D.N.A. Double Helix

Title: D.N.A. Double Helix
Author:  Jaye Valentine
Publisher: macleodvalentine.com
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Short Story (4700 words)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Summary Review: A well written short story that I didn’t want to end.


Identical twins Seth and Colton Wagner—front men of the steampunk-metal band D.N.A.—have led the eclectic group to the top of the popular charts and made a killing on their first world tour as headliners. On the eve of a long-anticipated Christmas break, wild-child Colton pulls an onstage stunt in front of a packed arena that shocks the crowd, the media, and Seth. Colton’s outrageous behavior sparks a series of events that threaten to reveal the twins’ closely guarded secret . . . .

Seth and Colton’s brotherly love runs deeper than anyone suspects.

Much deeper.

Author’s Note: This title contains a consensual sexual relationship between identical twin brothers.


Let me cut to the chase. The main reason I wanted to read this story so quickly was when I found out that Amazon had blocked it from publication on Amazon Kindle. Apparently their censors decided that adults should not be able to buy this story as a Kindle book, but in doing so they have  raised its profile and many readers like me who perve on twincest, will open our wallets for the $0.99 that it costs. The audience for this book is pretty limited and I’m always surprised that there are authors who write this type of story. So having given you the big intro, what about the book?

 Seth and Colton are nineteen year old twins who had become multi millionaires in the music biz after only 2 years. Colton, the younger twin by a few seconds, had been arrested because he had exposed himself at a concert to prove to fans that the bright red hair on his head was real, and Seth had to bail him out from the local holding cell. Although physically identical their personalities were opposite, with Colton being the more outrageous of the two and this stunt was probably typical of him.

When they returned to the hotel all Colton wanted was a bit of fun under the sheets or anywhere for that matter with his brother. Seth had initially craved food but was now thinking along the same lines. The shower was an ideal venue for what they had in mind and as the water rained down on them they got down to some serious smexxin. But would discovery be lurking just around the corner or under the bed?

I liked the characters and the story but I think it was a bit too short. However, ‘hot’ is a pretty good description of D.N.A. Double Helix since the sex was blistering and almost set the pages on fire. The protagonists were three dimensional – typical grunge rockers with crazy fans especially of the female variety who would have had broken hearts if they knew what their heroes were up to when the stage lights dimmed. Holly McCoy the band manager was also well drawn – tiny, but with big balls and she ruled the roost with a tough as nails attitude and a cell phone that had all the right numbers.

If you like stories about twincest then you will definitely want to get D.N.A. Double Helix for a rocking good time. If you don’t perve on this type of story then just give this review a miss. The only reason I didn’t rate this story higher was I thought it needed a couple thousand more words to fill out the characters and the plot, but it was very well written and the characters were vibrant and made the music industry come alive. I think I’m going to check out Jaye’s backlist. 🙂

NOTE: I just re-read this story last evening and decided to change the rating despite its length because the characters were so well defined, and let’s face it, the sex was really steamy. 🙂


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Hi Kassa
    Thanks for the tip about Tinseltown. I didn’t see it on Jaye’s website even though I bought out almost all of their books after I read D.N.A Double Helix. 🙂

    I just read two other books of theirs which I’ll be reviewing soon. Love the sex in these books – really raunchy!!!

  • I read this before your review and it left me wanting for more. Not surprise here because I love the stories with twins… and brothers.

    Mike Shade, Michael Sean and Willa Okati have stories with twins.

    I wonder if, someday, Peters twins will write an autobiography.

    • Hi Alina
      Thanks for the tip about Mike Shade. I knew about the others but Mike Shade is going to get a visit from me. lol.

      I wonder if, someday, Peters twins will write an autobiography.

      I’m lost…. Peter’s twins? What else did I miss? 🙂

          • Late to the party but the Peters’ twins are hot! Their porn is very nice :D.

            As for this short, I adored it. I can’t wait for the longer novel. Jaye also writes a great brother ‘cest short called Tinseltown that you may like.

  • How did I almost miss a “calling all pervs” review? 😉
    This sounds like a hot one. I may wait to check it out when
    the, ah, full length is… released.

