Jordan Castillo Price PsyCop Flash Fic. Contest

Jordan and I had a couple of discussions about a contest to get your brains in gear (and hers too) 🙂 and she came up with this suggestion:

She’s looking for a reader who has the best PsyCop flash fic idea and she will pick  her favorite and post a flash fic.  She wants you to work for it, but she swears it’ll be worth it! 🙂

Your job: give her your flash fic idea in a single sentence of 20 words or less that must include either a color, an odor, or an object smaller than a breadbox. 

Her job: She’ll pick her favorite and write a PsyCop flash fic from it!

I think this is a wonderful idea and both Jordan and I are looking forward to your exciting suggestions!

You have until May 26 to leave your comments on this post.

PsyCop Series


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  • Wow, great job, guys! I’ve picked a favorite, and now I just need to write it. A few of the criteria I used in selecting my fave:

    1. followed the rules of 1 sentence, 20 words. I think everyone got the color, smell or object part.

    2. was plausible within the storyverse but would not affect the series if it wasn’t read. That took a few really great prompts out of the running. Jacob’s birthday hasn’t happened yet and will probably receive mention that affects the rest of the series once it does; Vic doesn’t typically fly so they wouldn’t do a quick weekend in Vegas.

    3. was the right size of a concept for a flash fic. Bigger ideas would turn into a cheap twist at 500-1000 words, which I think would be unsatisfying.

    Leslie’s idea of turning a line she wanted expounded upon into a line of dialog struck me as particularly inventive. Or maybe that’s just my ego talking 😛

    I will be back with a ficcie for you in a few days, and you’ll see which idea struck my fancy! Thanks for playing, everyone!

    • Hey Jordan
      Thank you for allowing the site to run your contest. I think everyone had fun coming up with ideas and I look forward to reading your flash fic. 🙂

  • would love to see Vic & Jacob on a “fish out of water vacation for Vic”, maybe a fishing/camping trip, & Vic finds a ring?/small object in the water, the important thing is a happy/content Vic…


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