Diverse M/M Books 2012

Our first list of Diverse books was published on July 15 last year as a result of a post I wrote in April of 2011 called Diversity in M/M which generated much discussion. Recently I asked for your newest recommendations of diverse books and Kaija who put together the first list together with Aunt Lynn, again offered to update it. Aunt Lynn took this raw data and compiled a new list which incorporates all of your recommendations.

I’m pleased to enclose the newest comprehensive list of Diverse M/M books. As usual, Kaija did a great job and I would like to personally thank her, especially since she acquired a puppy during this process which required a considerable amount of her time. I also want to give two thumbs up to Aunt Lynn who put in a lot of time to reformat Kaija’s information. She also recently acquired a puppy so I’m sure it was not easy for her to add this job on to everything else. What’s with all these damn puppies? 😕

This updated list of diverse M/M books is again in one easily accessible location on the right hand sidebar of the site. I hope that this information will be helpful to you when you’re looking for new books to buy, and I want to continue encouraging our authors to write more stories about diverse characters.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their lists of diverse books so that other readers could enjoy them. Without all of you this project would not have been possible. You can look for another update in about 9 – 12 months but I will write a separate post at that time. No changes will be made to this list unless there is an error.



A Helping of Love Grey, Andrew Leg injury
Artistic Appeal Grey, Andrew Deafness
Adrien English Mysteries series Lanyon, Josh Heart Condition
Adrien English Mysteries series Lanyon, Josh Heart Condition
Awakening O’Reilly, Terry Blindness
Be the Air for You Chase, TA Deafness
Bittersweet Berman, Steve Diabetes
Black Point Forever Llewellyn, AJ & Manly, DJ Bone marrow disease
Blind Desire Locke, ID Blindness
Blind Faith Thompson, Clare Blindness
Blind Passion Brandon, Penny Blindness
Blue Ruin 4: Need You Tonight Strauss, Katrina Blindness
Bodyguards in Love: Brier’s Bargain Lynne, Carol Brain damage/ amputated leg
Campus Cravings: A Biker’s Vow Lynne, Carol HIV
Campus Cravings: Hershie’s Kiss Lynne, Carol Blindness
Campus Cravings: Live for Today Lynne, Carol Recovery from stroke
Cards on the Table Lanyon, Josh Epilepsy
Cattle Valley: Eye of the Beholder Lynne, Carol HIV
Cattle Valley: Scarred Lynne, Carol Mental illness
Cattle Valley: Sweet Topping Lynne, Carol Paraplegic
Center Michael, Sean Cancer
Change on the Fly Hecht, Stephanie Brain Injury
The Chauffeur Yates, Serena Disfigurement
Christmas Auction Michael, Sean Double Leg Amputee
A Christmas Carl Field, Ryan Blindness
City of Lovely Brothers Viz, Anel Lame
Clear Water Lane, Amy ADHD
Color Me Arden, Blaine D. Deafness
Come Unto These Yellow Sands Lanyon, Josh Cocaine Addiction
The Contenders 1: The Boxer Irving, Jan Mental Illness
The Contenders 1: The Janitor Irving, Jan Mental Illness
Cruise For Christmas Grey, Andrew Disfigurement
Curse of the Pharaoh’s Manicurists Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Mental illness
The Curtis Incarnation Priest, Zathyn Epilepsy
Cutting Cords Ashling, Mickie B. Blindness
Dark Soul Voinov, Aleksandr Mental Illness
Divided Hearts O’Reilly, Terry Blindness
Dona Nobis Pacem Okati, Willa Mute
Emerald Burke, Kimberly & Falcon, J Blindness
Exposure Lister, Elizabeth Multiple Sclerosis
Fair Game Lanyon, Josh Shattered/Artificial Knee
Finding the Words O’Reilly, Terry Recovering from stroke
Forged: The Hammer Club Michael, Sean Amputated Leg
Fighting Dragons Chase, T.A. Nerve & Muscle Damage
The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks Lanyon, Josh Asthma
Glad Hands Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Brain Damage
