JL Langley Interview 2011

Today JL Langley, a wonderful and accomplished author is being interviewed on the site. Many readers of this genre know and love JL’s books and can’t wait for her to stop relaxing at home and get back to writing as prolifically as she has in the past

Hi JL. It’s been a long time since your last interview here which was on the old blog. I didn’t realize how much time had passed but it was in November of 2008, almost 2 ½ years ago when I made you spill all your secrets. It’s great to have you back.

Thank you, Wave. Nice to be back.

My first question is: What have you been doing? Writing-wise you have been pretty quiet except for contributions to a couple of MLR anthologies and you have finished With Abandon, the 4th book in the With and Without series.

LOL  Wow, that’s a loaded question. I completely gutted and redid my main bathroom this past year. That took about 4 months to finish. I went on vacation to San Antonio, which is one of my favorite places. I’ve started drawing again and actually did a cover for one of my Jeigh Lynn books. I’ve been writing on With Abandon mostly, but I did manage to do a few short freebie stories for my site and start a few other projects.

When you were interviewed last time I asked you which was your most successful book and you indicated that it was either Without Reservations or The Tin Star. Is that answer still the same today or has My Fair Captain taken over top spot?

No, With Caution has probably caught up but I don’t think MFC has.  Which, I admit, I don’t understand LOL. I love the Sci-Regency series and I think it is by far my best work. I can’t wait to get back to that series and have been tinkering with the next one.

You’re back writing your series and I’m so happy about that because I missed all the guys. I’m reading With Abandon and I love Matt and Aubrey who I think are a pretty cool couple. Why did you decide to go with this story rather than Sterling’s & Rhys’s – Without Fear – first, as most of the fans expected? Did you just want to keep us on our toes? 
Thank you.  I love Aubrey and Matt. I have to say Matt was tough to write because he has some contrasting personality traits, but he was fun too. I went with WA for two reasons. One, Sterling needed to grow up a little. I didn’t want to jump from age 15 to age 18 with him because there is so much that happens in the series between then and now. I’m actually considering another story before his because it takes place in the timeline before Without Fear, but I haven’t completely decided.

The other reason is Aubrey.  I fell in love with Aubrey and just had to tell his story.  He has intrigued me since he first appeared in Without Reservations. He is one of the few characters who has ever taken me by complete surprise.  I had no idea he had so much depth until I wrote the scene in WR with him showing up at Keaton’s and Chay’s.  In fact, I thought Aubrey was the antagonist until the very end.  It wasn’t until I got to the last chapter that I realized, Aubrey is no bad guy. He is actually very much a good guy who is misunderstood. I’ve had him whispering in my ear for awhile now, and I just couldn’t put him off any longer.

What’s the thrust of Sterling’s & Rhys’s story?

LOL  I have no idea!  Actually, that isn’t completely true, I do have some ideas and I know a few things, but I don’t have it completely figured out yet.

I asked a few fans to come up with questions that they would like to ask you and here are a few of them

TeddyPig wants to know how The Regelence Rake is going?   


Regency + Space Opera = Unique

Hello, honey!  waves to my bud, TP It’s going slowly.  I haven’t been able to do much more than piddle with it.  I’ve got to get an overdue Jeigh Lynn story out before I can give it my full attention. TP you will know when I get back into it because I’m going to be bugging you to critique for me. 

would like to know if we have we met the man Colton is destined to marry.

We have indeed.  Colton’s hero is Sebastian Hastings, Viscount Wentworth.  Seb is turning out to be a neat character. He’s not at all what he seems. Although, I have to say so far Colton is the one I’ve developed a crush on.  I had no idea he had so much depth.  I started out thinking I was going to combine stories and tell Colton and Wentworth’s story as well as Colton’s cousin Dalton’s story. Colton talked me out of that notion pretty quickly. He is getting his own story and Dalton will get the next one or the one after that.

Diane NYC has a comment and a number of questions.

I can’t wait for Rhys and Sterling’s story. I love the whole Lolita thing they’ve got going in the website shorts! Hmmm

Thank you, Diane. Sterling is a cool character. I’m looking forward to playing with him.  He is a lot of fun to write.

 “Are you planning more books after Rhys and Sterling’s Without Fear? And do you see other shifter species making their way into the pack?”

