No Regrets (No Regrets #1)

Title: No Regrets (No Regrets #1)
Author: Nicky James
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: March 13th 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 408 pages
Reviewed by: Lili
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


Life makes no promises, and sometimes, you draw the short straw.

Landon Johnston’s life came to a grinding halt seven months ago, when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

With the encouragement of his grandmother, Landon works his way out of his slump and tries to live life while he still can.

Deciding he doesn’t want to drag anyone else down his morbid path, Landon gives up all friendships and denies himself love. It’s better this way, because all he has to offer is eventual heartache and sadness.

While traveling the world, Landon meets Abel Matheson, a free-spirited, unedited, and nerve-grating man who was supposed to only be a one-night-stand.

Despite Landon’s insistence that he can’t form a relationship with his current diagnoses, Abel is persistent and will not be ignored.

Fighting against all his ingrained urges to run, Landon finds himself drawn down the road he swore he’d never take.

Intimacy grows and bonds form…

Only… Abel doesn’t know Landon is sick.

How can anyone love a man with no future?

Telling him might cause him to run, but staying silent means living a lie. A lie which will only reveal itself in time.

Back at the end of March, I read No Regrets by Nicky James. I was in the mood for a tear-jerker and when I read this disclaimer by the author:

No one will die in this book.You will not journey with Landon to his end.Instead, you will walk beside him and watch him live.

I thought I was in the clear for an HEA. Instead, I was left with devastation. I’ll copy and paste my original GoodReads review:


I got what I asked for.

Bittersweet for sure. Now I need a low angst, smutty read. Not sure I’ll review this one- I’d probably cry the whole time.

You know, the more I think about this book, the more irked I get. I don’t read books with sad endings. I only read books that end in an HEA. When I read this disclaimer by the author:

No one will die in this book.You will not journey with Landon to his end.Instead, you will walk beside him and watch him live.

I thought I was in the clear. Yes, no one dies- BUT

(he is going to die. There is NO hope.)
The end left me devastated. I kind of wish I hadn’t read it.


I take it back- I found out there’s a sequel for Abel. I’m so happy she didn’t leave him alone- he needs his HEA.

To say that I became invested in this story is an understatement. Looking back I see that the author’s disclaimer was right. This book wasn’t about death; it was about living life and making memories. Evoking so much emotion from your audience is a real testament to excellent writing. If you’re looking for a beautiful story about living life to the fullest no matter how short your time might be- please give this a try.

Hope my review made some sense, my emotions were all over the place. This is definitely a stay with me forever book.

No Regrets Series

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I’m a thirty-something Colombian who loves to get lost in a good ol’ Romance.

My favorite tropes are:

-Best friends to lovers
-Opposites attract
-Humor (as long as it’s not slapstick type comedy)

My favorites authors are:

-Lane Hayes
-Santino Hassell
-Kade Boehme
-TJ Klune
-Heidi Cullinan
-NR Walker
-Eli Easton
-Amy Lane
-Keira Andrews
-Nick Pageant
-Annabeth Albert
-Jay Northcote
-Riley Hart/Nyrae Dawn
-Melanie Hansen
-Megan Erickson

Some of my all time favorites stories are:

-The Five Boroughs Series by Santino Hassell
-Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan
-BOATK Series by TJ Klune (anything he writes actually)
-Let’s Hear It For The Boy by TA Webb
-A Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes
-Cyberlove Series by Santino Hassell & Megan Erickson

**Also: HEA a must!

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