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We’ve been around for more than three and a half years on this site and 15 months on our old blog, altogether almost 5 years. So dishwasherfar, you seem to like our content, going by the number of hits and visitors and we appreciate your loyalty.  We’re very pleased and proud that you think we’re doing a good job, but I don’t believe we should rest on our laurels because therein lies the road to apathy and discontent. 😮 🙁

What do you think of changing the dynamic on the site, adding a few elements to enhance your experience and enjoyment by shaking things up a little to give you more of what you like, with an overlay of a new flavour? I hate it when things get stale, like a romance that’s been around for 25 years where the couple no longer has different moves and one partner is bored. I firmly believe that if you don’t constantly improve and offer new content you eventually become a part of yesteryear.

As some of you know, I decided for many reasons to stop the weekly production of the Friday Guys for the time being, and the Hot Tub boyz are shivering waiting for their turn. Kidding!! 🙂 While this post is in no way my attempt to to find something to replace the Friday Guys (how can I ever replace them? – I’m already crying in my beer and it’s only 7.00 A.M. as I’m writing this). I’m seriously looking to get an infusion of ideas from you, our supporters over the years as well as new regulars, about what you would like to see on the site in addition to our current offerings.

We recently reintroduced flash reviews (200 words for books that are 7K or less) as a result of a suggestion from Stuart, and I hope you like them. But beyond that, what else would you like to see in terms of new content? Would you like news briefs abut what’s going on in the GBLTQ world? Realistically we would need a new person to do this 😆 so we would be looking for a volunteer with the right background to write the column. There is no free lunch here. 😀 Would you like brief movie recommendations of what’s currently playing, in terms of new releases in addition to our current reviews of gay movies? If you do, that means we would have to find real people who love movies and are willing to write at least one recommendation a week.  BTW if you know of any good gay movies let me know as I’m trying to build up my collection. Would you like a new columnist who writes on a specific topic? If so, what? These are just suggestions as I’m more interested in your ideas. Sorry Ethan, no porn. :wave:

Your input is important to us, each and every one of you, as you are the reason we have been so successful. So get those little grey cells working and let’s hear from you.



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  • My two cents worth:

    I really like the idea of a news brief, especially since so much will be happening in the next few months.

    It might be interesting to see a weekly or monthly post asking what readers have read during the week/month that they feel are 4 or star reads. As you said, there are so many m/m books being published and so few reviewers that it would be interesting to post 4 or 5 stars books that the readers have read during a that period of time that have not been reviewed. It’s not a review but are suggestions that readers could check out.

    • Hi Linda

      I think we’ll be able to incorporate the news briefs if the person who I think is ideal for this job responds positively. He’s my go-to person for information in the gay community and I hope that I can bribe him – maybe with his own Friday Guy 😀 – will work.

      As for the other suggestion that readers contribute their own star reads, I think that should include those books that are not quite up to par as well, in order to be useful to potential purchasers.

  • First, I think the site is great. Perhaps having more reviewers so that you can do more of what you’re so good at?

    Perhaps to stay gay-centric, you could publish a short biography of some “famous” person (current or historical) who is/was LGBT.

    I wish I could actually offer to contribute something but given I’ve been “working” on a piece about coming out for you for about 18 months, I don’t think I could find the time to do anything on a regular basis.

    • Oh Jeffrey

      You disappoint me yet again. 😆

      We’re working on getting more reviewers. I did a post this week and we have had a few responses so hopefully we’ll be able to add at least 2 new guest reviewers.

      That’s a pretty good idea about publishing a bio of some famous people who are gay (don’t forget we only do the “G” in LGBT) 😀

      I think you’ll be ready with your coming out post by the time I’m about to close the site. :XD: :wave:

    • Nicole
      If you tell me where we could find those links I would be happy to publish them. I don’t read a lot of manga so haven’t a clue where to find the links. Many sites only allow you to link in exchange for other links.

      I need help here. 😀

  • I’m sort of lost in finding info about so many new books each month.

    You all do reviews on a good number of them and post links – but I’d love to see something like a list – maybe weekly or so of ALL the gay books published that week/month/whatever- weither you all are going to review them or not.

    • I actually just came here to suggest this very idea. I just found out that one of my favorite series has a new book coming out on Monday. It’s from a publisher that I don’t normally buy from. Now I have to wait till payday to buy it because I didn’t budget for the expense. A weekly or monthly list would allow me to plan ahead.

      • Hi Jenni

        Please see my response to Annette in comment no. 6. It would be extremely difficult to post a list of all M/M new releases.

        Re the specific comment about being unaware of your favourite author releasing a new book, I can only suggest that you subscribe to their newsletters which contain information on new releases.

    • Annette

      Much as I would just love to post a list of all gay books published, there is no way for me to do this due to my schedule and everything else going on on the site. In addition, many authors are now opting to self publish which means that their books can only be found on Amazon and Smashwords or they are selling from their websites.