At this point I do see more after Sterling and Rhys.  I’m not sure who all will get a story, but I can see writing more.  As for other shifters? Anything is possible.

As for the Regency series, I have a question: “Are the brothers’ stories going to be released in strict reverse age order starting with young Aiden and Nate and ending with future King Rexley and Trouble (they have a nice Lolita thing going too!;) or do you plan to skip around the family tree?”

I plan on skipping around a bit.  And I’m adding in Aiden’s friend Bannon and Raleigh’s nephew Dalton into the mix.  Rexley and Trouble probably won’t be the last.  At this point I’m seeing Tarren as the last, but who knows.  I LOVE this series and don’t even want to think about it ending. LOL

Final question: “How can we get you to write faster? Should we be sending boxes of highly caffeinated teas and coffee? Should we be doing your laundry and other household duties? Let us what will move the needle and we’ll do what we can!” 

LOL  I wish any of those things would work.  I am trying to speed up a little, but I have come to the conclusion I’m just slow. When I work on a story I get very into it and more or less sleep, eat and breathe it.  I’m a perfectionist, and I have a hard time letting the stories go until I think they are completely ready.  Until WA, I would have said TEA was the hardest to let go of, but Aubrey and Matt proved me wrong ?  It seems to be becoming a habit.

Lisa sc has a question about another series
“My question has to do with the Ranch series. I wanted to know if she gave anymore thought to giving John, Jamie’s brother, a story? Hopefully with McCabe?”

I really haven’t ducks flying objects.  I go around and around and back to square one with those two.

The last time I interviewed you this is what you said when I asked about John and McCabe hooking up:

“Probably. I waver back and forth. McCabe seems to think John belongs to him. I, on the other hand, have huge reservations about it. You know how I feel about the straight to gay storyline. Which is honestly what my biggest hang-up is. And while yes, I can see it in John’s case, I’m not entirely sold on the idea. Regardless what McCabe seems to think. John, that boy has tons of emotional baggage. Royal has his own secrets but he’s nowhere near as big a mess as John is LOL”

Have you changed your mind since then?

Nope, not at all. LOL 

Monica wants to know
“Will there be more after “With Abandon”. (I guess she means “more” in the With and Without series).

Definitely. I have at least two and maybe three in mind right off the top of my head.  Sterling & Rhys being one of those stories.

“Do you think this story (With Abandon) is the best out of what has been released for this series to date? “

Oh wow, that’s a tough question.  I like all of them for different reasons.  I like Keaton’s “little man” syndrome, I love how Sterling defines who Remi is in WC, but I actually do think WA is the best so far. WA is a true romance. The main plot is about the characters and them finding their way together. The character growth is so obvious in WA. Aubrey and Matt have so many differences, yet they probably have more in common than any other couple I’ve written.  I think they complement each other very well and balance each other better than the other couples to date. For example, they are both very responsible people, but they differ in their approaches to being responsible. Aubrey is a hard ass and Matt is a softy, yet they both go out of their way to take care of those they love. They are both self sacrificing, yet in different ways. They’ve both seen the unfairness in life but where Aubrey has become a little cynical, Matt has retained his innocence and positive outlook. I could go on and on, but yes they are definitely my favorite so far.

What can we expect from your other series?

Hopefully, each story will be better than the last ?  That is my hope anyway. I am planning on finishing the next Sci-Regency and then going either back to the wolves or maybe the innamorati series. I love playing with all of them for different reasons. This is subject to change. As of now here is where I stand on the different series. Next in the Sci-Regency is Colton, followed by Dalton (who will be introduced in Colton’s story). In the Wolves, it’s a toss up between Sterling & Rhys and Bambi. Next in the innamorati series is a story about an heir to a Texas empire and a Greek Tycoon. (Think Harlequin ?). Aside from those, I do have another cowboyish story planned about an Army Ranger and his best friend

So let’s talk about a couple of fun things. The first would be your guns. When I interviewed you last time you said that you had a Beretta that was your favourite and it even had a name – Bob – and rifles and a shotgun. Do you still practice regularly and if so, are your targets still cans? Why are some of your neighbours limping? Are you using them for target practice too? Lol.

