Why Are GBLTQ Writers Paying RWA to Discriminate Against Them?

The most recent and egregious example of discrimination by Romance Writers of America (RWA) against its members was last week when the Oklahoma Chapter declared that GBLTQ entries weren’t welcome, with this brief statement:

MTM will no longer accept same-sex entries in any category.

More Than Magic is a contest hosted by Romance Writers Ink Chapter of RWA.

So a chapter of RWA is allowed to blatantly discriminate against other members without RWA sanctioning them? And the GBLTQ members are paying a hefty annual fee to be treated like third class citizens? What a kick in the balls. I guess their money is good enough for RWA but not their credentials as authors.

This is not the first time that RWA and its affiliates have discriminated against GBLTQ authors. In many competitions GBLTQ entries are given short shrift because RWA “couldn’t find judges to read the entries” What a load of crap! They have a chapter strictly for GBLTQ authors that they could have asked to provide judges, but that would have been too easy and too fair since more entries of GBLTQ books would give the other romance books a run for their money and allow GBLTQ books the opportunity of actually winning some of these competitions that are rigged against them. Last year an M/M book won one of their competitions and RWA immediately implemented it’s NO GAYS rule. This means that any chapter of RWA can discriminate against GBLTQ entries in their competitions by the stroke of a pen.

Is the doubtful “prestige” of belonging to such a discriminatory organization worth the embarrassment of constantly having them spit in GBLTQ authors’ faces? I never understood this desire to be members of an organization with the values that RWA hold dear. It took years before they would accept GBLTQ members and allowed them to set up their own chapter. Heidi Cullinan, president of the Rainbow Romance Writers, wrote a moving piece a couple of days ago decrying the treatment of the chapter’s members, but clearly RWA doesn’t give a damn. All they want are those annual dues and they can’t be bothered by something like the ethical treatment of all their members, not just the ones who write het romance. Why should they care? Clearly Rainbow Romance Writers’ members will continue to fatten RWA’s coffers as they don’t seem to mind the put downs that are constantly meted out by the parent organization.

I could never understand why it’s so important for GBLTQ writers to belong to RWA which treats them so badly. Belonging to the club with the cool kids seems to be a high price to pay in terms of maintaining your self respect. I’m not an author but business organizations should, above all, be professional and ethical, with the same rules for everyone. RWA is not a philanthropic organization – it’s a business, but the board members make their own rules and no one can challenge or question them because they are answerable only to their own hierarchy.

Many authors have commented on Heidi’s post protesting the treatment of GBLTQ authors, but how many of them will revoke their membership and demand their money back? I believe in putting your money where your mouth is and if enough GBLTQ authors resign from RWA and take their money I’ll bet they will change their tune. There is no incentive for RWA to change its policies while GBLTQ writers continue to pay full freight for fringe status. If an organization is not FOR you it’s AGAINST you. Isn’t it time for GBLTQ authors to cease being a sub genre of romance and be their own genre? This latest slap in the face highlights the problem of belonging to an organization with archaic rules and officials – RWA seems to be run by a bunch of women whose sole aim is to maintain the status quo of what “romance” was decades ago and negate anything that smacks of progress and innovation. News flash! The world has changed while they were reading bodice rippers.

One member of RRW who wrote RWA protesting the decision by More Than Magic was told that “some members of the chapter felt ‘uncomfortable’ with same-sex entries.” Lee Brazil, one of the authors who commented on Heidi’s post stated:

“If the judges are uncomfortable reading the entries, then reach out and find judges who aren’t. I mean, what else aren’t they comfortable with? Interracial couples? Oral sex? If you can’t distance yourself and your personal preferences from the equation, you have no business being a judge. Judging is supposed to be impartial, isn’t it?”

Heidi’s post says about RWA, and I quote:

“I think they don’t think for one second saying “no gays” is the same as hanging “whites only” over a toilet.”

I think it’s the same thing.

Heidi is appealing to authors and readers of GBLTQ books to write RWA to protest their decision. Well I’m not going to because I have absolutely no respect for any organization that discriminates against its members. I know what discrimination is like. It’s ugly, it’s bigotry and keeps people in the ghetto. If you would like to join the protest here’s a link to Heidi’s post. There are many eloquent comments on the post in support of GBLTQ writers and I hope that RWA Board members read some of them so that they can understand what a slap in the face their NO GAYS policy is, as well as their support of the Romance Writers Ink Chapter.


