Dreamspinner Press “free” book – July 29

Today the Dreamspinner Press free book is Technically Dead by Tia Fielding. Here’s the blurb:

When Brandon Roland’s parents kicked him out for being gay, he turned to prostitution to get by—something that almost cost him his life when he was attacked by strangers. Bran was saved by a vampire named Heath, and during their year together, Bran’s life was good—but then Heath sent him packing for reasons unknown.

That was twelve years ago, and Bran’s come a long way since then. He has an education, a job as a social worker at a vampire/human youth shelter, friends, and a tattoo he adds to annually to commemorate another year without the love of his life.

The trouble with being a very old vampire is that the older you are, the less you feel. Heath is over nine hundred—he was sure he’d never experience emotion again, but he never counted on Bran. When Heath accidentally stumbles back into Bran’s life, it changes more than either man thought possible—and then history literally catches up with them and turns their lives inside out.

For a chance to win this book, please leave a comment on the post.


Please count me in!

Kim D. W.

Count me in as well please.


Count me in as well, please!


Count me in too on this one please


Love that cover and the blurb has me really interested so count me in please.


Please count me in.


Count me in, please.


Me, too, please.

Kim W

Count me in too


Count me in please

Susan R

please count me in also. Thanks!


Please count me in

Ashley E

Sounds good! Count me in please!

Irene Jackson

Count me too please , I’d like to read this one!


Please count me in!

Sherry S.

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add me, thank you 🙂


Please count me in. Thanks


Oh yes please! Would love to read this one!!

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