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I can’t believe #3 is still here. Thought I’d just window shop but imagine my surprise to see such a cutie still here, sigh. πŸ˜€


It’s well into the weekend and it looks like #4 is still in need of a rescue. I’ll be happy to do it, and after he can show me how grateful he is. Multiple times, I hope.


Hi Andy

I think No. 4 would be extremely grateful but be kind. :blush:


I’m extremely late today, but if #8 is still available, I could certainly use his, um, services πŸ˜€


Hi Danae

The fireman in No. 8 is still available (and yes, he’s a real fireman). Enjoy! πŸ˜€


I think No. 15 is still available?

Wow, this lot of hot guys is so hot, I had to turn off my heater! πŸ˜€


Hi Gaye

I’m not sure if no 15 is still available but what the hell, you can take them home for what’s left of the weekend if the guys help you turn off the heater. πŸ˜€


Oh please, could I have guy #9? I really like his….toes… :hurray2:


You like his toes???? Whatever you want to tell yourself Eve. :blush:


Wow, I’m late and a bunch of my choices are still here. Of course, four were grabbed by people before me. I’ll take the guys in #12. What a party…


I knew you would take either no. 11 or no. 12 – you’re so predictable Jeffrey. πŸ™‚

We’re waiting for you to answer a question on my weekly update here

Check out comment 11.1 and give us your expert opinion (expert because you’re a boy.) πŸ˜€

I answered the bat shrinkage posting. As I said there, if the pool is that cold, there would be shrinkage but imagine the fun to warm the boys up to get rid of the shrinkage… I was tempted with #11. Carlo Festa (the guy in front holding the grapes) was a favorite but he hasn’t “acted” in any movies for years. Don’t know if he’s aged well or not. And I could hear Wave shout, “I knew Jeffrey would know the names of these guys” when she read the above. You see I have a very good memory for the… Read more »

Thanks Jeffrey. Now I know that when I guy emerges from a cold pool there’s a probably lot more to him than at first appears. :blush:

As for your memory for names, I was wondering how you always knew these guys, although don’t you think that saying they’re actors is stretching it a tiny bit? Giving a lap dance isn’t exactly “acting.” πŸ˜†


notice that there were quotes around acting and actor. But these are upstanding guys who do hard work and wind up blasting through at the end. :hysterics:



Ummm….I took the liberty of modifying Jeffrey’s original pool post, Wave. See what you & the guys think. You too, Jeffrey, since it turned into a collaboration of sorts! πŸ˜‰


OMG Wave, where did you get #1? At first I didn’t see why you included him, and then my eyes wandered down his body and… 😯

Thanks for the laugh!


Hi Teej

I keep telling you to wear underwear but you never listen — this is what happens when you don’t. :blush:


I want number #5 please


I’m so sorry Gigi but Sirius grabbed the naked guy and his partner a long time ago. However there are other guys still waiting for a home for the weekend. πŸ™


Ooohhhhh….#6 for me please!!


Hi Susie

You’re really greedy today. Three men??? 😯 However, they’re ready to cheer you up so you can have them for the entire week. 😎


Oh…are there 3 of them? 😯 I hadn’t even noticed!! πŸ™„


Sure, you didn’t Susie. I believe you when others won’t. πŸ™‚

Naaju Rorrete

Huh, I wonder what was Wave doing in Vegas after seeing today guys. Well, whatever it was, benefits all us. Can I have the company of guy no. 2 for the weekend, please?


Vegas was the inspiration for today’s guys. I’m glad someone noticed. πŸ˜† There’s enough rope going around here to inspire all of you to write your own version of 50 Shades. :blush: No. 2 is ready to practice on you. πŸ™‚


Oh wow you are generous with numbers today Wave :). Can I have number five please? πŸ™‚


Did you notice that once of the guys in no. 5 is nekkid? I’m sure you did Sirius, you perv. πŸ˜›


14, pretty please πŸ˜€


Hi Majken

Sorry to be late but here I am, raring to go. πŸ™‚ I can see why you like the boyz in no. 14. πŸ˜€


Yay, since Christian Bale didn’t follow me home from the cinema πŸ™

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