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Thanks for commenting everyone. It is my understanding that Heidi is working on a number of programs for RRW members (in addition to those that currently exist). Let’s hope that the reaction from readers and authors (GBLTQ and straight) will make RWA Board change their policies that allow chapters to discriminate. RWA National has a board meeting in March and I know that the authors are looking forward to any new policies that will clarify their position.

Lee Rowan

Things will change when enough of their mainstream members threaten to take their wallets and walk — not before. And maybe not even then.

Sue Brown

At the end of a reasoned blog from someone who reviews ebooks, the first comment was that the outcry was INTIMIDATION and BULLYING (her capitals). Normally, I wouldn’t say anything, but I did point out how completely ironic that statement was.


Hi Sue

It is amazing how bullies can’t see their own shadows. Many people feel, like this person does, that GBLTQ authors and people who support anyone who is not straight should just shut up and go away.


I got this via Taylor Donovan’s FB. Apparently, the brouhaha has made New York Daily News blog: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/pageviews/2012/02/romance-writers-ink-decides-no-same-sex-romances-for-its-more-than-magic-contest .

Jadette Paige
Amber Green told me about this right after Heidi’s post went live. Years ago, I joined RWA. For one year only, that was all it took. Really less than one year. I had heard that they were so helpful and useful to romance authors. Sure they have some wonderful people there but not being close to a local chapter it was useless for me. The few conferences I did attend were full of NY authors looking down on little old me. Nope, didn’t like that. I am an author. No one will take that away from me. I also write… Read more »

Hi Jadette

I hope they are ashamed of themselves but I don’t count on it.

I think you’re right. They don’t seem to be at all concerned, going by their latest press release which basically maintains the status quo that they believe it’s okay to discriminate.

Jadette Paige

Right. I really didn’t expect anything different from them. It’s discouraging and depressing. This group was founded on the principle to help romance authors and look what it’s come to. Really pitiful if you think about it :againstit: .


I saw this on Goodreads and immediately signed the petition yesterday. Plus wrote an e-mail asking what other exclusions they had mandated and that it made their chapter less inviting, credible, and basically “incomplete”.

It’s too bad the RWI volunteer, Jackie, received person ridicule/abuse in e-mails sent to her (if that’s true-call me a cynic). 😕

Lee Rowan

“Abuse” to a bigot means pointing out the bigotry.

If their “clarification” — we don’t condone it but we will not interfere — had been posted in reference to racial discrimination, or banning inspirational romances .. no one would be satisfied with such a wishy-washy evasion.

The more I hear from conciliatory RWA members, the more I think “Stockholm Syndrome.”

:my2cents: I would not want any LGTQB (what ever order you like) person to pay dues and be subjected to this. This is the time for Het allies to step-up, stay in the game, and fight the battle. Someone needs to pressure a RWA vote. The LGBQT community fights every day. I think this fight needs to be fought by the Allied Campaigne. So I hope some people pay their dues inorder to retain battle positions. Every battle by a minority pop has needed back-up from the ranks in the majority position. Let’s not have eveeryone abandon this field. This… Read more »

Heidi is working very hard to keep the chapter going but this latest blow from within RWA makes it extremely difficult to maintain its credibility.

I believe that professional organizations are essential to the education and growth of their members. I belong to a few of them. However it’s hard to keep your head up in a shit storm like the latest from RWA.

Lou Harper

I’ve been following this debacle from the beginning, and it’s been a big eye-opener. I was debating joining RWA just before–the July conference is practically in my backyard. However, after learning about RWA’s general attitudes, and ass-backwards ways, I’ll pass.

Like LC, Lou I had my membership application printed and ready to go. I had even contacted my local RWA chapter to see about their stance on ebooks and LGBT. (I have a friend in Toronto who loves her chapter which is why I was considering joining). Now, I am going to wait until the March national meeting and see what the board says about this mess. Maybe you’ll do the same? If the national board doesn’t address this matter…then I won’t be joining as Wave said why join an organization that treats us as third class citizens. Maybe I… Read more »

I have a friend in Toronto who loves her chapter which is why I was considering joining.

Your friend probably loves the Toronto Chapter because the philosophy here and the membership are quite different from a chapter that’s say, in Oklahoma or somewhere similar.

I really hope that RWA changes the way it does business. Members have to remember that this is a business not a philanthropic organization.

