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AA5A few months ago we set up a Readers’ Forum as recommended by you. I hope you have been enjoying the suggestions of other readers and authors and are spending your hard earned money on even more books. 😎

Because of a number of issues I didn’t post this column in April and May so I decided to try an experiment and make it quarterly instead of monthly. If that makes the number of recs. unwieldy I shall switch back to monthly in the fall – or maybe my lapse will turn out to be a good thing. I’m looking forward to reading your book recommendations and I know that other readers can’t wait to find out about your undiscovered treasures. 🙂 Remember, this is your place to spout off about books you love 😀 or hate 😮

The previous recommendations can be accessed through the search function by using the words “readers forum  …. and the month”.


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  • I read a wonderful book a few months back. Honeymoon Cottage by Matt Brooks at Dreamspinner Press.

    The story takes place in the early 60s when 18-year old Dale finds himself thrown out by his parents who learn his is gay. He takes his few belongings, boards a bus and heads north where he finds a job as a waiter. There he meets Rey, a handsome man 18 years his senior. In what appears to be an inhospitable time and place for gay men, they fall in love.

    It is a tender and sweet romance that is rarely seen in today’s literature. And Brooks’ writing is superlatively written with sensitivity and eloquence. It is like a journey back in gay history before the days of Stonewall.


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