Fighting Addiction

Title: Fighting Addiction
Author: B.A. Tortuga
Cover Artist: BSClay
Publisher: Torquere Press
Buy Link: Amazon
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novel (250 pages / 63000 words)
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by jeayci

Review Summary: A nice story for those who like rockers, but I had difficulty with a foundation plot premise and that reduced my enjoyment of it.

Blurb: Country hat act Markus Kane is pretty skeptical when one of his oldest industry friends calls and asks him to do a joint tour. He and Seb haven’t seen each other in years, not since Markus quit drinking. Maybe not since he and Sebastian Longchamps almost lost their careers to the fact that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Sebastian is a country-fried Cajun rocker, and he’s been missing Markus ever since they broke up all those years ago. His label thinks he and Markus are a match made in ticket-sales heaven, but Seb knows better. He knows that it won’t take even the tiniest effort for Markus to break his heart all over again, and this time around he has way more to lose.

Time has changed both men, though, and while Markus and Seb try to fight their addictions, the big music industry machine has plans for them that don’t include the quiet life. Can Markus convince Sebastian that there are things more important in life than adrenaline and control? And can Sebastian make Markus understand that all he really wants is his music and his man?

Review: I had difficulty getting into this story, though I really wanted to like it. I stayed with it, and eventually began to enjoy it, enough to be glad I stuck it out. But I could never really tell the difference in voices between the two main characters, so the only way I could tell which POV I was in was by it identifying the perspective. Thankfully that was usually done clearly enough that I could tell pretty quickly.

I liked the characters well enough, but I got annoyed by their “impossible love” when I never understood why it was impossible, or why they thought it was impossible. Yeah, I know it had to do with getting caught together and the potential damage to their careers – especially Seb’s. But somehow I just wasn’t really convinced that was the real issue, or enough of an issue, or something.

So it felt like they were being stupid, denying themselves and each other for no good reason. Or maybe it had been a good reason originally, but maybe it wasn’t anymore and they never stopped to consider the changed circumstances. Or that it was an excuse to mask the real issue. Whatever, I never quite bought it, which meant the whole foundation of the story was pretty weak for me.

I did enjoy several of the secondary characters. And the peek into the music world, the jam sessions, and song-writing was fun. The fact that one was a rocker and the other a country singer made it all the more interesting. Despite that, I never really connected with the characters or the story, feeling like I was reading it from a great distance. Probably because the whole thing sort of fell apart for me when I missed why their love was so impossible. But I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys stories with musicians as the main characters and is good at suspending disbelief; if you believe in the “impossible love” angle, I think this could be a really fun read.

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