Buyer Beware (The Omega Auction #2)

Title: Buyer Beware (The Omega Auction #2)
Author: Kian Rhodes
Publisher: NDP Publications, LLC
Release Date: April 30th 2016
Genre(s): M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance
Page Count: 273 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Until I pissed Lloyd off, I’d always thought that the Omega Auctions were an urban myth, something that packs used to scare Omegas into obeying. As it turns out, not so much. When Lloyd and Ivan delivered me to the auction house, it was immediately clear that shit had just gotten real. I could only guess at what Lloyd had written on my intake forms, but it was obvious that these people believed I was dangerous.

“Usually only one reason that an Alpha buys someone like me.” Colby had said.
I watched the emotions flitting through eyes on a face set like stone and considered his words.
Colby might be bigger, stronger, and, yeah, tougher than most Omegas but he was still an Omega. An unbonded Omega with no pack. An Omega who thought that the differences that set him apart, the differences that made my wolf scream with the need to claim him, meant that he’d stay that way.

Warning for violent, non-consensual acts. This book does feature a strong hurt/comfort theme that involves references (non-explicit) to a violent rape.

So, I’m just going to set the multiple editing errors (names mixed up, missing punctuation, grammar issues) aside.

My biggest complaint is that I was absolutely flummoxed by the fact that Colby is brutally gang raped (off page, but described later), with what seemed like absolutely no psychological aftereffects. At all.

Say what now?

Seriously. Not even seventy-two hours after the event and he is begging for sex with his alpha.


Rafe never even really seems to talk or comfort Colby after the rape.

And let’s not forget he initially doesn’t listen to Colby try to explain what happened and instead accuses him of fucking other guys willingly. Grr.

Moreover, I was annoyed by several plot threads left dangling (the water, Jack, the Omegas, Althea, Kenny), and that quite a few situations were described after the fact leading to a feeling of being told and not shown.

The story has multiple POV, but frankly, the POV changed so often and between so many that in the end I was left feeling like I didn’t really get to know any of the characters that well.

I’ll continue on with the series, but I was disappointed with this story.

I was looking forward to a really good hurt/comfort story and it simply did not deliver.

The Omega Auction series

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