Heaven_coverlgTitle: Heaven
Author: Jet Mykles
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary (M/M)
Length: novel
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


The Weiss Strande Hotel is in trouble. Business just isn’t what it used to be when Tyler’s father ran the family-owned hotel. On top of business being down, dad’s sick with cancer and bills have skyrocketed.

Desperate to save his family interest, Tyler and his best friend sink their hopes and what’s left of their money into a new venture: a nightclub at the hotel. It’s imperative that the White Room is a success, or else the hotel will go under. Lady Luck seems to be with them, however, because they manage to sign the mega-popular rock group Heaven Sent to play the grand opening.

Already a huge fan of the group, Tyler couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to his hotel. He’s not at all prepared for the bomb of lust that hits him when he’s finally face-to-face with the painfully gorgeous lead singer, Johnnie Heaven. No, it couldn’t be lust. Yes, Johnnie’s probably the most beautiful person he’s ever seen, but Tyler is straight. It must be a misguided form of hero worship that he’s feeling.

Tyler finds out that he and Johnnie share an obsession: video games. When Johnnie invites Tyler to his room to play, Tyler jumps at the chance. Who wouldn’t snap up the opportunity to spend time with their idol? He and Johnnie have a great time with the games, but Tyler soon discovers that Johnnie’s got more in mind. The rock star’s aims to introduce Tyler to a whole new level of game play.

Heaven Sent Series


Tyler needs to recoup the family fortune because his father’s terminal illness has put them on the brink of bankruptcy so he and his friend Edward decide that a nightclub at the hotel would be a great option.  Tyler is a huge fan of the legendary and very popular rock band Heaven Sent and they were fortunate to get the band to open the nightclub, which was a real coup and was sure to bring in the crowds. When they arrived Tyler went down to greet them and got his first up close and personal look at the lead singer Johnnie Heaven. To say that Tyler was blown away would be an understatement, and when  he met the other members of the band they were equally impressive, but Johnnie made him salivate which, given that he was straight, was difficult to understand. After all, he had recently been engaged and had never been attracted to a man.

Johnnie and Tyler found out that they had a common vice in Play Station 2 and Final Fantasy, but Tyler soon realized that Johnnie also  liked to play different and more adult games. When Johnnie made the first move and kissed him, instead of pushing him firmly away Tyler pulled him in closer and totally lost his mind as Johnnie showed him what making love to another man was really like. After their first encounter Tyler was embarrassed by his own reactions and he kept insisting to Johnnie that he was not gay, but his body had other ideas as Johnnie went from strength to strength in his plan to seduce Tyler who could only moan and beg for more. When Johnnie left on tour Tyler thought it was all over between them but he was proved wrong and realized to his dismay that he was addicted — to Johnnie Heaven.

This first book in the Heaven Sent series is a fitting and exciting introduction to the band, its members and their love affairs. Not only was Heaven very erotic and hot but it was also funny as Johnnie and Tyler played the age old game of advance and retreat. Poor Tyler, he was absolutely out of his depth as Johnnie gave him the full force of his not inconsiderable and practised charm which he had perfected as a rock star.

Jet Mykles is definitely the queen of Gay for You. Poor Tyler was unquestionably straight until he met Johnnie who first blew him, then his mind, in more ways than one and there was no looking back. Both Johnnie and Tyler were larger than life, extremely beautiful and crazy in love with each other. However, despite their looks they were really nice guys which kind of made up for the fact that they had everything going for them. The other members of the band were just as interesting as Johnnie and almost as great looking in an androgynous, almost too beautiful to be true,  fashion.

Heaven is not a book you will read only once – I must have read my copy at least fifteen times over the past 2 years because I love the characters so much, and I plan to review each book in the series. If you haven’t read Heaven I recommend it highly — I guarantee you will love this series even if you hate GFY.



  • Hmmm I never thought I would like this book as much as I did. Even if I found Johnny a bit too pushy for my likes. But I did. So of course now I have to get the other books as well. After I get my e-book reader 😛

  • I was glad to read this review. I bought the book some time ago, but it’s been on my digital shelf for awhile. Not sure why I haven’t read it yet. I’ll definitely move it up on the list. Thanks.

    • Hi Sloan
      For me this series is probably Jet Mykles best work. I have read most of her books including the Dark Elves series and I like this one much better. The guys in Heaven Sent are not your everyday man on the street obviously, after all they are rock stars, but the glamour works here. If you like Gay For You then you’ll like Heaven. I love all 5 books but my favourite is probably Hell.

  • Cocoahomme

    As Ingrid says, this is a comfort read for me even though the series is “over the top.” I just love these guys and I’m so glad that you do too.

    The newest book in the series, which is not really about members of the band [though they make brief appearances in the book, I understand, to maintain the myth that this is about HS] is Gretchen’s (the manager’s) story. This is not to my taste because it’s a menage, and I won’t be reviewing it. However I will try to do the guys justice in upcoming reviews on the series.

    This series is really over the top and if the guys were Asian it would be classified as yaoi. However I love it because the guys are so totally, f..king unbelievable.

    If you do get the books you have to really suspend disbelief. Nevertheless, I think that this is Jet Mykles best work to date.

  • This series is Heaven. Rated very high on the comfort read list.
    Lynn you should definitely read this book. It’s one of the best conversions to the dark side I have read so far. Poor Tyler has no chance at all from upon meeting Johnny.

  • Great review! I love these guys. I think this series will always have a place in my heart bc it was my introduction to M/M romance. Wave, you are so right, there is no way a person who truly loves M/M can only read this book once. Not possible..;-)

  • Hi Tam
    You know I’m not a fan of GFY but this series has me in its thrall.

    For someone who only started reading M/M a few months ago you have managed to read as many books as some reviewers over that time.:) I really love the guys.

  • I love the Heaven series. I’ve read them all more than once that’s for sure. Great reads that I would recommend as well.


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