I hope come March something changes. BTW, Wave, the RWA issued a press release on their web site, quoting here: RWA Clarifies Its Position Regarding Chapter Contests “RWA members are served by 145 local and special interest chapters, and those chapters are individually incorporated and governed. So long as chapters fulfill their obligations under state law, as well as RWA and chapter bylaws, and their programs and services support the professional interests of career focused romance writers, policy affords them rather broad latitude in determining which programs and services to offer. Absent policy governing chapter-level contests, RWA’s board cannot intervene… Read more »

Thanks a lot Lasha for all the work you have put into this especially your investigative skills. 🙂 Maybe you should have written the post. 😆

I had seen posts about this all over FB and LJ, but until I knew the full story I didn’t want to make a statement – that’s the ex-cop in me waiting until all the evidence is gathered before going after someone. :bandit: Your post motivated me to do something. So, thank you. The saving web pages? That’s an old Fandom_Wank trick. As I tell my college-aged nieces and nephews, do not post anything on the Internet that in 20 years you’d be ashamed of seeing pop up again. 😉 But seriously, I am still just astounded that people in… Read more »

I don’t know if you saw this.


Apparently the infamy of RWI has reached New York.

BTW there might be some good news coming out of RRW soon. Stay tuned.


Hi Lou

Maybe they will institute meaningful change due to all the bad press RWI is receiving arising from this incident. This could all have been avoided if their policies didn’t permit what happened with RWI. Perhaps if they hadn’t just thrown their hands in the air and indicated that there was nothing they could do, rather than reining in RWI, this could all have been avoided.

Lou Harper

This could’ve been avoided if just one person in charge had some common sense. The fact that none of them expected the backlash reflects badly on the leadership. They’re clearly out of touch. I wonder if RWI decided they were uncomfortable with interracial couples (as I’m sure many of them are), RWA national would have gone along with that too. RWA needs to shake up and step into the 21st century, or wither up and die.

I wonder if RWI decided they were uncomfortable with interracial couples (as I’m sure many of them are), RWA national would have gone along with that too. Here’s what Brockmann said about that: But you know what? If that line from the MTM entry rule pages read: “MTM will no longer accept inter-racial entries in any category,” you better believe RWA National would be on top of that faster than you can say “Sam and Alyssa.” Maybe RWA does choose its poison. They probably felt that the GBLTQ lobby was not as strong as if they had played the race… Read more »
Hi Wave I am so pleased you have written this post. I became aware of the situation when I read about it on Katey Hawthorne’s blog and then read Heidi Cullinnan’s moving and bone weary take on it. I had the same day been moved to tears by a Rolling Stone article about gay teen suicides. How is it possible that people who are involved with using their imaginations to create books have such little empathy as this……it all starts with discrimination and exclusion. I’ve emailed RWA with my opinions, but as a Brit and just a reader of books… Read more »
Hi Raine How is it possible that people who are involved with using their imaginations to create books have such little empathy as this……it all starts with discrimination and exclusion. You know, I really wonder about that. In such a creative industry as writing we have the old guard who want to maintain the status quo. Kind of reminds me somewhat of the way things were in the US in the fifties and it took legislation and people who stood up and demanded to be counted in order to implement meaningful change. Of course this situation is not the same… Read more »
Lee Rowan
I may get flak for this, but .. a lot of readers of conventional romance do not welcome any creativity that challenges their preconceptions. As my wife says, they want “The Two Bears” story over and over. Look at the number of m/m readers who refuse to read a story where a woman is involved in any way with one of the heroes. Look at the number of m/f readers who reject any story in which the heroine gets involved with anyone but her One True Love after the twain have met. I’ve said it before, but all stories started… Read more »
Lee Romance readers like stories that follow a specific story arc. However, this issue is not about what readers like to read/buy. On this site we review M/M books ranging from horror to biographies, contemporary to fantasy/paranormal, and even a few historicals, whether they are traditional romances according to RWA (read: no HEA/HFN). So there’s a range of available books. We review books with cheaters,(many of my favourite reads are about cheaters which says a lot about my reading habits) 🙂 M/M/M menages, BDSM, twincest, devils/angels, sci fi, military books, murder/mystery etc. and I keep asking writers to expand their… Read more »
Missy Welsh
I find I’m really bothered by this call to cease membership or never join RWA as a way to combat this situation. RWA is a powerful voice in romance that has fought for its members on many occasions in areas like contracts and standards. The only reason they do fight, though, is because their paying members demand it of them. They’re required to be our voice because we pay them and they will listen to us because they must. In fact, they have responded to several people’s messages and, though the response has been to say they have no policy… Read more »
Hi Missy There is no incentive for RWA to change its policies while GBLTQ writers continue to pay full freight for fringe status. If an organization is not FOR you it’s AGAINST you. I stand by what I said in my post. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter how you cut it. You said: They’re an organization run by volunteers and a small staff; in my experience with such slow-moving creatures, that they’re thinking and planning already is progress. Perhaps it’s a mind set. You can’t change the way people think without something like a tsunami. Maybe the staff are mired… Read more »
Ally Blue

