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What It Means to be a Young Gay American in this Election

One of the reasons I asked Cody Hecht to be a guest columnist on this site is that I wanted the voice of  a young adult gay person to open our minds to some of the issues affecting GBLTQ youth. As you know, this site is not really political although I express my own views about same sex marriage (pro) whenever an opportunbity arises 🙂 However Cody has written the following post expressing how…
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“Why Glee isn’t as Good for LGBT Youth as Most People Think” … Cody Hecht

There are two things I believe a television show can do to be good for gay youth. Glee succeeds in one and fails miserably in the other. These two things are: being able to show kids that it’s ok to be gay, the other (which is often overlooked) is showing all kids that you don’t have to be a stereotype to be gay. Gay people come in all shapes and…
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