It Gets Better…Again!

In lieu of a review this week…a fun post and commentary by guest reviewer Leslie

Perhaps you were watching Glee the other night and saw an ad that featured videos from the It Gets Better Project. Perhaps you even thought it was an ad for It Gets Better. Actually, it was an ad for the Google Chrome browser. Don’t feel bad if you were confused—it seems that many people are missing the point of the ad campaign, at least according to the New York Times. Even if it’s not completely successful at this moment, I still think it’s a terrific ad. If I wasn’t already a Google Chrome user, you can be sure that I would be downloading the browser today!

According to Brian Pines at the It Gets Better Project:

Google Chrome has created a series of videos to show how other real people like you are using the web to accomplish amazing things—big, small, fun, and serious. The videos in this campaign all demonstrate how the web is an amazing platform for creating and collaborating.

I am such a softie—watching the ad online (I missed Glee) got me all teared up and crying—at 7 am! But seeing the numbers mount…starting with one video made by Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller and now over 1 million! And comments from people, “Thanks, Dan. Your video saved my life.” Who wouldn’t cry?

I have been interested in this project since Dan Savage first announced it back in September. Wave has also done a great job promoting it, with this post and her ongoing support. In March, I reviewed the It Gets Better book—essays taken from the videos and compiled together in one volume. I gave the book five stars but really, it should be on everybody’s essential reading list. If you haven’t bought your copy yet, what are you waiting for? And more importantly, gift it to someone else or your local library. The project is making a difference in the lives of LGBT youth—and their friends and others. Here are a smattering of comments about the TV ad:

This commercial is why I am on the site now! Great exposure!

I love this project, it’s really incredible and makes me proud to be who I am. Thank you so much for starting this! You are amazing.

You guys are amazing for starting this project. Keep up the good work! Thanks Google for getting the word out. 🙂

And one of my favorites, for last:

Well, whoever executed this ad better sell mops to viewers, because I was seriously crying oceans and rivers. I’m sorry Glee, but after that ad I was so shaken and moved I couldn’t even pretend to be watching New Directions tackle Fleetwood Mac.

Here’s a link to the ad. After watching it, please consider the following: 1) download Google Chrome as your browser, if you haven’t done so already; 2) drop by the It Gets Better site and take the pledge; 3) make a donation (hey, you’ll get a t-shirt! I have one); 4) Buy Linkbuy the book and share it with a friend. You’ll feel better and guess what? It does get better. Really.

It Gets Better Google Chrome Ad



  • OMG, that video was amazing. I found the original project so inspiring, I watched a ton of the videos online. I am glad to see it being recognized again.

  • I can’t bear to watch it. A friend’s teenager killed himself just last weekend. What are we doing to our children that so many of them think this is the only way out?

    • Oh, kiracee, I’m so sorry to hear this. Here’s a hug: {{{kiracee}}}.

      Youth suicide–for all kids, not just LGBT youth–is a terrible problem. It is something that I have been interested in and involved with (professionally–I’m a nurse) for many years. We have a long way to go to solve the problem. But I believe that shining a light on the issue and making people aware of it–and letting young people know there are resources for help if they want/need it–is a tremendous step in the right direction. So we are making progress and the IGBP is evidence of that.

      Even so, I am tremendously sorry to hear about your friend’s child and send my very deepest condolences.


      • Thank you. I think the IGBP was a fabulous idea and I believe it will continue to save lives. I am overjoyed for every kid who finds hope and comfort in those videos, but, especially right now, I can’t help grieving bitterly for all the ones it’s too late to help.

  • Leslie, thank you for sharing this. I hadn’t seen it (I don’t watch television aside from the occasional hockey game). Can we just say tears? It’s going to send me back to the IGBP site to watch more amazing, tear-generating videos.

    • Thanks for your comment, Buda. Yes, the videos are great but like you, I can only watch so many before I’m a blubbering mess. Even the book does the same to me…



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