M/M Romances That Resonate: Part 6

M/M Romances That Resonate: Part 6

driftwoodIn 2010 I wrote an article about a few M/M books that resonated with me because of a comment from Josephine Myles about a book I had recommended to her. I posted three similar articles since then but I’ve been so busy recently I forgot to give you some more recommendations of books that you might have missed if you’re new to this genre, so today I’m making up for the long delay..

My previous recommendations included:

A Note in the Margin by Isabelle Rowan
Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville
Caught Running by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux
Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy
The Draegan Lords series by M.L. Rhodes
The Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon
Snowball in Hell by Josh Lanyon
Faith and Fidelity by Tere Michaels
Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger

and many others.

These books are all linked in the individual posts below.


Here are my newest recommendations. This time I’m not summarizing the reviews but I’m linking them. A couple of these books involve cheating, 2 or 3 of them are M/M/M romances, which may be themes you do not care for, and a few of them are books that are not exactly romances. In addition, tastes vary, so you should read the reviews before buying any of them:

Captain’s Surrender by Alex Beecroft
Deputy Joe series (Spin Out; Hard Fall; Laying Ghosts;  Laying Ghosts) by James Buchanan
Irregulars anthology by Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Astrid Amara and Ginn Hale
Bareback by Chris Owen
Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton
Zero Hour: A Dystopian Adventure by Jordan Castillo Price
One More Soldier by Marie Sexton
Hot Head by Damon Suede
Dangerous Ground series by Josh Lanyon
Dash & Dingo by Sean Kennedy and Catt Ford
A Face Without a Heart by Rick R. Reed
Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Lynn Lorenz
Dear Mister President by Adam Fitzroy
I’ll be Your Drill, Soldier by Crystal Rose
The Dark Tide by Josh Lanyon
9-1-1 by Chris Owen
Sins of the Messiah by Jaye Valentine and Reno MacLeod
Driftwood by Harper Fox
Fire Season by Lex Valentine
Muscling Through by J.L. Merrow
Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger
Taking you Home by Cooper Davis
Take My Picture by Giselle Ellis
More by Sloan Parker

There are many, many more wonderful older books I could have recommended, but you can check out the reviewers’ and my top books at the end of December each year to find at least 4 or 5 more great books that you may have overlooked, or have never read, if you’re new to the genre. Just go to our archive and select the month of December each year.

I hope you find some enjoyable books off this list and the others I mentioned in the post. Happy reading!


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“Another interesting observation was that I used some covers from older books in my bit (My Fair Captain by JL Langley, St Nachos by ZAM and Snagged by Jet Mykles) and I was surprised at how many people didn’t seem to recognise the books.” Jenre wrote this in her write up about the Uk meet from last weekend. I was baffled too. How could people not know about these books? They are among the best in the genre, esp My Fair Captain is a classic imo. And for the cover, yum, Jen has good tastes! So seeing this post is… Read more »

Hi Ingrid

I’m constantly amazed at how many people, authors and readers alike know nothing of older books in the genre even though it’s only 10 years old. Makes me sad. One reason I do these posts is to highlight all the wonderful books I read in the not too distant past that so many readers either have forgotten or never heard of. It’s great to have readers like you around who remember the M/M classics. 😀

Mary G

Some of these are my faves too. The rest make a great shopping list. I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you Wave lol!


Consider this my gift to you Mary. 😆 I’ve re-read these books many times rather than buying/reading new releases.

Mary G

That says a lot! Thanks 🙂


I’m only familiar with about 25% of the books you mentioned. I ended up going through all of the posts and adding a bunch to my “to read” list. Thank you so much!


You’re very welcome Andrea. I hope you like your choices.


I also love Steve Kluger’s books. There are two other authors I love who I would recommend to you and others. Not really romance writers but Michael Thomas Ford and Timothy James Beck have written some great books. Though Michael does have a book of m/m erotica called Tangled Sheets and his early humor was laugh out loud funny though I don’t know if it is dated humor.

Jeffrey You are such a perv. 😆 I do have Tangled Sheets by Michael Thomas Ford which is great bedtime reading but I think it’s WAY too raw to be reviewed here. 😮 Steve Kluger is one of my best all-time authors because of his writing style, humour and his wonderful characters. I wish he would write more M/M. I have a few other books by him but unfortunately can’t review them here but I’ll re-read changing pitches to see if that’s a possibility. Maybe you could add some more recommendations to this post for other readers.
Wave, Here are a few. While these might not strictly be romances, they are “gay books” and in my opinion very well written. I’ll put the idea of a longer more detailed list on my “to do list” along with the coming out piece you asked for (and that I did start last October). (Quotes below from Amazon. Wave feel free to add your special buy links to this if you want. 🙂 ) Last Summer – Michael Thomas Ford “about a group of gay men looking for love, losing the past, and finding themselves in the bars and on… Read more »

Thanks so much for this awesome list Jeffrey. I will definitely check out these books. You already know I love Michael Thomas Ford and I will be going to Amazon to get your other recommendations. I don’t read books because they are romances but because of the stories. I think I’ll start with Blue Heaven . 🙂


Just be warned that when you’re reading Blue Heaven, you should be somewhere that you can suddenly laugh out loud almost uncontrollably. :hysterics: One of the times I was reading it, I made the mistake of taking it on an airplane. I was in pain from stifling laughter because of all the strange looks I was getting from people when I was suddenly bursting out laughing. :hysterics:


So I shouldn’t take it with me when I’m on the plane to Italy? :blush: 😆 Thanks for the warning. I’ll add the links in a day or so in case someone else would like to sample your recs.


I agree with many of these choices, but besides the Irregulars anthology, I don’t see any paranormal books listed. I don’t mean sci-fi fantasy, I mean typical paranormal books (shifters, vampires, ghosts, angels, fairies, etc.) You know how I love that genre. :angel: Maybe we could add some outstanding paranormal novels for the list next time? 🙂


Hi Lasha

I did a post three years ago called Those Wonderful Paranormals, and maybe it’s time to update that post since the list is pretty old. Here’s the link:

However I do recall you promised about a year ago to write a post about paranormals. What happened, my darling? 😕 Do you want me to do your work for you? 😀

BTW you wouldn’t like the Soul Mates series by Jourdan Lane – too much sleeping around for you, but it’s still one of my best paranormal series along with The Draegan Lords.


Some of my absolute favourite m/m stories are on your list – Strawberries For Dessert; Hot Head; Taking You Home; Take My Picture; Fire Season; I’ll Be Your Drill, Soldier; Muscling Through; and The Dark Tide. There are definitely a couple more on your list that I clearly need to check out.



I find myself re-reading many of my older books because they have everything I look for in an M/M romance – engaging characters, terrific plots, amazing writing, not too much angst, and humour. I’m happy that you found a couple of books that you’re considering buying. Don’t forget to check out the guest reviewers top books, many of which are not included here so you’ll have to do a bit of work through the archives. I’m also looking for recommendations from other readers so if you would like to add a few recs. that would be great.


Thanks Wave. I’m always on the lookout for some good recommendations!

Another of my other absolute favourites is The Long Way Home by ZA Maxfield. ZAM is one of my auto-buy authors.

I did have more, but they had already been recommended or reviewed! I frequently reread my favourites too, sometimes just because I want to revisit the characters and sometimes because I’m stuck on deciding which book I want to tackle next.

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