Goodtime Boys: Garron’s Gift Lynne, Carol Brain Damage
Hearing Beauty Shade, Mike Blindness
Hitting Streak Talbot, Julia Blindness
An Improper Holiday Mitchell, KA Amputated Arm
In a Dark Wood Lanyon, Josh Alcoholism
Into the Dark Waters: Talk Like a Pirate Day Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Terminal Illness
Into the Dark Waters: Hunger for the Edge Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Blindness
Island Affair Miller, Cait Brain Injury
Island Heat Llewellyn, AJ & Manly, DJ Cancer
It Takes a Hero Lorenz, Lynn Prosthetic Leg
Just Desserts Lanyon, Josh Spinal Cord Injury
Leading the Blind Houston, Michelle Blindness
Learning to Dharn Somerville, Ann Deafness/Mute
Learning to Walk Zachary, Drew Back Injury and Head Trauma
Left of Center Priest, Zathyn Permanent brain damage
Life Over Easy Mitchell, KA Vertigo/double vision
Lift Your Voice Chase, TA Prosthetic leg
Lord and Master Jones, Jules Mental illness
Lord and Master 2: Taking Work Home Jones, Jules Mental illness
Lovegames AedinM, . Jules Bipolar Disorder
Love is Blindness Michael, Sean Blindness
Love Means… No Boundaries Grey, Andrew Blindness
Loving Edits Ashling, Mickie B. ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
Master Bear Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Terminal illness
Mexican Heat Lanyon, Josh & Baumbach, Laura Blind
The Monitors (in anthology Echoes of Possibilities) Carroll, Stevie Blindness
Moor Love Lynne, Carol Mute
A Note in the Margin Rowan, Isabelle Mental illness
NEG UB2 Reed, Rick HIV
Not Seeing is Believing Chase, TA Blindness
The One That Broke Free Blue, TC Leg Injury
The One That Stayed Blue, TC Head Injury
Onyx Black, Michael Blindness
Onyx 2: The Next Step Black, Michael Blindness
Out of Light into Darkness Chase, TA Blindness
Overture Parker, D.G Blindness
Paper Planes Aedin, Jules M Prosthetic leg
Permanently Legless Merrow, JL Double Amputee
Plumbing the Depths Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Blindness
Power Play Snyder, J.M. Leg injury
Purple Hearts MacLeod, Reno & Valentine, Jaye Amputated Leg
Raven’s Mark Archer, Jade PTSD
Renfred’s Masquerade Thorne, Hayden Deformed Leg
Riley’s Regret Hecht, Stephanie Bipolar Disorder
Roughstock: Blind Ride Tortuga, BA Blindness
Sam’s Reviews Irving, Jan Amputee
Scorpion Voinov, Aleksandr Leg Injury
Second Sight Michael, Sean Blindness
See Me, Feel Me (Sindustry II anthology) Owens, Zahra Blindness
Seeing Love Michael, Sean Blindness
Sense Memory (When a Man Love a Woman anthology) Merrow, JL Blind
Shattered Glass Alexander, Dani Tourette’s
Shell Shocked Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Physical and mental illness
The Sight of Home Michael, Sean Blindness
Sight Unseen Black, Michael & Carmichael, Shayne Blindness
Silent Lodge Lorenz, Lynn Deafness/mute
Sleight of Hand Strauss, Katrina Mental Illness
The Sound of Your Voice Sullivan, David Deafness
Sounds of Silence Laine, Susan Deafness
St. Nachos Maxfield, Z.A. Deafness
The Storyteller Arden, Blaine D. Blindness
The Starving Years Price, Jordan Castillo Partial Blindness
Stripped Bare Blaise, S. Blindness
Sunshine (Sindustry anthology Merrow, J.L Blindness
Swimming through the Net Sparrow, Angelia Quadruple Amputee
Talker Lane, Amy Disfigurement
Talker’s Redemption Lane, Amy Disfigurement
The Telling Winters, Eden Hearing Loss
Too Soon For Love Gardner, Kimberly Blindness
Trapped Nerves Hunt, Drew Spinal Cord Injury
The Truth About Al Rhodes, M.L. Deaf
Truth in the Dark Lane, Amy Disfigurement
Twelve Days Rowan, Isabelle Mental Illness
Welcome Home Michael, Sean Blindness
Wheels Winter, Vic Paraplegic
Where the Blind Leads Houston, Michelle Blindness
Whole Deal Rodman, Lorne Prosthetic leg
Wolf Black, Sarah HIV
Voice in the Dark Craig, Jamie Blindness
Xu Llewellyn, AJ Recovering from coma
The Year Without Summer Wiley, G.S. Amputated Leg