      While I know the epublishers that publish strictly M/M, many epublishers such as Storm Moon Press publish a range of genres, which means that someone would have to go through their list of new releases and pick out the M/M from all the others.

      We only review a small list of M/M romances or gay fiction released because no review website, even this one, has that many guest reviewers.

      Other than suggesting that you check out epublishers such as Amber Allure, Dreamspinner, Loose-id (LI publishes both het and M/M) Lethe Press, Less Than 3 Press (publishes F/F and M/M) Torquere, eXtasy, Silver, Phaze, and a host of smaller e-publishing sites, I have no idea where you could get this information. Even for me it’s difficult to find the new releases from the smaller publishers. This would be a monumental task for anyone to compile such a list every week.

      NOTE: Please see comment from Gaycrow at 6.3 providing a link to Elisa Rolle’s blog – apparently she publishes a list of new M/M releases every month. I don’t know if the list includes ALL epublishers as well as self published books, but it’s a start. I hope that helps.

      • Thanks Gaye. I had forgotten that Elisa published a list of M/M new releases since I haven’t visited her blog in years. I’m not sure if it covers all epublishers and self published books but I left an update in my comment.

        • Yes, I’m also unsure if it covers everyone, but it’s fairly comprehensive.

          I just realised that Elisa has friends’locked her journal recently, but I think she’ll add people if they ask.

  • Oh, I didn’t realise the Friday Guys had retired. 🙁 I’ll miss them.

    I really love this blog, and appreciate everything you all do to keep it going.

    I’m a great believer in the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so I’d be perfectly happy if you didn’t change things around at all.

    Having said that, if you’d like to add stuff to keep you from going stir crazy, I’m sure I’d still enjoy reading here. (I agree with Jenni above, though, in saying that I hope you still stay gay-centric.)

    • Hi Gaye

      The Friday Guys’ retirement might be temporary until I can do some research about posting these pictures without the photographers’ permission (technically). Most of the time I have no idea about the name of the photographer because some of the pictures are taken off Tumblr, a public site.

      Have no fear, there is no chance that this site will ever change from being gay-centric. I would close it down first. 😀

    • Would that be the best book cover of the books reviewed on this site or the best book cover for the books for all M/M books released that week? The first is doable but for the second, see my response to Annette in comment no. 6.

      • Books reviewed on the site for the week. There would be too many for all M/M books published in a week!

        But I like Nicole’s idea of Monthly manga/webcomic review as well.

  • I don’t really watch movies outside the cinema, but more movie reviews would be cool, who knows, I might watch them one day then 😉
    More guest bloggers picking up a topic we can discuss, both fun and serious, maybe people telling about being gay where they live, the good, the bad, the ugly.

    • Hey Majken

      We’ll do our best to find some good movies to review. The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be many great gay movies being released recently.

      Love the idea of you guys picking a discussion topic.

        • Hi Alex

          Sorry, I seem to have overlooked your comment.

          The movies don’t have to be new. As a matter of fact we have reviewed a few older movies. If you can come up with a few older movies that you love which haven’t been reviewed I would be happy to ask someone to review it on the site.

  • First of all, let me say I love the direction the site is headed in and trust you, our fearless leader, to keep us headed in the right direction. I love the idea of news briefs. Sean Kennedy’s post the other day was fantastic and I would love to see more stuff like that that can open up dialog.
    I just would urge you to keep the site “gaycentric”. There are all kinds of other sites that I cango to for movie and book reviews, but this is only one I come to for gay centered reviews. So if you expand the movie reviews, please make sure the movies at least have some relevance in the GBLTQ world. For example, Harry Potter would be a great series to review because of the revelation the writer made in the last book so someone can review the movies within that perspective.

    I would also like to see a section on gay heroes, especially teens. Like that kid who won an award at his school and came out in his acceptance speech. This section would not have to be a regular thing, just something that’s posted when it’s appropriate.

    As far as a movie recommendation, I may have missed it but I have never seen my all time favorite gay movie reviewed here. It’s this camy french musical called “King Size” It’s about a gay couple that brings a third into their lives. The first time I watched it I wasn’t too sure I liked it but now I watch it at least once week.
    My kids tease me because I don’t speak French and I can’t sing but I walk around trying to sing the songs.

    • Hi Jenn
      thank you for such a great response. I really appreciate all the thought that went into your comment.

      I agree about Sean’s post which was thought provoking and I could see his position at not having the substance and those involved in the fight of their lives overshadowed by others who want to help, but run the risk of diffusing the message.

      Your other ideas are wonderful and I think your suggestion that all the movies reviewed here should have a gay theme is right on the money.

      I’m trying to find other vimeos like the one you mentioned and one of the reviewers on the site may be able to help.

      I have never heard of King Size but I will definitely suggest it to a few people on the site who love movies so that they can review it. Thanks for the tip.


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