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Soundtrack for A Kind of Romance by Lane Hayes

A Kind of Romance
Music is an important complement to daily life. It sets the tone in moments of contemplation or celebration. Show of hands…how many of us can associate almost any major life event based on a song (or ten)? Weddings, births, graduation, the winning pitch in an exciting ball game. It’s probably more accurate to say most of us have a soundtrack in our heads to carry us through the more mundane aspects of everyday life too. I’ll admit, daily life comes with an ever-changing mixed tape for me. Lol.

I love it when readers ask if I associate any particular songs with my books. The answer is a definitive yes! I’ve published nine books to date and each one has at least a handful of songs that capture the feel of the story to me. Your playlist may be completely different as a reader, (which is fantastic) but I thought I’d share my soundtrack for my latest release, A Kind of Romance.

First of all, keep in mind that the story is set in New York City. Benny Ruggieri is a third-generation Italian-American from a very traditional Catholic family. He is a fun-loving, easy-going and very fabulous gay man whose boss insists on introducing him to his successful Wall Street exec, Zeke. The two seemingly have nothing in common other than they come from large families (albeit Zeke’s is Jewish). But as an unlikely friendship blossoms, they begin to realize they may just be exactly what the other needs. And so begins an unexpected kind of romance. 🙂

Here is my personal song list for A Kind of Romance. Enjoy!

Happy Reading… and listening!
Lane Hayes xo

Just Like Heaven by the Cure
Bennie and the Jets by Elton John
Crazy in Love by Beyonce (with JayZ)
Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
Volare by Dean Martin
Someone to Watch Over Me by George Gershwin (sung by Frank Sinatra…but check out the Amy Winehouse cover! It’s fantastic)
Ain’t That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin

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I love a man in uniform! Cops, Firefighters, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, they are my favorite! I also love some angst in a good story and friends-to-lovers. M/M erotica alone doesn’t do it for me. It’s gotta have a story and some conflict. BDSM when I’m in that mood and threesomes with 3 men or 2 men and 1 woman, again when the mood strikes. Hetero? Sure, if it’s really good. HEA ONLY!

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