In a large, entrenched organization like RWA, nothing changes unless you MAKE it change, and that can only be done by pushing from the inside. The old guard can’t ignore us when we’re standing in the middle of their living room waving our big ol’ rainbow flag and chanting 😎

Ally The old guard can’t ignore us when we’re standing in the middle of their living room waving our big ol’ rainbow flag and chanting I have this picture of you holding the flag and chanting. I needed a laugh Ally and you just gave it to me. You made some excellent points and I think change is possible both from within or outside an organization. I hope that the RWA meeting in March resolves some of these issues but I’m not holding my breath. Here’s part of their press release: So long as chapters fulfill their obligations under state… Read more »
Ally Blue

I’m part time now. Woooo, finally!!! I spent half the day with my girl-child and the rest of it driving home. LOL. Am now vegging for a bit before I get busy on the WIP again!

Lee Rowan
I hope you are successful. But I look at the effect of a similar strategy followed by writers of erotic romance — who have been doing this for about a decade now — and it appears to me that they are still in the ghetto. We each follow our own conscience on an issue like this. I want to see change in my lifetime — and I think RWA, by turning away not only from GLBT issues, but by pretending that alternative publishing methods are not legitimate, is dooming itself. Adaptation is the key to survival and they do not… Read more »
Bren Christopher
Very well said, Missy. I am a proud member of the Romance writers chapter. I don’t post a lot, but I read everything. I’m not much of an activist. I write m/m romance because it’s freakin’ hot and I love it. Of course I believe that love is love and there’s not enough of it in the world, and my money and my vote goes to any cause that supports gay marriage and the fair treatment of all people. Having said that, I have been inspired by all this to go ahead and get my PAN (published author) status with… Read more »
London Burden, Coordinator

It’s been very heartening to see so many people take this situation seriously, rather than brushing it off like it’s not a big deal. Thank you so much for posting about it! <3


Hi London

It was my pleasure to use this site to highlight what I thought was a horrible example of blatant discrimination. But make no mistake, this issue will continue because I’m sure that RWA and some of its chapters are not happy and they will come out very soon to show their true colours.

Adrienne Wilder
Sad, very sad. I have had reservations about joining the RWA and I am glad I listened to my instincts. I was just about to talk myself into it when I read this on face book. I am abhorred and saddened and yet at the same time not surprised having experienced this bigotry first hand with a transgender YA I am marketing to agents. As much as I would like to see the RWA fall on its knees and apologize, I am with others here who voice the opinion that they never will. I think the best thing that can… Read more »
Lee Rowan
Oh, there are GLBT writers groups – but they tend to sneer at genre writing. I don’t want to see yet another ghetto. The issue here is whether same-sex love is “real” romance. The RNA in the UK — Romance Novelists Assn. and the Aussie romance writers groups do not discriminate. I’d love to see RNA start a North American chapter. (If RWA can overcharge Canadian writers to join, maybe a Canadian-based group could open its doors to Americans. Alex Beecroft has offered to ask her local chapter head about the possibility. I’m not an “organization” type person — writing… Read more »
Hi Adrienne I am abhorred and saddened and yet at the same time not surprised having experienced this bigotry first hand with a transgender YA I am marketing to agents. First, you might consider taking your trans* book to Riptide which has a few transgender releases. I think the best thing that can happen, if it’s not already happened, is for a GLBT equivalent group to form, not associated with the RWA. I thought of that too but the entity would need a fair amount of start-up capital and dedicated staff to handle all of the technology, financial and marketing… Read more »
if enough GBLTQ authors resign from RWA and take their money I’ll bet they will change their tune Honestly? I doubt it. I’d be willing to bet cookies — lots of them, chocolate ones — that if every GLBT author and every author of GLBT romances quit RWA tomorrow, the bigots who make these decisions would heave a huge sigh of relief, say, “Thank goodness that’s over with!” and go on about their business. They’re a big organization, the biggest professional writers’ organization IIRC, and they pull in plenty of money. They did fine before there was any significant GLBT… Read more »
Hi Angie Thank you for your very indepth analysis. I can’t even attempt to respond to all of the excellent points you made. 🙂 The most important issue you highlighted, the RITAs, which I was vaguely aware of, 😆 (kidding!!!) will be the tipping point in terms of how RWA conducts itself in future. If, as you say, digital GBLTQ books start to win and keep on doing so, and they are fine with that and supportive then maybe that would be the time for GBLTQ writers to consider joining RWA in droves. I did know that RWA has deep… Read more »
Jules Jones
I note with interest that the first pro-RWA comment on Brockmann’s post is from someone whining about where were the LGBT authors when RWA was discriminating against epubbed. As Ally Blue then pointed out, we *were* the epubbed authors, and one of the reasons for the discrimination against epubbed authors was that it was an easy way to keep out the m/m books. And further back, to keep out a lot of the erotic romance. Back in 2005, when pro-published m/m romance was still just breaking out into mainstream awareness, I stumbled across the then-current RWA “we’re not discriminating against… Read more »
Hi Jules I note with interest that the first pro-RWA comment on Brockmann’s post is from someone whining about where were the LGBT authors when RWA was discriminating against epubbed. There will always be people who will seize any issue for their own personal soapbox. I think Brockmann is a terrific advocate for GBLTQ issues since her son came out. No doubt her voice, among others, put a lot of pressure on RWA which I’m sure they in turn wielded on Romance Writers Ink. RWI probably didn’t go down without a fight but they saw the writing on the wall… Read more »
Ryan Field