LOL.  I practice as much as I can, but not as much as I’d like. Ammo is expensive. I usually go to the gun range and kill paper targets, but I do occasionally go out to my grandparent’s farm and pick off tin cans. Bob is still my favorite but I’ve now added Fred and Andre’s .45, which I’ve yet to name, to my collection.  Nope, no limping neighbors. My next door neighbor is actually an ex Marine sniper; heck of a nice guy.  I’m really anxious for Andre to invite him to come shooting with us, because I’d love to pick his brain.

My last question relates to all of the equipment that you use to do your chores, for want of a better word. The chainsaw was your favourite and then came the air compressor and nail gun. I know that the chainsaw is a power thing because you said –
“Do you have any idea how fun it is to kill trees? And well anything that needs cutting? Oh oh oh oh oh (that was a Tim Allen impression btw). Sadly, I have to fight to get to use it”
Are there any trees left on the Langley property?  

LOL There are actually two left .  They are safe for now because my new favorite tool is the Dremel Multi-Max. Besides that, I’m wanting to learn more plumbing, so there is no time to kill trees. I got to assist in the plumbing while redoing my bathroom, but next time I’m totally doing the soldering. I’m getting the hang of the whole plumbing thing, so I should be allowed to use the torch! 

All kidding aside, I really do want to learn more plumbing. I saved my mother-in-law money this past winter when I realized that her leak was not a slab leak. I got to looking at it and really didn’t think it could be a slab leak. So I called in the troops and we tore the wall open and low and behold I was right.  But by coordinating the work, I also earned Andre and myself more work. We got volunteered to tile my mother-in-law’s whole house. We’ve gotten it down to a fine art though.  Andre cuts, and I measure and lay tile.  Somehow or another I also got stuck grouting too, but I enjoy it.  We’ve almost finished her bathroom. We still have to seat the toilet, finish painting, and redo the shower.  After that we start on the living room.  A lot of work, but fortunately there are lots of plot bunnies in remodeling. I really need to write a handyman character or maybe a plumber…

Thank you JL. It’s good to have you back on the site.

You are welcome and thank you for having me back, Wave.

JL Langley’s contact Information

email: jllangley@mac.com

website: http://www.jllangley.com/


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Without Reservations was the first Gay romance novel I have ever read and I read it last year. As a Gay man I was really happy to know that stories like WR actually exists and reading the whole book and reading all the graphic sex scenes it kind of took me off guard but it also kept my eyes glued to the book…however most of it I had to read in the bathroom LOL and I read With Caution and I fell in love with it. At first I really didn’t like Remi but after reading WC I love him. I love how big a heart he has and sterling just kept me laughing. Now I want Sterling and Rhys’ story. STERLING AND RHYS PLEASE!!!!

  • Without Reservations was the first m/m I read and it is still one of my favorites. I am counting the minutes to With Abandon. :hurrah: Hmm. I wonder, how early on Tuesday will Samhain release it?

  • No, no, it can´t be the curiosity of youth :grumble:
    They are totally meant for each other :love2:
    So don´t forget about them 😆

    Thank you very much for all your awesome books :hearts03:
    I´m sure one way or another you will take the rigth decision about the series :flowers:

  • Thank you very much for this interesting interview 🙂

    About John & McCabe (yes, about them 😆 I reallly like them) in the deleted scenes available till recently there was a reference to John having some previous man experience / curiosity (unless I´m mistaken) so it wouldn´t be strictly gay-for-you, just late-gay, isn´t it?? 💡
    Anyway, I understand the characters are in the author hands so I will keep dreaming about these two together :crystalball2:
    Thank you again 😎

    • Hi Helena

      it wouldn´t be strictly gay-for-you, just late-gay, isn´t it??

      I agree. Maybe we could start a write-in campaign for John’s and McCabe’s story? 🙂

        • LOL True there was reference to it. I suspect it was just the curiosity of youth though. How knows. I will definitely keep it in mind 😀 Who knows they may bombard me with plot bunnies eventually.

  • Thanks for answering all my questions JL! I pre-ordered With Abandon and now I can’t wait until it magically appears on my Kindle one day! :whistle:

  • I LOVE your sci-fi series!! They are the only books that I own in both paperback and ebook.
    And I guess if I had to choose between a good book written fast and a great book written slowly, I’d go with the slow option everytime. 😀


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