Celtic Warrior and Wolf Spirit

Title: Celtic Warrior and Wolf Spirit  (Sequel to Psychic Moon)
Author: M. D. Grimm
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Link: n/a
Genre: Contemporary M/M Paranormal
Length: 39 pages
Rating: 3 out of 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review:  A Christmas sequel with very little extra added value. 

Blurb: Derek and Brian are celebrating their first Christmas together, and Brian is determined to show Derek a Christmas like those he shared with his family back east. A wolf shifter, Derek has never celebrated a traditional Christmas before; his pack usually shifts on Yule and hunts. But Brian’s holiday plans—and his future with Derek—are threatened by the unexpected appearance of Brian’s abusive ex-boyfriend, who refuses to let Brian go.


This holiday story revisits the characters from Psychic Moon as they enjoy their first Christmas in the home they and all their animals now share. The unwelcome appearance of Brian’s abusive and criminal ex boyfriend Kyle is the plot device which reveals the state of play in their relationship.

In the previous book the background for getting the guys together was the the development of their professional lives; the details of working with animals in the pet rescue centre.This was further complicated by the guys special circumstances- Derek as werewolf and Brian with his psychic links to animal minds. All fairly enjoyable stuff.

However in this sequel the qualities I’d liked most from the previous book were more or less abandoned in favour of concentrating on the relationship between them now but within a Christmas background. ( I confess that I did like the brief and cute scene with all the animals lusting after foodscraps.) Moreover the elements I regarded as least successful in the first book; fairly typical personality traits and heavy handed sex were magnified here because of the stories length.

I found that both Brian and Derek had moved ever closer to the stereotypes of alpha wolf and mate. Brian’s psychic link with animals has some affect on Derek’s wolf side which allows him to help Derek with his temper control.The coarse physicality of Derek’s animal magnetism is only surpassed by the obvious crudeness of Kyle as the bad guy. He is so horrid, racist, violent and stupid that it becomes almost impossible to understand how, intelligent, caring, Brian could have had any relationship with him ever.

For me this was a lose – lose situation; a development of the elements in previous novella I found least appealing and a sentimental Christmas setting. The storie’s connection to the title was also quite a contrived imaginative stretch. However If you previously enjoyed Psychic Moon this will be a reassurance that Brian and Derek are doing great and coping with any threats to their partnership, and as such it could be a win for you.

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