I posted about this yesterday and basically said the same things you did. I’ve never been a member of RWA, because of things I’d heard that left me cautious about them. I’ve experienced a great deal of discrimination in the twenty years I’ve been writing gay fiction, so I have pretty thick skin. But this time it stung harder than other times.


Hi Ryan

I know that many authors posted about this latest example of discrimination from one of RWAs chapters, but I couldn’t sit back and NOT say anything.

Discrimination is discrimination.

RWA needs to support all its members who write romance, not just the het authors.

They cancelled the contest: “After much consideration, RWI regretfully announces the MTM Published Author Contest has been cancelled. All monies received from entrants will be returned as soon as possible. We have heard and understood the issues raised, and will take those concerns into consideration should the chapter elect to hold contests in the future. Please note: our contest coordinator, Jackie, is a chapter member who graciously volunteered to collect entries and sort by category. It is unfortunate that she has become the object of personal ridicule and abuse. We recognize the decision to disallow same-sex entries is highly charged.… Read more »

“We do not condone discrimination against individuals of any sort.”

That is SO good to know. They don’t condone discrimination, my ass.

The only reason they cancelled the contest was because writers were being urged to withdraw from the contest, and they were becoming a lightning rod for discrimination.

Lee Rowan

And they say it with a straight face. Pun intended. 😛

Ally Blue
Wave, thanks for helping spread the word. Right now I’m still very angry, I’m hurt on behalf of all my author friends who are gay, lesbian, bi or trans, and I haven’t settled down enough to post anything calm and coherent of my own, never mind email the RWA board. I won’t do that until I can be my professional best and I’m nowhere near that right now. Here’s how I see the whole mess, FWIW. To my mind, RWI has no excuse good enough. By now everyone knows lack of judges wasn’t a problem, so nothing they can say… Read more »
Hi Ally Thank you for commenting. I know you’re very tired but this issue is obviously very important. RWA could have stopped this at the pass by not allowing one of its chapters to blatantly discriminate against another chapter. Was that so difficult? Now the whole “plausible deniability” they are so good at comes into play. I read Suzanne Brockmann’s post and it was inspired. Now RWA has to do something because she is too popular for them to brush her off with their usual excuses. Right now RWA is busy pulling their membership lists from their websites so that… Read more »
Ally Blue
Yeah, the whole thing made me sick. It wasn’t really directed at the authors, but basically comments more or less defending RWI’s right to exclude GLBT main characters, and totally not understanding how that’s different than excluding a particular genre such as paranormal or inspirational. One authro also brought up the dreaded “what, I don’t understand, why can’t THOSE AUTHORS just write books that fit the criteria and enter THEM in the contest, derp derp derp???” That’s not an exact quote, but nevertheless a fairly accurate interpretation, I think. Blargh. Luckily the mods jumped all over it when things started… Read more »

So now they want THOSE AUTHORS to change what they write so that their books would qualify for the competitions? Why don’t they just TELL them what to write. That’s an idea. 🙁

They are cowards for removing their membership lists. However a few savvy readers already copied their lists so we know who they are.

