Hot Shot

sip185Title: Hot Shot
Author: Kate Roman
Cover artist: Unknown
Publisher: Torquere Press
Amazon buy link: Buy Link Hot Shot
Genre: Contemporary M/M romance
Length: Approximately28 pages
Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Guest review by Orion

Review summary: A quick, spicy tale.

Blurb: Disgraced lawyer Simon West has always called himself ‘bi-curious’. But when hunky photographer Russ offers him some modeling work to pay the bills, it quickly turns into something more. Simon can’t keep his eyes, or his hands, to himself, and it’s clear Russ returns his passion. The more Simon knows about Russ, the more Simon wants him — in every way. Can Simon find the courage to give Russ everything?

Review: Simon West seems to have everything going for him. He’s a hot, hunky guy with a fresh-out-of-the-oven law degree who gets hired by one the city’s top law firms and put on the fast-track for promotion. He’s an ambitious sort, perhaps a bit too ambitious, as he soon finds himself jobless after he’s caught dallying with one of the firm’s receptionists, a senior partner’s daughter, and a police prosecutor (who happens to be male). He has no luck finding another job and is forced to sell his beloved sports car to get money to pay his bills. It is while he is on the car lot that he runs into Russ, who flirts up a storm with him. Embarrassed but intrigued, Simon quickly moves on.

With the cash from the sale of the car in his wallet, Simon decides to treat himself to a drink after all his harrowing experiences. Then he discovers that his wallet has been lifted, with all his money. Who happens to be in the bar when Simon makes this unfortunate discovery? You guessed it: Russ. Russ is a photographer, and he offers Simon a job modeling for him. Simon has no choice but to accept. And his first session with Russ begins with more flirting and ends with hot sex.

Simon considers himself bi-curious, and in his past flings with men, there were certain things he simply would not do with them. He wants to do those things with Russ. And he soon begins to feel that he wants more than just casual sex with this guy. The story doesn’t take any chances or do anything innovative. As with a lot of short stories in this genre, the writing feels a bit rushed at times. The author has a lot of territory to cover but not a lot of time or space to do it. But Kate Roman gives us some sizzling sex scenes and a nice buildup to what could be a very sweet romance between Simon and Russ. I enjoyed this story quite a bit, and it left me wanting more. Readers looking for a quick, sexy read will find it in Hot Shot.


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