Under My Skin II

med_UnderMySkin2Title: Under My Skin II
Author: M.L. Rhodes
Publisher: http:www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure
Length: Novella (29K)
Genre: Contemporary romance GLBT (M/M)
Rating : ***** (out of 5)

Under My Skin II opens two months after Dylan Radamacher and Sebastian Keller fell in lust and they are having the most glorious time together. The sex between them could not be better and they can’t spend any time away from one another without suffering withdrawal symptoms. Yet there is a cloud hanging over them which threatens their new found joy.

In their earlier adventures Sebastian hated Dylan at first because he was too much like his old boyfriend who totally wiped him out financially and emotionally 18 months before. When they hooked up he constantly compared him to his ex until he realized that Dylan of the gorgeous inked body and beautiful smile was nothing like Beck. He almost lost Dylan and he had to do some pretty fancy footwork to get him back. Now that he knows he really loves his man and has no problem telling him, why won’t he reciprocate?

Dylan really cares about Sebastian and fell for him in spite of his past but he has a great deal of difficulty saying the L word to him because of major commitment issues. Every time Bastian tells him he loves him he feels the pressure to say those three little words but never does because of his old fears. Will our two lovers ever overcome the hurdles they face?

Dylan is called away at the worst possible time due to a family health emergency. The last thing he wants to do at this point in their relationship is to leave for an extended period of time because he knows that Bastian is very unsure of him due to the job his ex had done on his confidence level. In addition, Dylan has not reassured Sebastian of his feelings and the situation is getting to the point where they will have to make some serious decisions regarding their future together.

While Dylan is away Sebastian takes the time to review his options and he wonders why he is wary of commitment. Dylan in the meantime has to decide whether to trust his heart into Sebastian’s keeping and someone else tells him a few hard truths that lets him see the light, but on the way to finally being together a major incident may prevent our lovers from ever being with each other as the past rears its ugly head once again.

M.L. Rhodes is on top of her game in this sequel to Under my Skin. The complex relationship between Dylan and Sebastian and the way their past hinders their future is narrated in such a way that the reader can’t help but cheer for them and hope that they can work things out and be together.

When it comes to writing sex scenes M.L. is hard to beat. Not only are the scenes explicit, hot and sensual but they are so exquisitely crafted it’s no wonder she is an award-winning author. Dylan and Sebastian get down and dirty on numerous occasions in the book and the intensity and passion of each encounter left me breathless. This is yet another winner for this author and I highly recommend Under My Skin II as a wonderful excursion into a complex human relationship and kudos to M.L. for giving us this superb romance.


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