R.I.P Patric Michael

It makes me so sad to write this post. It’s something I’ve been dreading but somehow I knew it was coming after our last emails at the end of June. I really hate to have to say this out loud, but my friend Patric Michael is gone. He succumbed yesterday to the cancer that ravaged his body for years.

Almost two years ago I wrote a post that was a tribute to Patric from all his friends, and now it’s his epitaph:


Patric and I have been corresponding for at least a couple of years and this was the last email exchange we had:

Me: How are you today Babe?

Patric: Sleepy!
Me: I didn’t reply before because I wanted to give the medication time to do its job and I’m hoping it’s good news. How are the clinical trials going so far?

Patric: All I can safely say on the subject is that I am *VERY* cautiously optimistic that I’ll get some benefit from the drug, if it doesn’t kill me first.  Remember that there will never be a cure, but it is still possible to extend my “deadline.”  It’s going okay, but we have to keep reducing the dosage between each run and I’m on the lowest possible reduction right now, and if my blood levels are high enough in two weeks, we will continue.  If not, then I will be rejected from the trial and lose access to the drug.  *remainder of paragraph deleted*

Me: I know you tire easily so I won’t ask a lot of silly questions but you’re always in my thoughts even when you don’t hear from me.

Patric: Thank you sweetheart.  I admit this drug does make me very, very tired.  🙂

Me: How are you enjoying the warm weather so far? It’s scorching here – today it’s around 90 F but it should be a lot cooler on the weekend.

Patric: We haven’t had any scorching weather yet.  That’ll come next month, usually.  Right now, its only 67 and full sunshine.  That’s the part I like best though – the full sunshine.  And if it were anyone but you, I’d be out in it right now instead of in here answering email!  Grin.

Me: Next week I’m going to Vegas and Arizona for 2 weeks – what a time to visit there. I know what you’re thinking – I’m nuts. lol No denying that.

Patric: Well, I always think you’re nuts, putting up with me the way you do, but not because of going to AZ or Vegas.  The only thing that crossed my mind on that score was what the attractions were.  I mean, all of Vegas is an attraction, but what about Arizona, short of visiting family?  Cactus is cactus, after all.  LOL!

Me: Take care of yourself and keep cool.

Patric: Laugh.. Its more like “Get warm.”


But Patric was more than the cancer that destroyed his life and forced him to stop writing. Not only was he a wonderful writer but he was, above all, a great human being and a very funny one and we had a lot of good times laughing about the silliest things. One of the best was an article he had written a few years ago which he gave me permission to reprint on the site. I will leave you with this small memory of Patric, a man who didn’t let a dreaded disease like cancer get him down. Maybe he’s looking down at us, cracking up at this post. Enjoy!!


My condolences to Patric’s family and friends.

Rest in peace Patric my friend. I will miss you.



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He was such a gifted writer. He will be missed. It’s just so sad.

Thank you for the post, Wave – I know it must have been hard to write. I didn’t know Patric, but I felt a deep kinship with him after reading Wishing on a Blue Star towards the end (hopefully!) of my own long period of illness and treatment. I checked up on (and read through) his blog(s) periodically, to see if there was an update on how he was doing. It’s sad to see him go, but for me there is a certain level of peace to this update, however sad the news. Rest well, Patric – I wish I… Read more »
Silver Pixie

I just found out a few minutes ago that Patric Michael passed.. It saddens me that another great person has left the community and makes me wish i knew him better. I dont have the words to express how deeply sad i am so I am just going to leave my deeply heartfelt condolonces to his family, his partner and to all his friends who loved him..


AJ Llewellyn
Patric was one of the first M/M authors who ever reached out to me and when he became sick it bothered me that the cretinous pirates were uploading his books when he could have used the money from actual sales. He was a friend to many M/M readers and authors – I was so touched by the antho created in his honor – and I took glee in removing his pirated links. I read many of his blogs where he depicted his valiant battle with cancer. We all wished him a speedy recovery and a long, healthy and happy in… Read more »
K. Z. Snow

Amen to everything you said, AJ.


I am so very sorry. I was hoping so much for a happy ending for him. 🙁


Hi Guys

Thanks for commenting. It’s kinda hard for me to respond to individual comments so I’ll just do a group hug. As you can probably tell, Patric was very dear to me. I was lucky that I got to know the man behind the writer, which is a blessing.

Devon: I’m very happy you were able to meet Patric and “Papa”in person – I wasn’t so lucky. We talked about it but time just ran out.

KZ I think you’re right that Dreamspinner (and MLR Press) are in mourning about Patric’s passing. He was loved and we will all miss him.

Mary G

I’m so sorry for your loss. You were lucky to know each other.

Hi Wave, I can tell it was a hard post for you to put together, but it was nicely done. I thought about Patric just today. I was driving home from a short vacation stay and went within a few miles of his house. So gave him a wave as I always do and wondered how he was doing. Didn’t see until I’d gotten home that he’d passed. Remember fondly the first time we met. We’d been corresponding online for some time and he texted me that he was in my city shopping, so ran out spur of the moment… Read more »

My deepest condolences to all who knew and loved Patric. I was so hoping for a happy outcome. 🙁


RIP Patric.

The last time I read here I thought things were going fine for him. Just so sad…

My condolences to his family, friends and everyone who know him

mary greshan

I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Patric and I don’t believe I have ever read any of his books, but I will be buying a few next week. Sleep well, Patric


RIP Patric, and condolences to all who will miss him.


R.I.P. Patric….you were a wonderful author, and I will always cherish your stories, I wish I could have known you.

And to Wave, I am so sorry you have lost such a dear friend, my thoughts are with you and all of Patric’s family and friends.


Oh god I remember reading this post and being so happy that he managed to fight for so long. Rest in peace Patric and my condolences to you and his friends and family.


My condolences. He seemed like a wonderful person.

K. Z. Snow

He was a wonderful man and extraordinarily courageous. I think much of Dreamspinner Press is in mourning right now. I know I am.

Thanks, Wave, for posting this.

Jordan Castillo Price

I’m very sorry to hear it. He fought long and hard.


I read Wishing on a Blue Star a long time ago, so it’s a shock to find that he passed on. Rest in peace.


*Hugs* sorry to hear that, my condolenses to you and his family

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