Walk With Me (Home #7)

Walk With MeTitle: Walk With Me: Home Collection #7
Author: Cardeno C. and Alexander Collins (Narrator)
Publisher: The Romance Authors, LLC
Release Date: August 28th, 2015
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: 6 hrs and 40 mins
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5

When Eli Block steps into his parents’ living room and sees his childhood crush sitting on the couch, he starts a shameless campaign to seduce the young rabbi. Unfortunately, Seth Cohen barely remembers Eli and he resolutely shuts down all his advances. As a tenuous and then binding friendship forms between the two men, Eli must find a way to move past his unrequited love while still keeping his best friend in his life. Not an easy feat when the same person occupies both roles.

Professional, proper Seth is shocked by Eli’s brashness, overt sexuality, and easy defiance of societal norms. But he’s also drawn to the happy, funny, light-filled man. As their friendship deepens over the years, Seth watches Eli mature into a man he admires and respects. When Seth finds himself longing for what Eli had so easily offered, he has to decide whether he’s willing to veer from his safe life-plan to build a future with Eli.

All stories set in the Home series are linked by theme or world. They are standalone novels that can be read in any order.

Belens Audio Book Review

Looking for narration that will have you laughing out loud, blushing at the sexy times, and cheering at the HEA? Look no further – Walk With Me delivers on all fronts. Filled with humor, hotness, and pure happiness Alexander Collins delivers a spotless performance.

I love Seth and Eli SO much!

Their story takes place over thirteen years, allowing you to really get to know Seth and Eli and to root for them to be together. This isn’t a typical insta-love story. There is definitely relationship building and some major UST. When the sexy times finally commence after the slow, slow burn? Let’s just say Seth may be professional and proper in the pulpit, but he is a freak in the sheets, and me likee. Me likee long time.


This is also one of Cardeno’s funniest stories. Seriously, there are so many laugh out loud moments in this, I can’t even count them all, but I sure am grateful for them. The invitations at the beginning of each chapter are hysterical, and all the wedding shenanigans and fails are worth listening to the narration for alone.


Low angst, humor, heat, and light fluffy goodness – fans of the Home series collection (and newcomers alike) should be absolutely delighted with the story and narration performance. The story and narration is perfect!


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