Demon Dog

Title: Demon Dog
Author: Ally Blue
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
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Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: Novel
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary: The Bay City Paranormal team is at it again–this time second generation Adrian and his partner Greg battle a new nemesis.

Blurb: Three years after solving the hundred-year-old murder case that brought them together, Greg Woodhall and Adrian Broussard have settled into life together in the colorful college town of Chapel Hill. Adrian’s doctorate research and Greg’s two jobs keep them busy, but they have each other and life is good.

When Greg is offered the chance to help Bay City Paranormal scope out the historic PlayMakers Theater’s rumored spirits, he’s excited to get involved—at first. But as the protoplasmic trail unexpectedly shifts to DogOpolis, where Greg works part time, he senses something in the air besides the mouthwatering aroma of gourmet hot dogs.

There’s an entity that the team can’t quite get a handle on, but it’s creating havoc in Greg’s relationship with Adrian. Things that leave him doubting his own sanity. When the team finally uncovers the truth, no one is prepared for the danger—or what they’ll have to do to stop the thing plaguing DogO before it stops them. Permanently.

Review: Fans of Ally Blue’s Bay City Paranormal series will find a new and very worthy series beginning in Demon Dog. Picking up with Bo’s son Adrian Broussard and his partner Greg Woodhall, the story centers on the mysterious flashes of what seems to be a malevolent ghost haunting Greg while he works at DogOpolis–a popular hot dog shop.

As the brushes with the strange entity become more frequent, Greg finally breaks down and tells Adrian the entire story. Adding to the mystery is the fact that the theatre where Greg rehearses in the evenings is also known in the local community as being haunted.

Between this and the disturbances at the restaurant, Adrian and Greg decide to call in Adrian’s Dads, Bo and Sam and their team to help figure out exactly what is attacking Greg. As they investigate, the origin of the disturbance not only becomes clear but unfortunately is also something none of them has ever encountered before and it is bent on destroying not only Sam but his friend Ellen as well.

Ally Blue has had a long string of success in this paranormal genre and this story is certainly worthy of being added to that illustrious list. The new focus on Adrian and Greg gives a fresh look at a longstanding story line and allows for fans to really get a sense of these new–yet old characters. Both characters are well written–and Ms. Blue gives us just enough background information to make the family connections easy to understand if you have never read any of the other series.

The story itself is compelling and a new twist–giving this series its first taste of what I hope will continue to be fascinating and unusual paranormal bad guys for these two men to go up against.

Perhaps the only sour note I had with Demon Dog was that I felt the novel stalled at times going too far into Greg’s misgivings over whether or not to share things with Adrian and, in turn, Adrian’s reluctance to step up and confront Greg and demand the truth.

There was admittedly some need for this type of tension, but for me, it seemed to go on and on–so much so that I felt it weighed the novel down. In the end, I felt the over analyzing of motives and subterfuge derailed what should have been a fast paced race to discover the source of the haunting.

Having said that, Demon Dog has all the makings of a solid beginning novel in another entertaining series by Ally Blue. As always, dear reader, I leave this one in your capable hands–if paranormal is your delight–then Ally Blue is one of the best in the genre.


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Great review. I loved the Bay City Paranormal Investigations and read all the books because I’m a fan of horror, especially the paranormal variety. I will definitely be reading this book even though there were a few aspects that turned you off. As you probably know, Ally Blue’s books usually have lots of angst so I’m not surprised at the constant overthinking. 😕 😮


A new one? Awesome 😀


I was wondering about the new series so it´s great to read some review about it 😀 Thank you 😎

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