Forbidden Fruit

Title: Forbidden Fruit 
Author: Edward Kendrick
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Publisher: Silver Publishing
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Genre: Contemporary, Crime, Romance
Length: short novel (126 pages/26055 words)
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Larissa

Review Summary: An uncomplicated, but entertaining light read about about a tough PI with a protective streak.


Theft and murder are all in a day’s work for PI Sam Young, as is protecting Jamie, a young man living in terror of his ex. Love, however, is another thing. Can he convince Jamie their growing attraction is real?

When PI Sam Young takes on the case of a philandering wife, he has no clue it will lead to theft and murder.
And when he stops for supper at his favorite diner, he doesn’t know he’ll end up meeting Jamie, a young man with aqua eyes who lives in terror of his ex-lover.

It will take all that is in him for Sam to discover who killed his client, while at the same time trying to protect Jamie. In the process, will he be able to convince emotionally battered Jamie it’s possible to truly love, and be loved, in return?


Forbidden Fruit is a story set around a tough PI who doesn’t take any bullshit. PI Sam L. Young, Sly to those few who love him, knows his way around the PI business and thinks he gets an easy case when he is hired to find evidence of a cheating wife. An open and shut case, or so he thinks. He never expects his case to lead to murder and theft, and a sweet young waiter with a troubled past.

Sam has a diner he favors and said diner just got a hawt new waiter. It doesn’t take long for Sam’s eye to wander. Of course, life is never easy and especially not for Jamie, the hawt waiter in question. He is on the run from an abusive past. A past that is about the catch up with him. Unless a certain protective PI steps up…

Forbidden Fruit is a well written story. Unfortunately it’s also a predictable story. It’s easy to figure out what’s going on with the case and where things are going with Jamie.

Now, hold on, that doesn’t make this a bad story at all, it just takes a bit away from it.

What I especially liked about this story is the romance between Sam and Jamie. It’s not a unsurprising case of instant love, though there is instant attraction.

Jamie comes from an abusive and violent past and while he does like Sam, a lot, he doesn’t immediately act on it. Neither does Sam, because he doesn’t want a case of hero worship.

When they both figure out they like each other, they don’t jump straight into bed either. Because of his past, Jamie isn’t capable of it. As a result there is no screen melting erotic scenes, but that actually works in favor for this story as it makes sense. Given what happened to Jamie, it’s not easy to open up again. Or to have sex again. It takes time and trust. When they do end up in bed, it’s sweet though!

I loved how caring Sam was in that regard and how patient he was with Jamie. All strong and tough on the outside, but sweet, caring and loving on the inside.

You may have figured out that Forbidden Fruit is not your typical romance. This is actually a good thing, because despite the PI work, this story had a realistic feel.

It is also a well written story. The way Forbidden Fruit was written – it’s first person from Sam’s POV – may not be my thing, along with the ‘telling/narrating’ scenes, but it is most certainly not poorly done.

As it is written from Sam’s POV, he is the main focus of the story. He’s the character the reader gets to know best. He’s fun to hang around with too, so that’s certainly not a bad thing. The reader gets a lot less on Jamie. He’s seen through Sam’s eyes. Luckily for the reader and befitting Sam’s job, he is a good judge of character.

So then why is this story not rated higher, you ask?

I wanted to rate this story higher than I did. The reason I did not is while I liked how the romance played out, it was still a predictable story. There is no real depth in Forbidden Fruit. It certainly is an enjoyable read, a story to read while waiting at an airport or on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It’s not a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat or clutching your reader in emotional suspense nor on the floor laughing your ass off. But I still liked it!


Thanks, Larissa. Sometimes predictable is exactly what I want, and I love cop/PI stories, so I’ll keep this in mind for then. 🙂


Glad you reviewed this story, I now plan to purchase it! I want something a little more “predictable” and enjoyable, I’m worn out form all the angsty stories as of late 😀


Wonderful review Larissa. I’ll remember to take this story along in about 2 weeks when I’m waiting for a plane. I think I would like to meet Sam – he sounds like the type of man who would curl my toes. 🙂

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