Acts of Passion Guillone, Sedonia Japanese
Adder Blue, Ally Arab/Italian
Aki’s Love Song Guillone, Sedonia Japanese
All the Moon Long (Shifting Sands anthology) Blue, Ally Mexican/Scottish
All the Things You Are Aedin, Jules M & Linden, Anna J Japanese
And a Chook Shall Lead Them (Family Matters anthology) Larson, Kara Maori/Thai
The Assignment Anderson, Evangeline Hispanic
At the Sign of the Ancestors Larson, Kara Thai
Azul: Bailame Benoit, Lee Cuban
Bay City Paranormal Investigation series Blue, Ally Creole
Be the Air for You Chase, TA Native American
Beautiful C*ocksucker Sheridan, Barbara Japanese
Beautiful C*ocksucker II – Such a Good Boy Sheridan, Barbara Japanese
Becoming Us Crow, Anah & Fox, Dianne Biracial
Behind the Scenes Richards, GR Black
Berdache Austin, Lena Native American
Billy and Bear Winter, Vic Black
Bitter Creek’s Redemption Chase, TA Native American
A Blast from the Past Merrow, JL Japanese/English
Blood and Tears Stone, Ethan Hispanic
Blood Brothers Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Japanese
Blue Ruin series Strauss, Katrina Korean/American
Boats in the Night Myles, Josephine Maori/Caucasian
Bodyguards in Love: Seducing the Sheik Lynne, Carol Arab
Bodyguards in Love: To Bed a King Lynne, Carol Arab
Bomber’s Moon Beecroft, Alex East Indian
Border Roads Black, Sarah Native American
Breakfast at Tiffany’s Lorenz, Lynn Black
Broken Freely, Jessica Chinese
Broken H Langley, JL Native American
A Calling for Pleasure Merrow, JL Black
Campus Cravings: In Bear’s Bed Lynne, Carol Black
Candy Courage Benedetti, Angela Black
Canine TLC O’Dare, Deidre Hispanic/Middle Eastern
Cattle Valley: All Play And No Work Lynne, Carol Native American/Hispanic
Cattle Valley: Gone Surfin’ Lynne, Carol Hawaiian
Cattle Valley: Sweet Topping Lynne, Carol Black
Caught Gayle, AB Chinese
C’est La Vie Lorenz, Lynn Asian
Chasing Fear Benedetti, Angela Mexican
Cheek to Cheek Owen, Chris Black
Child’s Prey: Orange Moon Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Japanese
Child’s Prey: Secret Moon Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Japanese
Child’s Prey: Under a Silver Moon Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Japanese
Child’s Prey: Winter Moon Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Japanese
Crooked Gouda, Michael Black
Cutting Cords Ashling, Mickie B. Japanese
Danny’s Dragon Guillone, Sedonia Chinese
Defining Right: The Page of Pentacles Larson, Kara Maori
Delsyn’s Blues Sylvre, Lou Native American/Polynesian/Italian
Dirty Kiss Ford, Rhys Japanese/Korean
Doce & Amorzinhos Tortuga, BA Portuguese
Dogfighters Beecroft, Alex East Indian
Double Happiness Kersten, Shayla Chinese
Dragon’s Discipline: Silk & Poison Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Chinese
Dragon’s Discipline: The Dragon’s Disciple Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Chinese
Drawn Together Maxfield, Z.A. Japanese
Driven to Distraction Crow, Anah & Fox, Dianne Black
Easy Blue, Ally Hispanic
The Edge Massa, J.J. Native American
El Cedral Kelly, Kieran Mexican
ePistols at Dawn Maxfield, Z.A. Korean
The Escort Spencer, Sonja Black
Fall Into the Sun Kovalin, Val Hispanic
Fearless Black, Sarah Hispanic
Finding Home Dane, Cameron Hispanic
Fireflies Blue, Ally Black/fae
Five Spice: Ying and Yang Larson, Kara Thai
Flesh & Blood Stone, Ethan Black
Flying Fish Guillone, Sedonia Japanese
Glad Hands Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Native American
Golden Boys Green, Amber Black
The Good Thief Buchanan, James Hispanic
Haven & Todeo: Code Switching Benoit, Lee Hispanic
Haven & Todeo: Haven Benoit, Lee Hispanic
Heart and Soul Anderson, Evangeline Hispanic
Heart Doctor Zachary, Drew East Indian
Her Two Dads Tachna, Ariel Hispanic/East Indian
Hot Merchandise Snyder, JM Black
The Hustler Prince Benoit, Lee Latin/Cuban/Spanish
I Do Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Japanese
Ice Shack King, M. Black
In the Flesh Stone, Ethan Black
Into the Dark Waters: Serpents Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Arab/Indian
Island Song Chin, Alan Hawaiian
It Takes a Hero Lorenz, Lynn Black
It’s Not Shakespeare Lane, Amy Hispanic
