi Saga

      Maybe Daniel was still too embarrassed to work because he had been outed? 🙂

      That wedding will go down in history – I don’t think that there was anything left out of making it the most memorable wedding of the decade.

      No, there was no information about the contents of Daniel’s dad’s bag. Maybe it was a sandwich? 🙂 I think it was a good move by the author to keep that a secret and have the fans guessing for years to come.

    • I liked Luc taking care of Daniel…it was so funny with the scene where Daniel lets Luc know he is taking his credit card and going to spend ALOT of $$$$ 🙂

  • just loved this series – it was so very,very fun! good review – these bunnies are addictive aren’t they? 😆

    • Hi Minnie
      This definitely was a fun series and the wedding was over the top in spades.

      You should let Christian know how much you’re enjoying his bunnies. LOL.


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