Revolutionary Temptation (PIU’s Review)

Revolutionary Temptation.
Title: Revolutionary Temptation
Author: Silvia Violet
Publisher: self published
Release Date: 17th Jan, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance, Historical
Page Count : 254
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

1777 New York City

The American colonists are fighting for their independence, but the battlefield is not the only place to wage war. When General Washington’s head of intelligence asks Captain Jack West to spy on the British in New York, Jack agrees, despite reservations about this ungentlemanly pursuit.

Jack’s contact in the city recruits bookshop owner Elias Ashfield, an impeccably dressed sensualist who flaunts his desire for both men and women and seeks a place in high society. Jack longs for a simple life guided by clear principles. Eli is a risk-taker who knows how to get what he wants. And he wants Jack in his bed.

Events in Jack’s past have made him fearful of acting on his secret craving for a man’s touch, but Eli intrigues Jack as much as he infuriates him. As Jack and Eli search for the information the rebel army needs, they realize there’s more between them than mere lust. But finding a way to be together may prove more difficult than defeating the British Empire.

“Revolutionary Temptation” gives an insider look in the efforts and sacrifices of the rebel army during the American Revolution. The romance here is mostly forbidden because at those times being a homosexual got people hanged. So, yeah this story is not your typical romance where the MCs meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. The MCs here continuously court danger and death to be with each other while also trying to free their country from the British Empire.

Captain Jack West is a young, honest and righteous soldier in the “second continental light dragons”, who would not hesitate to die for his cause. Jack is not cut out to be a spy; he would rather fight at the frontlines along with his fellow soldiers. But when he is selected by none other than General Washington himself to gather intel against the British army, Jack relents and moves to New York for his mission.

In New York Jack meets his contact/handler, Mrs. Constance Sullivan. She is the young widow of a wealthy loyalist who uses her connections and keen abilities to ferret out secrets from unsuspecting British army officers to assist the rebel army. Jack gets his lesson on “Spying 101” from Mrs. Sullivan. The whole cloak and dagger business of spying goes against his code of honor but Jack eventually understands the necessity of it.

Elias Ashfield is gorgeous and coveted by both men and women. He is cunning, resourceful and has an uncanny ability to read anyone. He pretends to be a loyalist while supporting the rebel army. When he is approached by Mrs. Sullivan to recruit him as a spy, Eli accepts.

Eli lusts after Jack from the moment their eyes meet and the feeling is mutual. Jack is determined to hide his true desires but Eli makes it his mission to get Jack in his bed. The temptation of Eli becomes too much for Jack and they engage in an affair that if exposed could get them both killed.

This story portrays the dire times when the entire country of America is trying to get free from under the British thumb. Lawlessness was rampant and the air rang with hopelessness and uncertainty. The rebel army was dwindling in numbers and they were desperate for any little advantage they can get on the British. That’s exactly where our MCs came in.

Eli and Jack’s relationship is a lot of push and pull. Not only are they spies, risking their necks for their country but also being in a homosexual relationship made them a big fat target waiting to be discovered. Jack has been burned before because of his sexuality and he is very cautious when it came to his desires. Eli, on the other hand is a little reckless and he knows how to get what he wants. They separate and then get back just to separate once again. I really felt the hopelessness of their situation. They were doomed for heartache even if they loved each other with their whole heart.

The climax is quite bloody and brutal and exactly the push Jack needed to stop pushing Eli away and wanting to go all-in for their love. The ending is more of an HFN than an HEA with the uncertainty of an impending war looming over them. But finally the couple says their ‘I Love You’s which was more than they could have hoped for.

Revolutionaries Series

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