The Jade Prince Shannon, L. Japanese
Jumping Off Places (Because of the Brave anthology) Maxfield, Z.A. Black
Jumping the Fence Vaughn, Stephanie Hispanic
Lawless Black, Sarah Hispanic
Love, Like Ghosts Blue, Ally Half-Creole
Love Revisited: Nick and Tetsuji Sheridan, Barbara Japanese
Loving Luki Vasquez Sylvre, Lou Native American/Polynesian/Italian
Mahu Plakcy, Neil S. Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
Man for Michael Guillone, Sedonia Chinese
Mandarin Orange: Sweet & Sour Blue, TC Japanese/Irish
Marathon Cowboys Black, Sarah Native American (Navajo)
Match Maker Chin, Alan Chinese
Men in Love: Tortured Souls Lynne, Carol Native American
Mexican Heat Lanyon, Josh & Baumbach, Laura Spanish
Mingo McCloud series Llewellyn, AJ Hawaiian/Black
Mission: Carnal – Live Action Heroes Winter, Mary Black
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys Lorenz, Lynn Chinese
Naked Richmont Blue, Ally Black
No Good Deed Lorenz, Lynn Chinese
No Souvenirs Mitchell, KA Korean
Normal Miguel Orrantia, Erik Hispanic
On Call: Afternoon Singer, P.D. Black
On Call: Crossroads Singer, P.D. Black
On Call: Dancing Singer, P.D. Black
One More Wish Rhodes, Devon Japanese
Other Side Lane, Shawn Black
Out There in the Night Baumbach, Laura Native American
Paolo & Preston books Benoit, Lee Black
Paper Planes Aedin, Jules M Korean
Parallel Process Sheridan, Barbara & Cain, Anne Japanese
Plague Dance Barnette, Michael Black
Power Play Snyder, J.M. Hispanic
Privateer’s Treasure Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Black
Renovations series Crow, Anah & Fox, Dianne Black
The Right Side of Tracks Steele, Jaxx Black
Rocking the Boat Kohler, Christopher Hispanic
Roommates Gabriel, Helen Black
The Saturnalia Effect Belleau, Heidi and Vane, Violetta Arab
Saying I Do Dane, Cameron Hispanic
Schism Manly, DJ Native American
Scorpion Voinov, Aleksandr Black
Seeking Kokopelli Munro, Shelley Native American
Sex with Lex Lynne, Carol Native American
Skywalker Kelly, Kieran Native American
Sliding Down the Pohutakawa Road Larson, Kara Maori/Thai
Smoke: Askari Benoit, Lee Black
Snow & Mistletoe Blue, TC Black
The Stallion and the Rabbit Shade, Mike Arab
The Starving Years Price, Jordan Castillo Cuban
Stroke to His Cox Merrow, JL Japanese/English
Taking the Odds: All or Nothing Buchanan, James Native American/Jewish
Taking the Odds: Cheating Chance Buchanan, James Native American/Jewish
Taking the Odds: Inland Empire Buchanan, James Native American/Jewish
Three Men And a Bounty Moore, Gigi Black
Tommy & Tanaka stories McGinley, Syd Japanese
Tootsies Black, Sarah Native American
Tricked Out Snyder, J.M. Black
Tuareg Black, Sarah Black, Tuareg
Turn the Other Cheek Owen, Chris Black
Twice the Cowboy, Twice the Ride Buchanan, James Hispanic
Two Hearts Two Spirits Halfhill, Michael Native American
Two Spirits: A Story of Life with the Navajo Johnson, Toby & Williams, Walter L. Native American
Undeniable Magnetism Dee, Bonnie Black
Untold Want Ford, Catt Black
Urban Shaman Gala, Lyn Hispanic
Vade Mecum Benoit, Lee Latin/Hispanic
Valentine Wish Winters, Eden Black
Warriors and Healers Brues, H.J. Native American/Spanish
Wanting Rhodes, M.L. Black
What You See Black, C.J. Black
Where a Hand Is Always Needed Larson, Kara Thai
Where the Heart Is Silver, Elizabeth & Jenny Urban Black/Native American
White Tigers: Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger Guillone, Sedonia Japanese
White Tigers: His Beautiful Samurai Guillone, Sedonia Japanese
White Tigers: Sudden Bliss Guillone, Sedonia Japanese
White Tigers: Sudden Heat Guillone, Sedonia Japanese/Chinese
White Tigers: Sudden Surrender Guillone, Sedonia Japanese/Chinese
White Tigers: Thai-ing the Knot Guillone, Sedonia Japanese/Thai
White Tigers: Tongue-Thaid Guillone, Sedonia Japanese/Thai
White Tigers: Ying Yang Guillone, Sedonia Japanese
Whitetail Rock Tenino, Anne East Indian
A Wish Too Far Merrow, JL Japanese/English
With or Without series: With Abandon Langley, JL Native American
With or Without series: With Caution Langley, JL Native American
With or Without series: Without Reservations Langley, JL Native American
Yakuza Pride Brues, H.J. Japanese