    Off to check out the author…..

    • Dianne
      You bad girl. lol. The cattle call for the “calling all pervs” review starts to the left. 🙂

      The full length shall set you free but the short will whet your appetite. I just picked up another ‘short’ by Jaye and his husband Reno MacLeod about twins – Star Crossed 1: Demon Tailz (as well as a few other books) so you will probably see a few reviews by this pair on the site. How did I miss them before? Amazon really did me a favour. 😉

  • I love this tory. I read it the day it came out and also wished that it was just the first chapter of a (hopefully very long) novel. Am I glad to hear that Jaye is planning to make that wish come true. You have to check out Jaye’s and Reno’s (Jaye is usually writing together with his life partner) other books. They wrote many twincest stories already. I am sure you will like them.

    • Hi Anja
      Thanks very much for the tip. I will definitely visit Jay’s and Reno’s site. 🙂 I hope Jaye will drop by sometime to give us the lowdown on when we can expect the novel version of this book to be released.

      • Glad you enjoyed the story, Wave. I’m shooting for an early spring 2011 release for the novel, which is shaping up at this point to be around 90,000 words. The short you read is the first couple chapters, and the novel will be discounted from the get-go (and permanently) to reflect that.

        I’m happy to see folks are enjoying my naughty boys. 🙂


        • Hi Jaye
          Thanks for the visit. 😉

          Did you say 90K words? Damn! I keep saying that I like my books to be pamphlets, as the guys call them. In other words, short enough to be tweets. lol.

          Well just in case I miss the release in the spring please email me when the big production hits so that I can get it and review it.

          I AM going to check out your site to see what else I like. 🙂

  • Twincest isn’t really my thing, but I don’t mind it either in a good story. I picked this up ’cause it was cheap (possibly even free at the time, I don’t remember). I think it has promise. It’s not a short story though, it’s an excerpt “from the forthcoming novel of the same name” according to the copyright page. Unless of course the author changed their mind…

    • I noticed that afterward Megan (I don’t usually read the copyright pages, and I really should). It was sold on ARe as a standalone short story and the only way that a purchaser would know that it was part of a much longer story was to buy the book. I’m looking forward to the book when it eventually arrives.

  • Hey Wave,

    As you know, I love twincest as well, so I can’t wait to pick up this story. It sounds wonderful 🙂

    You should definitely review Gemini, I loved it. Just be warned, the sex will set you on FIRE. Its not as much of a romance but its definitely menage-twin-rotica.

    • Hi Cole
      I read Gemini sometime ago – I just haven’t reviewed it. 🙂

      You’ll like D.N.A. Double Helix and at that price it’s less than a cup of coffee.

      • Tam

        We’re such pervs. The Church Lady would be very disappointed in you, Cole and me. But hell, what a trip. I hope KZ doesn’t read this because she, too, would be very disappointed in us – she thinks we’re all doing to hell. lol.

        • Well, I’m going to start taking RSVPs then because our party is going to be waaayy more fun 🙂

          And if we like being voyeurs to twincest, then all those twins are going to be there too. Just think about that!

  • I bought this in part too because of the brouhaha surrounding amazing, as I’d not known it was out there until then. I too am a fan of twincest, in literature, so it was a win/win situation. Like you, I felt it was just too short, I wanted more, but what I read was definitely enjoyable.

    You mentioned not twincest not being everyone’s bag, but way back in the day, I did a poll on the Good Reads m/m group (before it was so huge) and asked about it, the results were

    40% In the right author’s hands I enjoy it
    22% Ewwww
    19% It’s hot give me more
    18% I can take it or leave it, doesn’t really do it for me

    So there is about 78% of the m/m reading audience who is open to the concept if not die-hard fans.

    • So Tam, what you’re saying is that we have lots of company? 🙂

      Every time I bring up twincest I get the “Oh Gawd — how can you read that? It’s so perverted”. Two weeks ago on another post on the site a few people (authors, I believe) took me to task for my low taste in literature. However, I don’t care – it’s my kink and I like it. Good to know that we’re comrades in arms in a very bad thing. 🙂 I must review Gemini at some point.


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