Did RWI really think they would get away with what they did? Oh maybe the did. I wonder why?

Ally Blue

Yeah, that one really just dropped my jaw. OTOH I will say that the majority of authors who spoke up on the PAN list spoke up in support of GLBT authors and the authors of GLBT books. Those who defended RWI’s right to be bigots were in the definite minority. I will also say that no one on either side went in for out and out flaming.

Lee Rowan

When you’re GLBTQ it is always personal. “Some of my best friends are (fill in minority of your choice) but they just don’t unnerstand they have to be satisfied with what we feel like giving them.” And a lot of them really don’t get that they’re talking about people who are sitting right beside them.


What amazes me is that authors can discriminate against their fellow authors and think that’s okay. I wonder which other groups they discriminate against? It’s a “creeping” disease.

Am I the only one who finds the tag line on that website that LC posted a bit … exclusionary. “Smart women read romance, we write it”. http://romancewritersink.wordpress.com I know that women are probably 95% of the romance reading community, but smart men do read it, even het stuff. 🙂 And it kind of insinuates that women are also writing it, which is true, but there are men as well, especially in m/m. I guess it just hit me right between the eyes that they would say, our target is women, we are women, our site is hot pink. Thus… Read more »

Romance Writers Ink (RWI) is the group that caused the latest blow up by saying no gay books will be allowed in their competition.

Of course they are exclusionary!!! No men allowed.

Romance Writers of America (RWA)
http://www.rwa.org/ is the big poobah for romance writers. They set the rules about what romance is and is not.

Lee Rowan

Well… they want to believe they set the rules. You’d be surprised how many people never even heard of them. :reading2:


Went and signed the petition–one word for it all–despicable–and assholes–okay two words–so sue me!! Oh maybe that was what the Okies chapter had in mind. eh??


Thanks Sammy. Lets hope that the deluge they brought on their own heads will make them change their policy.

Ethan Day
This is the main reason I wanted to help with GayRomLit. I have no desire to hand over any of my money to any group or organization that has zero intention of doing anything to promote either my work or at the very least, the genre in which I write. I stopped begging to be loved and accepted by ignorant assholes well over twenty years ago. Let alone paying them to abuse me. I get that some authors write both Het and M/M, so I see why those individuals might stick it out. For me though, the only way any… Read more »
L.C. Chase
I’m of two minds right now. I had printed out the RWA form to join last week — before this BS. From Canada its $130 to join RWA and then an additional fee to join the various chapters. On the one hand I agree completely. Why the hell should I support an organization that won’t support me? So I tore up my registration form and threw it out. Though now I’m liking the idea of sending the registration form, sans cheque, with a note stating that my $130 went to a supportive organization like It Gets Better (which it will… Read more »

Thanks for the link to Suzanne’s post. It was inspired. I wonder how RWA will respond. I recently reviewed her latest – When Tony Met Adam which is M/M.

Obviously it’s your decision about whether to join RRW but I would wait until RWA changes its discriminatory NO GAYS policy.

You have to pay $130 to join because you’re from Canada plus you have to pay to join individual chapters? WOW Hope it’s worth it.

L.C. Chase

Yeah, its a bit hefty a fee to join, which is why I’ve been on the fence so long. I do think I’ll wait and see what they’re going to do — what they’d *better* do — though.

Sirius, same here!


I really liked Susanne Brockman’s post. That would make me read Born through the night much much faster.


Hi Other Ethan 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

It’s amazing that RWA has managed to convince GBLTQ authors that taking it up the you know where and paying for it is good for them.

I won’t pay anyone to stick it to me.

I understand that belonging to a professional organization is great for your career but it doesn’t put money in an author’s pocket – the readers do.

DC Juris

A fellow author posted their letter to the RWA on a publisher loop, and what struck me was how they ended the letter – something along the lines of “I don’t harbor any disrespect.” And all I could think of was…wow. They’re a bigger person than me. I do harbor disrespect against bigots. I haven’t sent a letter because frankly… Yeah. Eloquence in the face of abject hatred isn’t something I’m capable of.


How could a GBLTQ author respect an organization that discriminates against him/her? It’s humiliating that you would respect a body that treats you like you’re worthless.

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