Anagama Fires Black, Sarah
And Call Me in the Morning Okati, Willa
The Back Stairs Kendricks, K.C.
Bay City Paranormal Investigation series Blue, Ally
Being Taught Stone, Ethan
Beneath Dark Stars K.C. Kendricks
Berry Blue: Lessons Learned Blue, TC
Between the Moon and the Deep Blue Sea Kendricks, K.C.
Caricatures Smith, Jardonn
Catch Me If I Fall Riley Knox
Catching a Second Wind Michael, Sean
Cattle Valley: Firehouse Heat Lynne, Carol
Cattle Valley: Out of the Shadow Lynne, Carol
Cattle Valley: Physical Therapy Lynne, Carol
Cattle Valley: Rough Ride Lynne, Carol
C’est La Vie</td>

Lorenz, Lynn

December Promise K.C. Kendricks
Delsyn’s Blues</td>

Sylvre, Lou

Fall Into the Sun Kovalin, Val
Family Unit Maxfield, Z.A.
Feels So Right Lynne, Carol
Final Atonement Johnson, Steve Neil
Flamingo Black, Sarah
The Forester Arden, Blaine D.
Gio’s Dream Lynne, Carol
Give Me One Night K.C. Kendricks
The Hammer Club: Push Michael, Sean
A Hard Habit to Break K.C. Kendricks
Holmes & Moriarty Series Lanyon, Josh
I Spy series Lanyon, Josh
Into the Dark Waters: Paying Forfeits Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi
Long Tall Dring Chase, LC
Lost and Found Sebastian, Gwenna
Love and Loyalty Michaels, Tere
Love Revisited: Nick and Tetsuji Sheridan, Barbara
Loving Edits Ashling, Mickie B.
Loving Luki Vasquez Sylvre, Lou
Made to Order Michael, Sean
Music of the Night Rhodes, M.L.
Netting Neptune K.C. Kendricks
No One But You K.C. Kendricks
Nowhere Ranch Cullinan, Heidi
The One That Stayed Blue, TC
Open Roads K.C. Kendricks
Paolo & Preston books Benoit, Lee
Paper Planes Aedin, Jules M
Passion Rhodes, M.L.
Passion’s Victory K.C. Kendricks
Pioneers Lorenz, Lynn
Poseidon’s Pleasure K.C. Kendricks
Professor’s Secret Passion Rhodes, M.L.
Psycop series Castillo Price, Jordan
Satisfaction Rhodes, M.L.
Seducing Light K.C. Kendricks
Sex with Lex Lynne, Carol
Shine A Light K.C. Kendricks
Shining Victory K.C. Kendricks
Silver and Gold Rhodes, Devon
Slow Bloom Crow, Anah & Fox, Dianne
Sonoran Heat Strauss, Katrina
The Substitue Rogers, Tionne
Surrendered Victory K.C. Kendricks
Taming Triton K.C. Kendricks
Tango in the Night K.C. Kendricks
These Haunted Heights Blue, Ally
Thigh to Thigh Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi
Tono Ashling, Mickie B.
Trust Me Thomas, BG
VGL Male Seeks Same Reed, Rick
What You Don’t Confess K.C. Kendricks
Your Whisper in the Dark K.C. Kendricks



