Introducing QUICKIES

Hello all! We have a new category of reviews called Quickies. These are for books that a reviewer has not written a full review. This is an effort to feature more authors, including newer authors.

Here is what they look like and I added the previous 4 books to the front page, right under “Reviews”. The Quickies category is hot pink.

What’s a “Quickie”?

    1. Any book with a short review that isn’t already on the site.
    2. Any book with a short review that is already on the site but we feel strongly enough (good OR bad) to add.
    3. All Quickies are for books we purchased or borrowed. ARCs will still receive a regular review.
    4. I’m also going to use this for release day reviews for books we don’t have in the database so all authors (legit ones!) get a chance to be featured.

Questions? Comments? Concerns Complains? Leave a comment!


I love a man in uniform! Cops, Firefighters, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, they are my favorite! I also love some angst in a good story and friends-to-lovers. M/M erotica alone doesn’t do it for me. It’s gotta have a story and some conflict. BDSM when I’m in that mood and threesomes with 3 men or 2 men and 1 woman, again when the mood strikes. Hetero? Sure, if it’s really good. HEA ONLY!

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