And Hell Itself Breaths Out Moler, AR Pagan
Between Sinners and Saints Sexton, Marie Mormon
Boats in the Night Josephine Myles Pagan
Carol of the Bellskis Astrid Amara Jewish
Circle of Change Cairo, Laney Pagan
Desert Falcon Faber, Feliz Muslim (Islam)
Elf and Shoemaker Rhodes, M.L. Wiccan
The Forester Blaine D. Arden Unnamed elfin religion
Hard Fall Buchanan, James Mormon
Holiday Outing Astrid Amara Jewish
Horny for Hanukkah Rob Rosen Jewish
Ink Illusions Kovalin, Val Jewish
Learning from Isaac Bentham, Dev Jewish
Love Ahead Amara, Astrid Jewish
Love Means… No Fear Grey, Andrew Amish
Love Means… No Shame Grey, Andrew Amish
Match Maker Chin, Alan Buddhist
Midnight in Berlin JL Merrow Jewish
Nikolai Sparrow, Angelia Atheist/Jewish
Nine Lights Over Edinburgh Fox, Harper Jewish
Privateer’s Treasure Sparrow, Angelia & Brooks, Naomi Muslim (Islam)
Raised by Wolves Hoffman, W.A. Atheist
Secret Light Z.A. Maxfield Jewish
Silver and Gold Devon Rhodes Jewish
Simple Gift Grey, Andrew Amish
St. Nachos: Jacob’s Ladder Maxfield, Z.A. Jewish
Winterlude Tam Ames Half-Muslim Canadian


  • My novel Fire Dragon is a gay Asian fantasy novel.

    In an exotic and magical land, Shuibai, a lowly bucket-maker, is appointed Fire Warden. He surprises–and annoys–everyone by taking his job seriously. But as he attempts to enforce the fire laws intended to keep his city safe, he finds his own life in peril as he stumbles across dangerous secrets.

    Mysterious foes are smuggling illegal guns into his city, and they will stop at nothing, not even arson, kidnapping, and murder, as they wage their secret war. He is helped by the man he loves, the handsome but crippled ex-firefighter, Zashi, a man tormented by demons of his own.

    Is the Fire Dragon real, or is the truth far more sinister?

  • Thanks for mentioning the Mahu series! My M/M romance novel The Russian Boy has an older protagonist– a guy who reflects many I know in South Florida, who was married, had kids, then came out later in life.

    Many of my characters, like me, are Jewish, including Aidan Greene in the Have Body, Will Guard series, and Brian Cohen in GayLife.com.

    • Hello Neil
      I left this post open for at least a month so that everyone, including the authors, could get their recs in. As you can appreciate, it was a lot of work to compile this new list and I can’t ask Aunt Lynn or Kaija to make any changes at this time. I even tweeted that we were revising the list so I thought that any interested parties (authors and readers) would have seen it.

      Any new books can only be added when recs for a new updated list are requested.

        • Hi Neil

          I was just trying to explain and I know you weren’t looking for us to slip yours in. 😆

          For this list we asked authors as well as readers to submit recommendations and for the authors this included their own books. Yours are not the only books left off the list but we’ll do our best to accommodate all the recs next time. Geez the list is getting long. 🙂

  • HANDLE WITH CARE by JOSEPHINE MYLES – the main character falls in love while waiting for a kidney and pancreas donor. Great book.


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